frostbitten toes and fresh air…

GOOODNESS GRACIOUS! Cold is an understatement. Granted it’s gorgeous outside – sparkly snow, shining sun, birdies flitting around – but the roads are dead and no one is outside because its SO COLD! The thermometer on my dashboard (it’s a mac thing 🙂 ) said it was -8°, and the high for today is -2°. Mind you that is a sans windchill temperature, in which case (according to WCCO) it “feels like-20°. Mmm yeah, struggling with a 15° day in Boston? Cut your complainin. 😉

Now why, may you ask, was I out bearing the elements? I got to SHOVEL! And I shoveled yesterday morning too! Not a big deal? Think again my friend.. the ability to shovel is something that will not be taken for granted around here. My hip is seriously improving exponentially each day. Dr. Clohisy and Dr. Troung both said I’d be surprised  by how quickly things start to change, and they were both right. It. Is. Amazing. And I am happy.

I have a post going that is a day-by-day-milestones recap of how things have been going this first week. I am going to post it tomorrow morning, as that will be ONE FULL WEEK! I’m torn between being so excited that this is going so quickly, and being sad because.. it’s going so quickly! I’m only home until the 4th!!

I’m off to take a shower and warm up a bit. Oh yes.. showers! Another thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Btw.. yo amo mucho el Holidazzle Parade del Minneapolis. Tonight is the last one of the year!


yo amo el Holidazzle Parade del Minneapolis!

what the YUCK!

With my cup of vanilla coffee and a bowl of cereal, thankful that I was warm and dry inside.. this is what I got to watch out of the upstairs window:

52 degrees yesterday, this today. Not quite snow.. not warm enough to just make slush. Welcome to Minnesota!

No class on Mondays for me, but they somehow always manage to be full of appointments or errands. Already out and back to an appt this afternoon, and one left this evening until I can come home. I have Dan in Real Life that I have to watch tonight or it’s going to be overdue! I like Steve Carell, but I have a feeling this movie might leave me disappointed.

Went to the gym in the morning.. but looks like I’ll be back there for my run tonight because I’m just not feeling the whole snow/wind/mush. Can I say yuck again?

Made the most fan-freaking-tastic eggplant last night. Half of it I turned into this curry dish.. and the other half was just with lots of salt and Trader Joe’s “spice blend for pasta”. Hhaha I almost took a picture.. but my stomach told me I didn’t have time for that! If anyone is reading this.. do you want food pics too? The only blogs I have really read are by “foodies”, and while I like food I’m most definitely not at the “foodie” status (I don’t mean that offensively of course!).

So yea – food pics – maybe, maybe not. I can guarantee you’ll see some amazing pictures of MY lake when this nasty weather clears out!