That’s me ๐Ÿ˜€

I feel like the best runs are always the ones you least expect to be good. I don’t necessarily mean “best” as in like.. course PR.. I mean like you finish (forcedly.. because you really just want to go forever), and you can’t get over how much FUN it was! You want to tell everyone.. and chances are you do tell everyone. But unless they’re a runner and they’ve done it themselves, they probably just think “Wow, that chick is nuts!”

Well.. that’s me, and that’s yesterday. If you’ve been watching the weather, you know the midwest has been getting hit with some ridiculous stuff lately. Yesterday, the skies had finally cleared out (for the morning anyways), but there were these amazing gusts of wind at like 40mph. For some reason.. being hit with a 40mph gust of wind is way different than like a 40mph SUV. Good thing too, because there was no way I was passing up on this windy adventure.

I left Gomer at home, because on a day like this, you’re obviously not going out for a time. This one was for me and Seรฑora Naturaleza. I had no real distance in mind.. at first I thought I should keep it close to the house in case conditions changed, but once I got out there, well, I got out there.. you know how it goes. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I did bring my cell phone which feels totally lame, but I was trying to think in mom-mode.. and decided it wouldn’t hurt. Safety first kids.

I wasn’t the only one who had a windy adventure in mind! I’m sure the wind surfers at Calhoun were having a hay day! I also passed this guy when I was at Harriet.. he had the wind at his back and I was running into it. We just gave each other that grin that says “yeah.. I’m hard core” and a big ol high five when we passed. I saw him again on the other side of the lake when the roles were flipped – way too much fun! I had the wind pushing me at probably like a 6:20 pace, but my feet barely felt like they were hitting the ground! I really did feel like one bamf. [BTW, I just figured out what that stands for.. after seeing it for like a year! I was always too embarrassed to ask. Same situation for DF (dear friend? haha nope!) and FE (first ever..? but I knew that was wrong). Shout out to Karyn for finally making it register in my head!]

This is from a similar adventure I took this last winter with my DF (that would be my understanding of DF.. dear FRIEND!) Ali. It was like -25 with windchill.. and WIND was most definitely accurate. My clothing included: under armor, 2nd long sleeve, jacket, spandex, wind pants, socks x2, ski mittens, gator, hat, shoes, yak trax (best winter addition you can make to your running collection). We were debating ski goggles.. because we literally had our gators pulled up to our eyes, and our hats pulled down to our eyebrows. The snow was like a foot deep.. not plowed.. we would have been better off in snow shoes. And it was blowing all over the place! We passed a man running with a plastic SLED held out in front of him to block the snow! It was a blast!

Back to present day, my run ended a little after 9 miles, and believe me I could have gone forever if I didn’t have somewhere to be by 1:00. The clouds came back. The wind died down. I wouldn’t have traded my run for anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

That would be hail. The weather has actually been NUTS this past week.. not to mention frustrating! Bad weather => getting called off at work. No work => no money. It’s not like I spend my paychecks right when I get them or anything (future post material. I hate money. Spending. Discussing. Dealing. Getting. It’s sort of a problem).. but I feel like I need to be making/saving as much as possible with my [lack of] financial aid package for next year.

I’m praying the weather holds out today, despite the disgusting forecast of storms and rain all week! It’s supposed to be hot too – 81 and humid. “Sweating buckets” doesn’t even come close to describing me post-run on a day like today!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been hectic around here to say the least. Not even worth getting into.

I ran the downtown half for kicks last weekend. I was there volunteering anyways, and had really wanted to do it but I heard it was full. Wrong! Gotta love race day registration. I ran a 1:36:01, which is no PR but I’m OK with it.. given I didn’t go out in race-mode. Came in 1st for my age group, 3rd for the ladies, and 25th overall. Best part – TECH SHIRTS!! Anderson Races and Team Ortho seriously put on the BEST races in the Twin Cities. If you ever get the chance to take part in one.. I suggest you go for it! My dad and I went to Starbucks after for a refreshing frappaccino – it was a HOT day!

Well.. plenty to do around here. I gotta go deliver a few things to some neighbors, and get a start on the day! Hope the weather holds out for everyone to enjoy a nice weekend!

where is my effing hat!?

And no.. it’s not on my head! It’s my white nike drifit one, and I know I had it on yesterday when I came home from running club.. and I obviously took it off before I got in the shower. It didn’t sprout any freakin Nike legs and run away.. so WHY CAN’T I FIND IT! I have seriously searched the entire house. And my car. GRRR!

Another crappy day here weather wise.. make that another crappy week! I had to bail on my psych today because I got halfway there, and realized I was going to run out of gas, and I didn’t have my wallet! Never leave home without emergency money. Whatever.. it’s been a productive day. I’m meeting my friend in half an hour for a good catch-up run, and I’m going to see Run Fatboy Run tonight with some of the crew from running club. There’s light somewhere in my day!

Hahha is it weird that I drink smoothies out of beer glasses? These are like the only glasses that fit my mondo concoctions (this one being a lemon/lime/vanilla smoothie.. YUMM!) Oh.. and my cute easter starbucks travel mug?? The first time I used it, it leaked into the inside core plastic part! I brought it to a different Starbucks and explained the deal.. and they let me pick out a new one!! They were all out of the easter ones, but the ladies were so sweet! Here’s my new traveling companion:

I’d like to leave you all with one of my favorite quotes. A super special prize if you can guess where it’s from! (If you’re friends with me on facebook.. you’re disqualified!)

“If I have given my all and still do not win, I haven’t lost. Others might remember winning or losing; I remember the journey.”

So I’m just curious.. what do you guys think about the whole situation in Tibet and the possible boycotting of the Beijing games?

I found my hat by the way.. and in time for my run too! It was hanging on the back of my bedroom door. I think I need to just wear it all the time. I keep losing my favorite hats!

cloud 9: safely returned

So whaddya know.. it’s been a complete turn around from my bummer of a day yesterday! It felt good right from the start.. despite only having 6.5 hours of sleep I felt unreasonably rested – so go I did! T/TH are almost always a gym day in the morning, because it gets me awake and energized for my loooong day of classes (9:45 – 3:45). In my first class, I got my big field report back – a sweet grade.. but sweeter still, an “outstanding work!”

Hah this is everything I have to lug around on T/TH. The mail tube is full of trace for drafting in my Arch. Studio, and yes – thats a T-square sticking out of my bag!

My friend made plans to bike with me for my run today.. and I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat lunch first when I got home like usual. SO.. I stopped in the student union for a tide-over to fuel me through the run.

Hahha how’s that for pre-run fuel? At first I thought I was gonna regret it around oh.. mile 3.. but it was actually fine! I ran like 30 minutes after downing this bad boy. It was the new Honey Frappuccino.. it was stellar.
BUT NOT AS STELLAR AS THIS LIL GUY! There was a basket of clearance stuff from Easter.. and I have this terrible obsession with to-go coffee mugs. Trust me – I did NOT need another one. But CLEARANCE! And look at that little bunny down on the bottom! There was no price sticker on it.. so the lady gave it to me for FIVE BUCKS!! Annnnnd she gave me my drink for FREE!

This is my friend Sarah and I down at the lake. It was 55 degrees today!! Ahhh it just made me so anxious for summer to come! I love this girl more than life – she’s still in high school but we’ve been friends since I was like 6. She’s a trooper too – she’s always willing to bike with me. I might be solo for my LR coming up in two weeks.. so she offered to tag along for 18 miles! Like I said.. TROOPER. Today was a 6 (n some change) tempo run. I could have gone for forever with that sun shining!