Sorta remember how this goes…

Well, in the mean time while I’m so indecisive about where I want to direct my focus on this blog, here’s a lil run-down of what has gone on since Boston. When I left I was:

  •  just finished with finals
  •  getting ready to fly home to Minneapolis for the summer
  •  sad because I had to defer my 2009 Boston Marathon
  •  hurting with the hip/car accident. still going to PT. still dealing with the insurance fiasco
  •  just ready to be HOME

School got out April 24th, and wow – so much has happened since then! I’ll try to be brief:

  •  moved back to Minneapolis.
  •  looked into transferring back to the U of MN, realized deadline was June 1st, applied.
  •  got in (well they better take me.. half of my credits are from there anyways!)
  •  now a kinesiology major / pre-med track still. MUCH better fit!
  •  so really.. MOVED back to Minneapolis (!!)
  •  healed (mostly) with the hip
  •  took a summer class
  •  moved into my own place
  •  adopted a dog
  •  still working at the restaurant
  •  picked up a 2nd job
  •  had to have my dog adopted from me just 2 months later
  •  training for Twin Cities 2009
  •  joined a great group of women for training. finally got my ass back in the pool!
  •  joined the U of MN’s tri team. still going back to TURC – the University Running Club
  •  did my first “real” triathlon!
  •  getting ready to register and head back to school.I can’t believe summer is almost over!
  • *eta* sister got MARRIED!

Work is at the restaurant is great as always, but I can tell I’m definitely ready to wind down. I took a lit class this summer to knock out one of the required courses, and I could tell I missed having a school schedule. That isn’t a promise that you’ll never hear me stressed with school, but I like having that academic side too.

Right now the biggest things on my plate are figuring out registration. As a transfer student (which still is hard for me to grasp since half of college education is at the U of MN), I register LAST, definitely leaving me with the short stick in terms of class schedules. I am guessing I’ll have 8ams AND evening classes – we’ll see. I’m just worried I’m not going to get the stuff I need that is actually part of requirements – both for staying on track for med school, and completing a kinesiology degree. There really hasn’t ever been a time when registration didn’t stress me out.. but at least for the spring semester I’ll be back with the rest of the juniors.

ANYWAYS, time to wrap up! I got in an 8 miler this morning, and I worked the lunch shift at the restaurant. Now I’m headed off to go find me some CYCLING SHOES! I’m looking at the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly shoes.. but we’ll see. Hopefully I can find something on sale! And my bike is coming to me tomorrow!!


the Tri Fly IIIs

the Tri Fly IIIs

My bike!!! A Quintana Roo Kilo!

My bike!!! A Quintana Roo Kilo!

Thanks for hangin with me while I get this back in action! 

p.s. Saw Harry Potter last night – torn between loving it and frustrated because they had to cut so much from the book!

puttin fish in the tin..

The Tin Fish. 11-4, 4-close, or a split, is where you’ll find me basically every day. That’s pretty much the story of my life, but I LOVE it!

(sorry for the crappy shadow!)

Since I talk about my job all the time, I thought I’d share a little bit of it’s greatness with those of you that can’t come to Minneapolis and experience it for yourself. (Although, you might be able to do a second-best: You can find our extended Tin Fish family in San Diego, Imperial Beach, and San Francisco in California, Mukilteo in Washington, and Newburgh and Evansville in Indiana! I can’t say they’ll be as good as my TF, but like I said, a close second. 😉 )

(view of the TF from the bike path coming around to the bridge)

My Tin Fish (Which is actually Nooli and Sheff’s Tin Fish – they’re the owners) is on the north east end Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Out of all our lakes, Calhoun has always been my favorite.. Harriet seems more of like a ‘take the kiddos in the Burly’ or ‘Sunday morning walk with the fam’ kind of lake. Isles is where you go to Ooh and Aah the amazing homes and architecture and landscapes. Nokomis.. well the only thing I can associate with Nokomis is XC and meets and the good ol’ Miller Relays. Calhoun is for everyone. You will find people there from every walk of life at any time on any given day.

(running orders)

And believe me.. we see ALL those people from all those different walks of life at the Tin Fish. It makes my job so much fun bringing out food to these different people and hearing different stories, different accents, and different faces. I love that I get to be outside (and inside – while I’m not running food). I love that I bike to work (because it takes just as long to drive and find a parking spot). I love that I make tips (hah greedy! But this chick needs money for school)! 😉 I love that we all eat a family dinner after close, and that ice cream is actually amazing (and not to mention free). I love my little 15 minute bike ride home in the dark, and looking across the lake at the downtown skyline – I have the best commute ever. I love having visitors, and when friends, family, or just people I know come to eat. I love when it’s busy. I love when people are surprised by such a loud voice (mine) coming out of such a little person. I love carding people when I pour up a Fat Tire. I love my boss(es) – the owners. I love our little Tin Fish Family. 😀

(the menu board)

Things I don’t like? When Mary takes Joseph’s order (although Mary sounds nothing like Joseph), despite the fact that she ordered Mahi tacos, and I brought a Lake Calhoun Lunch. I don’t like when said Mary EATS half of said Lake Calhoun Lunch, and then comes and whines “but I ordered a Mahi Mahi taco!” I don’t like when people don’t listen for their name to be called, or worse yet, listens, but gives no sign of “here I am”. I can’t feel your eyes looking at me! And I don’t accept the excuse “I couldn’t hear you”, because I’ve been told on numerous occasions that you can hear me out on the docks, and my friend can hear me from her condo balcony across the street. I don’t like when people assume we’re just a concession stand. I don’t like when people assume we are responsible for keeping the toilet paper supplied in the bathroom on the other side of the building that is managed by the park board. I don’t like when people say “bring out some more tartar sauce too..”, what happened to please? I don’t like when it’s slow. I don’t like when people get mad at us for the food-with-drink rule in our liquor license.. we didn’t make the rules!\

(delivery! i ❤ the kids.. just not when they’re playing tag around the table)

It’s so funny.. I work usually 6, sometimes 7 days a week. But on my days off, I always end up there anyways! Either to get ice cream with friends (or my mom, in case of the picture below), or just stopping by on a run. I can’t think of a day I’ve had off when I wasn’t there.

(madre y yo)

In summary, the Tin Fish is amazing. And you should need to go. Just make sure you’re in line by 9:00 or you will be turned away. 😛 This is my 2nd year on the Tin Fish team.. and I can’t wait till next summer to be back!

(walleye taco, iced tea, and I think that’s a salmon sandwich in the background..)

(enjoying lunch on a summer day!)

(view from the patio across Calhoun at sunset)

in a rush!


  1. finish packing
  2. work 12-2
  3. drive to Rochester with dad
  4. pick up packets with Andy/drive the course
  5. dinner at Victoria’s with RC crew
  6. take Tylenol PM
  7. sleep


  1. breakfast
  2. coffee
  3. 26.2
  4. sleep

AHHH I’M RUNNING MED FREAKING CITY TOMORROW! I’LL BE DONE BY THIS TIME! (let me retract that.. I better be done by this time!) No time to post. I have to be at work in 20 minutes! You’ll be seeing plenty of pictures soon!!

fan. freaking. tastic.

Not gonna lie.. today was like the most lazy amazing fantastic day I’ve had in a LONG TIME. It reminded me how thankful I am to be DONE with school!! A lot of my friends are still in school right now.. and my mom is still in school (she’s a teacher.. hi mom!! (she reads..)) so today was a solo adventure. Which was FINE with me because I didn’t really have a plan, and didn’t really want one! After the gym this morning.. it just sort of hit me: I could do ANYTHING I WANTED! So let me take you on an adventure 😀

After the gym I came home and showered. Then I decided I wanted to make a smoothie, but we were out of yogurt. SO I biked on over to Lund’s, and proceeded to buy enough to make my backpack as big as I was. It was rather precarious biking home.

Got home, made smoothie.. remembered I need to sell this iPod! (BTW, if any of YOU want to buy it.. you better lemme know asap!) So I made up a flier and biked on over to..

Dunn Bros to post it on their bulletin board! This is actually an old picture.. I didn’t have my camera with me. But I did get an iced soy chai that was pretty fanfreakingtastic. I also walked across the street to the Co-Op and put a flier up on their board too.

Then I went to the Library because I couldn’t bike with my chai.. so I needed to waste some time. I checked out the latest two issues of Runners World.. but not before having to pay an effing $34 fee for overdue items.. HALF OF WHICH WEREN’T EVEN MINE (cough*MOM*cough.. we’ll be talking). Went home, made up some food, put on tanning lotion/sunscreen.. and WENT TO THE BEACH!!

OK.. not the beach.. but I laid (layed? nope.. Hmm it still looks wrong though) out at the lake. Calhoun of course 😉 And yikes.. not the most attractive picture, but LOOK AT THAT SUN! LOOK AT THE BLUE SKY!! Ahh-mazing.

Here’s my little sunny heaven: got the phone.. the literature.. the drinks.. and the music. Which I didn’t need or end up listening to because..

this chick brought the beats. Mmm actually she wasn’t that good. Like really.. not that good. But hey, can’t blame her for trying right?! Gotta practice somewhere! This is looking over towards the volleyball courts.. and it’s like my favorite place to lay out – between the courts and the beach! WHAT? Be amazed. Minnesota does have beaches.

This is looking the other direction (east?). There are always people here playing frisbee or football and whatnot. The guys in this picture were fine.. but like 5 minutes later 2 other guys came and thought they were a little too cool with all their big boy swear words. Seriously? Man.. I hope I act like that when I’m like 28.

This guy’s my favorite. I run this lake all the time.. but I’ve gotta say – I’ve never just decided to stop midrun and plop down in the sun and chill for like 20 minutes. I might have to try it some time..

And time to pack up and head home. I was sorta sad to leave, sorta thankful. It was actually NOT really bikini weather.. it was pretty damn windy and I was kinda cold. But I’m stubborn determined to work off my shorts/sportsbra tan. Its a constant struggle to get rid of those, since I run a lot more than I lay out in my swim suit. SWIM SUIT!! Ahh my ex boyfriend still has my swimsuit at his house! And nooo, don’t let your mind wander to the gutter. He has a hot tub. I had to shower. Everything was kept PG.

Well kiddos.. time to head off to RunClub. Afterwards, we’re all going to my work (Tin Fish!!) for drinks!! SOOO.. I hope everyone can find one day this week to just relax and enjoy. I’m definitely thinking there will be more of these days in my near future.


a gift from god.

Gomer arrived on May 13th just after 5:30 pm. My love for this little guy is pretty extreme.. like so extreme I better not have one when I have real kids, because I’m pretty sure it’s a sin to love your garmin more than the children you give birth to. (*edited to add.. Gomer IS my garmin. Yes. I named him.)

I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet, because really.. what can I say? Oh.. here’s something: someone earlier was like “Wow, you’re loaded! You got the 405!” Nope. Not loaded in the least. It’s not like I had a Garmin 305.. and just wanted the new model. I’ve never had a gps, much less a decent watch (although I actually kinda love my $15 Target one..) and I was saving up for a LONG time for this! THENNN my Honda decided to fall apart [again] and I had to put $970 in to that. Goodbye Garmin. 😦

Luckily.. I’m having this going away party deal.. and as a “going away” present.. my dad decided that if a Garmin was what I really wanted, than a Garmin is what it is! My parents went together on it.. and I am very very thankful. My life is officially complete. (More complete than just being a Gold Star member at CostCo.)

All my fellow little wristed runners – don’t get your hopes up. The 405 is actually not a lot smaller than the 305. It just looks way nicer. I stole my buddy’s 305 once for like a week and had a blast playing with it.. but I gotta say the 405 is super cool, especially with the touch sensor ring around the face. I haven’t tried out the little virtual running buddy yet.. but trust me – I’m taking him DOWN.

A little ego boost for me: I found out my 6 mile loop (which as you might have seen, I do quite often) is actually 6 and a HALF miles. I usually never wear a watch when I run, but on the rare occasions that I did, I’d get done with the run and think I felt great, but I’d be like “damn.. that’s actually a pretty crappy time.” I knew I slowed down since I used to race 5Ks.. but I didn’t think I had slowed down that much! Well.. adding in an extra half a mile brings my pace down quite a bit. Order is once again restored to the world 🙂

Non running related.. I’ve been working quite a bit. I picked up an extra shift tonight, and it’s a good thing I was there because it was BUSY! Not surprising though, it was freaking gorgeous out today. I’m kinda in the mind set of ‘I’ll take all the hours I can get’ because I’m going to be in debt for the rest of my life after transferring to Northeastern. Right now.. I have a full ride at the U of MN. Well the U must see a lot more potential in me than NU because I’m not getting anywhere near that kind of aid from Northeastern. Anyways.. if I didn’t like my job, that might be a problem. Luckily, that’s not the case – I’d marry my job if I could. (Yes. I realized that analogy doesn’t work. But it’s late. Give me some credit 😉 )

One of my [hot] professors came into work today [with his girlfriend].. and joked “you ready for that final Saturday?” Only it wasn’t a joke. And I have ONE FINAL left on SATURDAY at ONE FREAKING THIRTY in the afternoon. Seriously.. who does that? And WHYYY are there so many couples at work?! Damnit anyways.. I always regret breaking up with (insert name here) when it gets to be summer. No one likes being single in the summer. No one, as in ME.

lets get things straight..

I have been getting several questions/comments lately that have started to bother me. Having gotten questions like this my entire life, I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring them. But those are at least questions from real people I know, and they are talked (as in out loud, face to face) about with me. Tone of voice can say a lot, so when I get comments/questions on here, I have no clue if you’re saying it with a tone of concern, or of its an accusation. So instead of answering comment after comment.. I’m just gonna lay this out here:

  1. if you’re going to leave a comment/question, and you’re going to post as “anonymous”, AT LEAST LEAVE A LEGITIMATE EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE! Someone left a comment that I was very much so not going to publish, but I took like 20 minutes to write out a response to her. And the next time I checked my email, I had one of those dang “delivery service notifications” saying that the email didn’t exist.
  2. Yes. I am aware that I am “small”, and you don’t need to point that out to me. If I ever say “oh.. I feel fat” or “I couldn’t eat that!” then by all means, stop by and smack me in the face. I have been “small” my entire life, and so has my mom (who is also a marathoner btw).
  3. This is not a “food blog”. Some of my favorite readers do have food blogs and I love them (the readers and the blogs both) but that’s just not my thing. I post snacks and stuff every once in a while for fun.. but that about it.
  4. If you’re going to post a “mean” comment (and by that I’m not referring to anyone who’s actually gotten their comments published) .. I’m just going to delete it! Don’t waste your time. And don’t read for that matter.. no one’s making you.

To address Allison’s question’s (I’m not trying to target you, but I’ve been getting a few of these):

why do you use Splenda at all?” – You really can’t say “You’re skinny enough that eating extra sugar would be good for you.” without knowing my health history, and you don’t know what I’m eating throughout the day. I’m not the only person in my house who uses Splenda, so that’s why we have it around in the first place. “Don’t you need a ton of calories for how much exercise you do?” Yep, darn right I do! And I make sure I get those calories. Every. Single. Day. It is actually not that hard to eat ~3,000 calories if you know what you’re doing. “and drinking non-caloric beverages” .. haha I have NO idea where you got that.. but I do drink caloric beverages..? I also drink diet soda, but I go out for starbucks and smoothies and shakes all the time.

A couple other people have asked “do you count calories?” For a while after I saw my sports nutritionist, I did just to make sure I was getting up to the number I needed. Now it’s just so normal to me that I don’t need to. Every once in a while at the end of the day I can do a quick add up to make sure I’m on track, but once it becomes a habit it’s really not hard. Consistency is the key.

AHHH. OK.. with that off my chest..

It was SO NICE to be back at work yesterday! Not just because of the sweet tips I made in only 3 hours (one guy gave me $9 bucks!! (we are not a fancy restaurant.. that’s a lot from one person)), but because I got to be with my Tin Fish Family again 😀 I’m working today from noon till ? because the weather man said it’s supposed to rain. Well let me tell you something, our weather men have not been batting 300 lately, and they’ve been wrong about the weather almost every single day. I have no clue when I’ll be going home.

I’m about to head out the door for a quick loop around the lake with my madre (biking.. this is like the only time I get to see her!). Speaking of mothers.. don’t forget TOMORROW IS MOTHERS DAY! Get your cards/gifts/surprises ready! In the spirit of motherly love, I leave you with me & momma post race.


I was only at work for a little more than an hour before I got sent home since the weather is so gross. It was raining and really slow.. but it’s fine with me because now I’m working on my drawings. I’ll be doing this pretty much all day until mass tonight.. so hopefully I can finish up!

Oh one more question.. why does like everyone have some sort of tribal design as their picture? Did I miss something??