Final days of the giveaway. Gym’n it. Boss..?

This is just gonna be a quickie (TWSS) but I needed to stop in and say


so if you haven’t yet done it, step ya game up and send me a photo already! Yes folks, it is really that easy.

I also needed to say that I just bought 48 bags of popcorn for $1.89 because I love Costco and I also happen to love coupons and I’m a boss (warning – mucho profanity ahead with that one). Really though… I am.


(excuse the blurries.. la madre doesn’t have practice taking photos on a cell phone)


Whhoooo does that? I felt like I was holding a child. A child stuffed with three types of meat, cheddar, swiss, and tomato slices. Beast. Or I guess I should say “Big. Overloaded. Sub. Sandwich.”

So basically, you really should go enter the giveaway. And then my friends, life will be complete. 😉

Innn other news – so I told you about the bone growth stimulator. Well, turns out with insurance and the whole the 80/20 deal, my “20%” is $700. Somehow I don’t think that fits in my college budget. BUT!!! Silver lining here.. maybe. Hopefully! As an independent and a student, I qualify for financial assistance. So if everything works out (go find some wood – knock on it!!) then I wouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. I’m prayin!!

I may not be eating any BOSS sammies, but I definitely am still getting good solid training in, and the appetite is high, in true Sperly fashion. My mom and I made our mother-daughter-tradition venture over to Costco today to get some goodies. As mentioned above, BOSS Orville Redenbacher popcorn – my favorite!! – had a coupon in the biweekly Costco Coupon book. $4 off an already low price of $5.97, making my 48 bags of salty goodness only $1.97. Also included in the purchases were many a produce: broccoli slaw, tomatoes, asparagus, mushroooms, and sugar snap peas, as well as my staple of all staples: egggg beaters a la Kirkland. I really do love Costco.

Wait wasn’t I talking about training? Right. So Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday is SPIN on my schedule, and this morning SPIN I did. It is not running, but at least it makes me sweat and I feel like I’m working. NTM, my Thursday/Saturday instructor is also a BOSS (how convenient) and he makes it that much more appealing to go to class. He had a sub today (as in substitute teacher, not SUB sandwich. I’ve moved on), and she is ALSO really great. My list of I-Like-You-Spin-Instructors is short and selective, but these two are both on the top. If you’re ever venturing into the world of Lifetime Spinning.. lemme know and I’ll hook you up. 😉


I took this photo a long time ago, and have been meaning to post it, because really, I do love my gym. BOSS? Hahha yeah I think so. This is over the railing, going down into the world of cardio/weights. I especially love my gym when I’m injured, as in now. They have so many options, and so many classes! In place of our run workouts on my practice schedule, I have “RSC” – otherwise known as Running Simulating Cardio. My favorite machine isn’t included in that picture, and it’s definitely NOT running (I don’t count it as “x miles” or any of that b.s. business…) but it is good. Good indeed.

Alright kids, that’s about as much random goodness I have time for today. If I didn’t mention it before, I got a research position at school through my kinesiology department and am a co-investigator on an awesome study we are about to start! I have to finish my IRB training, which if you’ve had to do it before, is loooooong, tedious, and did I say long?  I think I need to go pop some popcorn…


A fun filled day at the hospital

Well, in short, I will just tell you guys that I had a fun filled day at the hospital. I didn’t want to bring it up earlier on the blog because I already feel like I’m getting all this “sympathy” here at home.. and honestly sometimes it’s just hard to take.

(University of MN Fairview Hospital. photo credit!)

Don’t get me wrong – I am so thankful for my support network: my family, my friends, my teammates, here on the blog.. you guys are all amazing. I think I struggle with even talking about my hip/health problems because that means I’m admitting that there is something wrong there, and that potentially it could be a big deal.

But anyways, yep – the hip. Again. MAYBE. 

I have been experiencing some discomfort/pain/feelings that I know shouldn’t really be there for about a month now. I have an amazing doctor who is the chairman of the sports medicine department at University of Minnesota Fairview. He is also the physician for all of our athletes, and I definitely know I am in good hands. On Tuesday I had xrays done, which were basically inconclusive. Good news is my pins are all still in place… for a while I got myself thinking “what if they’re poking through the other side of the bone!?!”

Today I had lab work at 1:00, injections at 2:00, part 1 of a bone scan at 2:10, a ct scan at 2:40, and part 2 of the bone scan at 4:00. That was all I was scheduled for today, but they could see some “abnormal activity” in the bone scan, so then I went in for a combo PET/CT scan. It was actually really relaxing.. I fell asleep on the table! My only battle wound for the day are a blown vein in my left arm, and a huge blood pool under the surface of the skin on my left hand. I can’t blame them… I have some tiny freaking veins. 

My doctor wanted another doctor to read the scans.. and he said he’d call me within 48 hours, so hopefully then I will have a better idea of what is going on. My plan is to still run Twin Cities Marathon, although ultimately if I’m putting myself at risk of needing another surgery or fracturing something again, I will listen to the advice of my doctor for sure.

Anyways.. just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. I don’t like feeling like I’m hiding something! And as much as the “sympathy” is something that is hard for me to deal with, I am not too big to ask for prayers and thoughts. I really appreciate all the support I have found in you guys in the past, and I know it’ll be there in the future.

I’m off for a quick ride with some of the team.. will be good to clear my head. Be back soon!


Making a successful school / training schedule…


I’m not sayin’ its an excuse for going AWOL on you guys, but I just wanted some proof to back me up – this chick has been BUSY. My last post was over a week ago, and the days have just been going by so dang fast! In addition to anything on the ToDo list, I’ve had class, training, we had a yard sale this weekend, work, and work #2. Luckily, my trusty iCal has helped keep me on top of the game.

iCal — Week — 9_13_09 to 9_19_09

Like I said.. no excuses though. 😉

So anyways, now that the school year is underway, I wanted to share with you guys my schedule, and how I fit running/training into that. I have talked to some med students here that I know are runners, or people who are in residencies, and asked them the same thing. Not gonna lie – sometimes it scares me to think I could find myself already in scrubs at 5:00am, working all day, studying, and before I know it it’s 11:00pm. I think of that and the image that comes up in my mind is this blood-shot med student (OOOMG. Do not go type that into flickr.) decked in scrubs, falling asleep over a text book. Well, I don’t have to worry about that yet because I’m still working on undergrad, and then oh yeah – I still have to get in to med school! Haha.. I’ll worry about it when the time comes. So without further ado, here is my current class schedule:

class schedule

Every semester up until this point I have alway had a 3 day weekend – either Monday or Friday off. Honestly though, I feel like this is the BEST schedule I have ever had, and especially for training purposes. Because that’s why I’m going to school.. to train.. right? 😉 If you can’t see.. my earliest class starts at 11:15 M/T/W/TH, and I don’t start until 1:25 on F. I’m done with class at 3:25 M/W/TH/F, and done by 12:30 on T!! I also have two nice little breaks on M and TH in between classes. Wednesdays are my packed day,  but honestly, it’s still not that bad. These are the classes I’m taking this semester:
  • KIN 3001 – Lifetime Fitness and Health
  • KIN 3027 – Anatomy for Kinesiology students
  • KIN 3027 – Lab.. we’re working on cadavers!! 
  • WRIT 1301 – College writing. Which I somehow thought I could test out of, so never took it as a freshman. I am definitely the only JUNIOR in that class. 😯 . It’s kinda cute though.. it makes me think back to when I was a freshman. I’m sure I have said some of the dumb shit funny stuff they say. 😉
  • MATH 1151 – Precalc II. Also definitely one of the oldest kids in this class.. mostly freshman, some sophomores. A couple seniors so at least I’m not the oldest! I feel NO shame though. I haven’t taken any math class since my junior year in HIGH SCHOOL.. and that was Pre-calc. So basically I’m retaking the same class I took 4 years ago. While lots of stuff is starting to come back to me, I am definitely appreciative of the review.
So that is my CLASS schedule. Here is what that same week looks like with training built in:
class schedule
This is this past week – a 54 mile week in terms of running, got in two 3500 yard days in the pool, some biking, some Arc Trainer’n, some core, and some light lifting. As you can see, I tend to load my workouts in the morning because a) I have time to, and b) I am a morning person. I really try and maximize the time I have available – sometimes I can get in a run during my break on M or TH, and yes, I am definitely a kid who eats in class. Hahha there are rules to in-class-eating that I try to abide by (nothing too crunchy, nothing that despite how good it tastes smells nasty), but that is a post in and of itself! It has been really nice to have other kids from my tri team to train with – especially in the pool. It’s also super nice that on the days I bike to school, I can get half my workout done just commuting! It’s a half hour each way which is perfect! I still do “run club” with my guys group.. haha Team MED – anyone remember? .. every Tuesday night at 6:00. It has been our little tradition for a long time now. I can’t believe I’ve been running with these guys for three years! 
So then what about school? Because that IS what I am here to do. As much as I joke around about it, school is my number one priority. Scary as it may be to think about not getting to do what I want to do when I hit med school.. or even now.. I just gotta suck it up! There are days when I have had to just say forget it – you’re not getting a run in today. As much as my running (and now, slowly but surely, my biking and swimming) is my one grounding element in my life, there are times when you have to sacrifice and make adjustments. This has been a good challenge for me and my type A++ self – learning to accommodate! Maybe I don’t have time for the 8 miles that I wanted, but I can still fit in 5 – then I can still do the 5! I come from a very black and white/all or none mind set.. and this is good practice for getting ready for real life, when you don’t always get to be the one in charge. 😉
In addition to my class/training schedule, I am also still working two jobs. Only weekends at the restaurant now though, and definitely manageable hours. I still need that cash flowin’ in! 
What is your schedule like? Are you a student, or have you hit that real-life working world. How do you fit in your training? Do you have any tips to share? Bonus points if you’re a med student and you put in your answer – I’d love to hear it!
I’m off for a ride with two of the guys from the team.. and then working dinner! Like I said – super manageable hours. Now that it’s after Labor Day, we close at 7:30, so I’m almost always home by 9:00. As you can see below.. today I’m still reppin’ for the Huskies Tri Team! 
Photo 18
Have a good one!

Being a bike / bus student commuter in Minneapolis. Love it!

Ohhh wow. I just looked down at my hands as I started to type, and WTH my cuticles are all torn up!? Granted I did just get out of the pool, and that always makes them look worse, but what happened? That only used to happen when I had to break down cardboard boxes a lot at work…


Random. Sorry.


So. I am writing to you from the 114A Express bus – U of MN to Uptown, and wherever it goes after that. I am on my way home from school.. and I am not in my car.. and it feels SO good.


Photo 23


I have officially become a bike/bus student commuter. My lil Accord is still sitting out front, but I am making every effort to only use it when there is no other option. This whole summer I have done really well with eliminating/minimizing/combining car trips, walking when possible, biking when possible, and carpooling if it’s an option. It’s one of those things that just makes me smile.. I can’t help it! It’s kind of like when you’re going to a race at 5 in the morning, and anyone else out on the highway you know is going to the race too because they have their 26.2 sticker on their bumper, or their bike with aero bars on the back of the car. C’mon.. you know you’re sitting there behind the wheel with a hugh jass grin on your face! 


I feel like I’m being introduced to a whole new club being a bike commuter. You see “regulars” on the path at the same time each day… people get to know you at the bike shop en route. And then the bus.. there are DEFINITELY regulars there. (cough** and some cute ones at that **cough) 


I’ve talked before about the environment being really important to me. I wouldn’t have included “recycle” in the name of my blog if I didn’t care about it. (Ok.. so maybe not on the same level as tatting “I Love Alfonzo” on your hip, but close!) Unnecessary has been my signature word for so long, and it still is. Lately I have become really aware of gas prices, time wasted in a car, the sheer NUMBER of cars out on the road, and that is what I want to talk about today.


[ETA: I’m at home now… quick bus ride!]




Bike commuting has so many benefits! Aside from the “insider’s club” mentioned above, I can name so many more:

  • you’re obviously helping cut down on pollution – each and every gallon of gas we burn leads to about 20 pounds of CO2 gas in the air, and that contributes to the crazy climate change business we have going on. 
  • Want to know what you’re gonna burn on your bike? Calories. Want to know what’s going to be heating up? YOU, because you’re going to get crazy toned legs. 
  • What about money saved? A typical U.S. family spends about $8000 per year operating a car. A  bike requires no gas, no oil changes, no new tires, and maybe a $50 tune up. You can even get PAID to bike – the government started a program with some companies that reimburses employees who bike commute! If you’re interested in this program, check out this site from the League of American Bicyclists.




I’ll just start right off again with all the benefits of riding public transportation:

  • Again, the big obvious one – helping cut down on gas emissions that are harmful to our environment. The average Twin Cities driver releases about 2.6 tons of green house gasses each year when they drive to and from work.  (Source.) Um.. I’d rather not! And that’s just ONE person. Take that, times every other Joe-Schmoe-why-won’t-this-traffic-go sitting next to you.. and you have a very. very. large number. 
  • Minneapolis now has HYBRID busses! 28% better fuel efficiency.. quiet.. and clean! 
  • No questioning whether or not you’ll go outside after work and be snowed in. 
  • No more scrapping ice off your windshields. 
  • No more parking tickets. 
  • No more expired tabs. 
  • No more running out of gas on the high way.
  • No more speeding tickets (hey.. if the bus driver does it, not my problem!!)
  • Nooo more! 

I ❤ Minneapolis!!

The fact that I have these options – public transportation and paved bike pathways or bike lanes around my city – makes me so grateful!! It is definitely not something I take for granted, because I have been in plenty of cities where there is no such thing as city bus, biking is used only when there are training wheels attached, and not much longer there after, the closest anything is a good 15 minute drive, there just really aren’t many other options besides using your car! Minneapolis for sure has a few areas in which we could improve our public transportation system (and we’re working on it – hellooo more lightrail!) but for my needs at this time, the bus routes we have and the bike paths are sufficient, and they get me where I need to go. I would LOVE if the Lightrail was extended to go up to St. Cloud so I could visit family without driving, but I have a feeling it will happen some day. 


What is your public transportation system like where you live? Do you use it? Do you walk or bike places instead of drive? I feel like because this my blog falls into the health/wellness category, answers are more likely to be YES than if I were to ask the general public. But that’s great! And if you don’t or haven’t started trying to cut back on your automobileage.. I challenge you to ask yourself why? What can I (you…) do to start taking those steps? If you’re stuck.. here is a site that offers some great TIPS!


 Well.. I could go on and on about this issue for a really long time, so I think I’ll cut it here. I hope you guys don’t mind reading a little non-running post every now and then.. although now that I think about it, RUNNING is a great alternative transportation option too!! Hahha.. a little hard to get those textbooks to school though. 😉  And because I’m not sure how to even write a complete post without mentioning what isss going on running wise – tomorrow is my LAST 20 miler before TCM! A huge group of us is starting at mile 6 and running the last 20 of the marathon course. It should be fantastic. (Ignoring the 5:30 wake up call.. I don’t like that so much.) Know how I’m getting to the start? BIKING. Know how I’m getting home? CARPOOLING!




Seeee ya soon peeps! 


Sorta remember how this goes…

Well, in the mean time while I’m so indecisive about where I want to direct my focus on this blog, here’s a lil run-down of what has gone on since Boston. When I left I was:

  •  just finished with finals
  •  getting ready to fly home to Minneapolis for the summer
  •  sad because I had to defer my 2009 Boston Marathon
  •  hurting with the hip/car accident. still going to PT. still dealing with the insurance fiasco
  •  just ready to be HOME

School got out April 24th, and wow – so much has happened since then! I’ll try to be brief:

  •  moved back to Minneapolis.
  •  looked into transferring back to the U of MN, realized deadline was June 1st, applied.
  •  got in (well they better take me.. half of my credits are from there anyways!)
  •  now a kinesiology major / pre-med track still. MUCH better fit!
  •  so really.. MOVED back to Minneapolis (!!)
  •  healed (mostly) with the hip
  •  took a summer class
  •  moved into my own place
  •  adopted a dog
  •  still working at the restaurant
  •  picked up a 2nd job
  •  had to have my dog adopted from me just 2 months later
  •  training for Twin Cities 2009
  •  joined a great group of women for training. finally got my ass back in the pool!
  •  joined the U of MN’s tri team. still going back to TURC – the University Running Club
  •  did my first “real” triathlon!
  •  getting ready to register and head back to school.I can’t believe summer is almost over!
  • *eta* sister got MARRIED!

Work is at the restaurant is great as always, but I can tell I’m definitely ready to wind down. I took a lit class this summer to knock out one of the required courses, and I could tell I missed having a school schedule. That isn’t a promise that you’ll never hear me stressed with school, but I like having that academic side too.

Right now the biggest things on my plate are figuring out registration. As a transfer student (which still is hard for me to grasp since half of college education is at the U of MN), I register LAST, definitely leaving me with the short stick in terms of class schedules. I am guessing I’ll have 8ams AND evening classes – we’ll see. I’m just worried I’m not going to get the stuff I need that is actually part of requirements – both for staying on track for med school, and completing a kinesiology degree. There really hasn’t ever been a time when registration didn’t stress me out.. but at least for the spring semester I’ll be back with the rest of the juniors.

ANYWAYS, time to wrap up! I got in an 8 miler this morning, and I worked the lunch shift at the restaurant. Now I’m headed off to go find me some CYCLING SHOES! I’m looking at the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly shoes.. but we’ll see. Hopefully I can find something on sale! And my bike is coming to me tomorrow!!


the Tri Fly IIIs

the Tri Fly IIIs

My bike!!! A Quintana Roo Kilo!

My bike!!! A Quintana Roo Kilo!

Thanks for hangin with me while I get this back in action! 

p.s. Saw Harry Potter last night – torn between loving it and frustrated because they had to cut so much from the book!

getting back on track..

..and NO, I don’t mean in the way that it seams everyone else has been talking about. I don’t need a diet cleanse after the 4th of July weekend (although, there were some yummy delicious things involved!).. I’m just kind of at the point where I just need a life cleanse.

Hah – wow. Could I sound more dramatic? I’m not trying to be.. but hopefully putting this in writing will be a good step in moving forward. (And because I do everything in photo form.. it will of course be accompanied with pictures. Some of which may be irrelevant.)

Sperly’s Lovin Life Lowdown: Phase 1- Detox

Everyone has bad habits.. whether we admit to them or not. And if you don’t like the words “bad habit”, lets just say there are some things we could all do better at in life – I have my fair share of those things. Maybe this should be Phase 2.. because Phase 1 would have been like recognition and claiming responsibility or something along those lines.. but I didn’t think of that till now, so too bad. 😉 Here are the things I’ll be workin on for the next… while.

1. Sleeping. I’ve accomplished all of my new years resolutions, except for getting back on track with a decent sleep schedule. I used to go to bed after the sports on the local news, and ever since 2nd semester last winter I’ve been staying up until like 12:30 or 1:00.. or later. And then waking up still at 7:00 because my body is incapable of sleeping past sunrise. I’ve had to reset/change my sleeping patterns before due to a new job or a different class schedule.. and for some reason this last effort has efficiently FAILED. Work on it.

2. Letting go of my mom’s relationship decision. I have no say in who she dates. Why she dates them. What they do. When they do it. I don’t get to pick if she choses to get married again. My parents aren’t getting back together and I know that. Missing our family 4 and wanting it back are two different things. I can miss it, but they’re not getting back together. I may not love my mom’s boyfriend, but I love my mom. Work on it.

3. Letting go of my own relationship non-relationship stress. After my last relationship ended I was really enjoying being single.. but to be honest I’m not exactly feelin’ that right now. I’m torn because I want a relationship, yet at the same time I only let myself get to a certain point before I close myself off and don’t allow one to develop. My outlook on relationships has been jaded, and I don’t know how to get around that. And especially considering my current situation – I’ll be leaving in two months. That’s not time to start anything serious. But I don’t know that I’m enjoying being on my own. Aah! God knows what’s up, and he’s got a plan, so I need to leave it to him and let life take it’s course. Work on it.

(This photo is from 4th of July 1 year ago when I was up at my bf’s grandparent’s house on Lake Michigan. It was so much fun! We’re still friends. 🙂 )

4. Stay excited about going out to Boston. I do love the school. I do love the city. I love architecture and I know I’m passionate about it. Every now and then though, I remember that we can’t really afford it, and I’m leaving behind a full ride at the U of MN. And then I remember that I’m going to be hundreds and hundreds of miles away from my home and my family. And then I think about how much I’ll miss the lakes, and how bored I’ll be running the Charles (I clearly have my priorities figured out). I need to find a way to stay excited about this, because if I don’t go now, I never will. Work on it.

5. Being a better person all around, to everyone. I feel like I’ve been more irritable/fake with people than I used to be, and that’s NOT ME. I’ve still kept my promise (to myself) about not talking about people behind their backs, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking just as (if not more) bitchy thoughts them (whoever “them” happens to be at the moment). It didn’t use to (used to?) take a conscious effort to be a legitimately nice person to everyone. Despite how much I gritted my teeth, I could always find the good in someone, and remind myself that God made them too – we’re all human. Maybe I’m just irritable because of the major sleep debt I’ve been in? Maybe more sleep will help? I sure hope so. Work on it.

I’m only going with 5.. because I feel like more than that and I’m being over ambitious.. I like setting goals in smaller steps. Plus, everything is better in odd numbers (flowers, candles, cookies) (OK I lied.. being the 3rd wheel SUCKS).

I honestly have no clue where this post is headed, and what a future follow-up post will be, but there you go.

In Other News..

I’m flying out to Boston on Sunday (wayyyyy early in the AM), and I’ll be there through Thursday. (Or Friday – take your pick. My flight gets in at like 12:08 in the morning on Friday.) I’m SO EXCITED! Sunday/Monday I’ll be staying in the dorms on campus, and Tuesday/Wednesday I’ll be staying at the Colonnade Hotel. I’m not sure which one I’m more excited about – the Colonnade is pretty sweet!! It’s right by campus though, so I’ll be getting used to commuting from “home”.

I had my highest mileage week.. um, ever.. last week. 72! Unintentional, but felt fine. (And please [do I even need to say this?] – no anonymous “you shouldn’t run that much” comments. It won’t get posted, and you’ll be wasting your time.)

(There’s a ME in there.. running at Harriet. I love these photos.)

My mom’s BF is coming.. TOMORROW. For 2.5 weeks. Please see above for my feelings on that.

(bahhaaha.. kidding. Hope mom can take the joke.)

Well, I’m gonna have to sign off here folks. Time for a shower and my bathroom cleaning/laundry duties for the night. I apologize for posting so infrequently, but I’ve been working every day (look forward to a very photographic TF post coming soon!), + running, + friends and family, + prepping for Boston, and I just don’t have a ton of free time. Be back soon!

a gift from god.

Gomer arrived on May 13th just after 5:30 pm. My love for this little guy is pretty extreme.. like so extreme I better not have one when I have real kids, because I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to love your garmin more than the children you give birth to. (*edited to add.. Gomer IS my garmin. Yes. I named him.)

I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet, because really.. what can I say? Oh.. here’s something: someone earlier was like “Wow, you’re loaded! You got the 405!” Nope. Not loaded in the least. It’s not like I had a Garmin 305.. and just wanted the new model. I’ve never had a gps, much less a decent watch (although I actually kinda love my $15 Target one..) and I was saving up for a LONG time for this! THENNN my Honda decided to fall apart [again] and I had to put $970 in to that. Goodbye Garmin. 😦

Luckily.. I’m having this going away party deal.. and as a “going away” present.. my dad decided that if a Garmin was what I really wanted, than a Garmin is what it is! My parents went together on it.. and I am very very thankful. My life is officially complete. (More complete than just being a Gold Star member at CostCo.)

All my fellow little wristed runners – don’t get your hopes up. The 405 is actually not a lot smaller than the 305. It just looks way nicer. I stole my buddy’s 305 once for like a week and had a blast playing with it.. but I gotta say the 405 is super cool, especially with the touch sensor ring around the face. I haven’t tried out the little virtual running buddy yet.. but trust me – I’m taking him DOWN.

A little ego boost for me: I found out my 6 mile loop (which as you might have seen, I do quite often) is actually 6 and a HALF miles. I usually never wear a watch when I run, but on the rare occasions that I did, I’d get done with the run and think I felt great, but I’d be like “damn.. that’s actually a pretty crappy time.” I knew I slowed down since I used to race 5Ks.. but I didn’t think I had slowed down that much! Well.. adding in an extra half a mile brings my pace down quite a bit. Order is once again restored to the world 🙂

Non running related.. I’ve been working quite a bit. I picked up an extra shift tonight, and it’s a good thing I was there because it was BUSY! Not surprising though, it was freaking gorgeous out today. I’m kinda in the mind set of ‘I’ll take all the hours I can get’ because I’m going to be in debt for the rest of my life after transferring to Northeastern. Right now.. I have a full ride at the U of MN. Well the U must see a lot more potential in me than NU because I’m not getting anywhere near that kind of aid from Northeastern. Anyways.. if I didn’t like my job, that might be a problem. Luckily, that’s not the case – I’d marry my job if I could. (Yes. I realized that analogy doesn’t work. But it’s late. Give me some credit 😉 )

One of my [hot] professors came into work today [with his girlfriend].. and joked “you ready for that final Saturday?” Only it wasn’t a joke. And I have ONE FINAL left on SATURDAY at ONE FREAKING THIRTY in the afternoon. Seriously.. who does that? And WHYYY are there so many couples at work?! Damnit anyways.. I always regret breaking up with (insert name here) when it gets to be summer. No one likes being single in the summer. No one, as in ME.