YOUR fall favorites… & stimulatin’ like a BOSS

Hello hello again from the bus! Haha I like this blogging-whilst-commuting thing. Makes the trip go so much faster! Sorry though – this post probably wont be posted until I get home tonight!

Photo 25

Well, a winner has been chosen, and tomorrow a box full of goodies will be embarking on its journey to Pennsylvania! Hope you enjoy it Susan!!

If I had been picking winners based on how good their photos looked… man that would have been hard! I didn’t get as many entries as I had hoped – only 8 people submitted photos, but a lot of you hopped on the multiple entry thing and many of you did all four options to enter! I really appreciate it guys!! It’s not like I get sent stuff from companies to give away, so I can’t promise that I will do many of these, but my first giveaway was definitely fun!

Here are some of the good lookin yummies you lovely ladies sent me (wait.. I didn’t have any male entrants did I? I don’t think so…)

apple crisp



Kodak 09 014


Martha Pumpkin Stew (14)



Picture 007

Looks like yall are lovin the fall flavors as much as I am!


As I mentioned yesterday – the bone growth stimulator was delivered! Apparently they’re a lot more commonly used than I thought! I asked the rep who brought it out to my house and set me up how many of these she did a month – she said she does at least one every day! Based on the reactions I’ve gotten when I told people I was using a bone growth stimulator… I would think that they’re like a rarity. Apparently not! Here is my gift from the orthopedic Santa:



And here is my trying to demonstrate how the BGS will work from a very awkward angle:


Hahah fail! My roomie offered to take a photo of me and my new BFF later in the evening. Clearly the novelty hadn’t worn off yet:


Excuse the hot mess of hair.. I just got home from spin.. put on the PJs.. and hunkered down with Grey’s! (Close to definition of a perfect night.) I am supposed to use the stim for 30 minutes one time every day. And no trying to cheat or extra stimulate them bones either – it will ONLY work once a day. Clever thinking Mr. Manufacturer! I am excited that this finally came through, and although its pretty much a crap-shoot (that is the phrase.. right?) if it’ll actually WORK or not, I’m game to try.

Haha I just realized almost no one will be making this whole BOSS connection. Toooo much to explain for now. Sorry!

[Location change! Now home with my stim chillin on the hip and a bag of popcorn]

WELL I think I can wrap this post here. It went from a 57° partly sunny morning to a coldddd 36° rainy night. Unfortunately, I dressed for school during that 58° temp, so when I finished practice in the pool and went to catch the bus with wet hair, a long sleeve shirt, and a light running jacket, I turned into this:

Only I can guarantee you this little toots had on way more layers than I did, and I didn’t look nearly as cute with my “cold face” on. Anyways, sob story over – I’m warm now. Enough complaining!

Man I hope this bone growth stimulator is working. When I sit for half an hour at any other time, it seems like no biggie. But when I’m doing it off my own schedule, it feels like a chore! Hhaha more complaining. I think I should go now.


p.s. you guys should help me come up with a nickname for this bad boy. Bone Growth Stimulator is a mouthful! And “the Stim” just sounds dirty… help!

Giveaway Winner!!

NO I didn’t forget… but any and all hopes of posting this week have been thrown out the window for the sake of my education. Tests, midterms, papers, the whole shebang. Hey, at least it’s a good excuse, right?!

Without further ado… the winner of Sperly’s First Giveaway selected by is…..

Martha Pumpkin Stew (14)

Susan from SusanRuns!!! I know this Pennsylvania lady will enjoy it, and hopefully if her small-town town outside of Philly doesn’t have stores that carry the coupon items, she’ll get a chance to load up next time she’s in Philly! Susan – please email me your address and I’ll get that off to you ASAP!

Today is a rainy drizzly day here in the Mini-Apple. Definitely not my cup o’ tea, but luckily I have a killer spin class at 6:00 and Grey’s at 8:00 to cure me of my rainy-day blues.

ANNNNND… regarding the bone growth stimulator, I got approved! Approved by my insurance AND approved for financial assistance due to my basically-no-income student status. I guess being broke is OK in some respects! The lady from the medical device company is coming to my house TODAY to get me all set up. Actually, she’ll be there in about an hour, and that would mean I should be there in an hour too! Bus comes in 15 minutes, so with that, I will say adios mis amigos! I will try n get back in here tonight with the rest of the crazy-good looking fall foodie photos that were submitted!

Until we meet again my friends!


Where’s Madame Pomfrey? The Bone Growth Stimulator…

Mini update – My sports med. doctor put  in an order for a BONE GROWTH STIMULATOR for me.. so I am going to start using that as soon as (knock on wood) my insurance approves it and they get it out to my house!

I have never used one before, but a girl from the XC team last year used one on her foot for a metatarsal fracture. Here’s what it would look like if you broke your radius or something…

Only somehow it will fit differently to sit on my left groin basically and send its magical wishes to my femoral neck. IMO, you can never be sure if it’s the stim that is actually working, or if it’s just the fact that you are taking time off of _____ (running, skating, etc.) that actually heals it. I will try just about anything though at this point! (Nerd alert: as if you couldn’t tell from my title..) It feels like this is straight outta Harry Potter here!

Wish me luck my friends! In the mean time.. get your rear in gear and go enter my GIVEAWAY. Only four days left!


A little link love for other giveaways while I’m at it…

Tri to Cook.. how does people get this stuff?

Twin Cities Marathon Countdown!


Hard to believe, but Twin Cities Marathon is only 7 weeks away! And just now as I wrote that.. I said WTH. 7 weeks is a lonnng time. Honestly though, I know it’s going to fly. My schedule for the next month is crazy busy. I’m traveling the next three weekends, and then school starts up right after that! 


What really prompted this post was this morning’s run – I did the first 20 miler of this training period. If you haven’t read my blog before, I’ll fill you in pretty quickly: in December I had 3 pins put in my hip, and then in April I got hit by a car while running. SO… after PT and rehab I’ve pretty much had to start from scratch with my running. I went from being a 3:19 marathoner to a maybe-I-should-only-do-3 runner pretty quickly.



the pins of doom

the pins of doom




With caution and guidance from my medical team, I built back up. Slow as the process was, it was doable. My surgeons told me I could run again. That I can. What they didn’t make any promises about was racing, and that brings me to where I am right now. 


Initially, I had some pretty high hopes from TCM. Ultimately I want to run a sub 3 some day, but for Twin Cities I was thinking I’d shoot for more like a 3:15 or 3:10. Then surgery happened and a car happened and I found myself needing to reevaluate. Right now, I would be stoked to pull a 3:19 again. For today’s 20 miler I held an 8 minute pace (which would be like a 3:30 marathon) but if I’m honest with myself, I don’t know if I could have gone a whole lot faster. Not to mention, I would have still had a 10K to do to finish. 


My “plan” thus far for October 4th is to line up with the 3:20 pace group. If I feel better than that at the half, I’ll take off. If I feel like I need to pull back, I’ll pull back. The human body is an amazing thing even without running 26.2 miles, so the fact that it will even still let me do that with three pins in my hip is truly a blessing. I will let my body dictate the rest. 


So I guess my point of this whole thing is that it’s OK to change your goals. It’s OK to reassess plan. For anyone who is more towards the type-A side of the spectrum (coughMEcough) this can sometimes be a difficult notion to accept. It’s either black or white, right or wrong. I like to know the schedule ahead of time, and I want to stick to that schedule damnit, so don’t go changing the game plan! 😉 Hahha honestly though… it does get better. Sometimes I need to force myself to be flexible, and this is one of those times. Ya feel me?


So I leave you here my friends. Gotta work dinner tonight, but just a short shift. I’m going to try and get a nap here before that. 🙂 For any readers that are still around.. I know a lot of you are runners – what do you have on your race calendar? I’ll try and post mine soon – I have a lot coming up! Trying to fit in whatever I can before my birthday.. ie before I move up into the next age group!




P.S. My dad visited! And I’m going out to see him two weekends from now. Here’s an update on our tat’s 😀



*ETA* Run To The Finish is probably the greatest. I hope I can do something like this on MY birthday!!

i. owe. you.

Big time…

Where did this last week go? Wasn’t it just like two days ago that I was saying “I’ll be posting on Friday.. from HOME!” ??

Mmm.. apparently, that was like 2 weeks ago. AND, I didn’t bring my camera home with me from Boston! I was so pissed because I did so many fun things.. and I would have been snapping pictures all day otherwise! Well, here’s what I can give you: a running update, a review/recommendation, and a video! Haha now that I have it all figured out!

she runs…

Not quite like she used to… (wait a minute.. was that 3rd person?! IIICK.) not quite like she not quite like I used to… yet. While I was home I got in a LOT of good QT runs with my mom! It was perfect because I could let myself go slow, and she didn’t have to keep saying, “Erika, you wanna wait for me?” (hehehe.. OK, only a couple times.) It was also a good time to bump my distance a little (key word: a little. I’m following the 10% rule) because I was going slower than usual. It’s not like I came up with this… but a good tip to all new runners is don’t increase your distance and your speed/intensity at the same time. Work on one, get comfortable, and then work on the other. 

Here was my February:


and here’s my March so far:


I’m up to 6.3 miles right now, and will most likely go to 7 this weekend if everything is till feeling good! It’s nice to be able to actually run on the river now, not just to the river and back home!

she i reads

If you haven’t read the book The Last Lecture yet, you better hop on it. It. Is. Fantastic. No matter what you are dealing with in life, you will find motivation in that book to keep your chin up and keep trucking. My example: just last Sunday night, I was coming towards the end of my run, and all of the sudden I realized, hey, no one has passed me! That quickly turned into, hey, maybe I’m not running so slow! and all these great thoughts. I was feeling good. And then about 30 seconds later, I see these reflective Adidas stripes comin up behind me, and before I know it this guy passes me up. My good quickly turned to %$@!^@&($ and suddenly my maybe 7:40s turned to a definitely 10:00s and I was never going to race again, let alone be “fast”. About a minute into my downward spiral, I remembered a quote from the book (which is actually a quote from Henry Ford, who said it a little differently)…

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

That’s all it took to shake those BS thoughts out of my head. It’s true – if I tell myself I can’t do something, then I won’t. Or worse, I won’t even try. Maybe this 30something guy was running faster than me on Sunday, and that’s OK. I know I’m not the fastest kid out there, and clearly not right after surgery. There’s time. But know who I passed once I turned off the Charles and headed down Mass. Ave? Mr. AdidaStripes. Walking home. 😀

and I YouTube…

But just a lil bit. I love dancing whenever I’m home!! Going out is good.. but I like taking classes too. I haven’t really found that kinda thing here in Boston, but that’s OK because I don’t have time for it anyway!

Here’s a little of what I have planned for this (umm.. I can’t promise “week”. I hope!) whenever:

  • a new page!
  • a reviewwww!
  • this summer’s race calendar!

To anyone still out there – thanks for stickin’ around! It’s Caf time homies…

nom nom nom

my little hardware store..

Aright.. well due to multiple comments I received on that last post (two which were kind and respectful, several which were very NOT), I decided to delete it. Apparently people can’t take the MEDICAL pictures for what they are. Glad we’re all so mature.

So. Here is an altered version of those apparently promiscuous xrays I had up. This first one is from October 30th, before surgery. You might not be able to see the fracture.. but it’s there. If you look at the xray and go left of the greater trochanter, and coming about 2/3s of the way up from the bottom side. 


This is from January 16th, one month and one day after surgery. I had no idea the screws were this big! 


This next one is from the same day. This position is called “The Frog” haha for obvious reasons.


I donno about you.. maybe it grosses you out, but I think it’s pretty awesome. I am so thankful for all the amazing doctors I have been privileged to work with – Dr. Millis, Dr. Clohisy, and Dr. Troung – and then there are all the doctors I saw in the beginning who first diagnosed this problem – Dr. Corrado, Dr. Stein, and Dr. Gephart. I wonder how long I could have/would have kept running on it if Dr. Corrado hadn’t referred me to Dr. Stein. I remember his exact words and the tone of his voice – caring, but serious, “Hey kid, you know your limping? You’re gonna need to get that x-rayed before you can be cleared to run.” Thank you all times 1,000,000

I just sent these latest x-rays off to my surgeons at the U of MN this last week, so they should have them by now, and hopefully I can get in touch with them this Monday. I am also supposed to go in for a visit with my surgeon here in Boston for a follow-up. He went out of town last week, but he should be back this week, so hopefully I can get scheduled! My physical therapy also starts up this week – two times a week for now. I’m really excited because I know it will only make me stronger.

Pool workouts and cross training have been going well. My hip honestly feels really good. I told my dad the other day.. I seriously had forgotten what “normal” felt like. I am also really happy with the lifestyle changes that this surgery has brought about. I feel a lot more flexible these days – I feel a lot less concerned with things needing to be so black and white, or so scheduled. Take this: I had signed up for Campus Rec today at the gym.. I’ve taken a lot of the GF classes before, but not this one. Well, after we warmed up and were about 15 minutes in, the instructor said we were going to do suicides, and then go up to the track. Yo dog.. I haven’t been cleared to run yet. And even when I am cleared, it will be easy and short stuff, not suicides and sprints. Instead of thinking “shit.. this was my workout for the day. and I’m already 15 minutes in..” I showed the instructor the big ass scar on my hip, and said “I think I’m gonna have to bail for the rest of class. I haven’t been cleared to run yet..” She was fine with that obvi, and I decided to just call it a day. I have a fun spinning class tomorrow, and I can just make today a rest day. I did some core work, went home and took a shower, and headed to my roomies swim meet!


This is the diving well where I do all my pool running. 😀


My roommate is the one in lane 6 on the far left. She is a killer swimmer.. she made the championship team as a freshman! She rocked it. ❤

As far as general life stuff, I have plenty of stuff on my plate right now. We find out if we make it to round 2 of the RA apps at the end of the month, and if we get the position we’ll know by the end of February. I am also toying with the idea of being an orientation leader this summer.. which means being here, in BOSTON, this summer. I’d get to be home for a month between the end of the term and the time OL training starts.. so I donno. It pays pretty dang well, plus room and (partial) board, so it’s something to think about. Sorry about the big gap in posting, but I’ve been adjusting to life as a pre med student and all my sciences classes. I LOVE IT. Greater trochanter? Yep. I knew that one. Maxillary alveolus? Hahaha… still workin’ on it. 

Loves you,

OH OH OH! Vegetarian disciplinarian?! You left a comment on my last post. I would LOVE to answer any questions you have about Northeastern!! But the email left in your link isn’t working for me for some reason.. shoot me an email with all your questions and I’d be happy to answer!

post surgery – week two, plus a merry new years eve..!

Good morning my lovely bloggies! I’m currently looking out the office window (at home home, still in Minneapolis) at the sparkling snow covered roof above our porch glistening in the sun. I think it’s a little too cold for the birdies to be out and about (they built a nest into the point of the roof), but I don’t blame em’ – it’s still -10° right now, minus the wind chill! Cozying up in warm clothes.. sitting by a fireplace.. maybe a game of Scrabble? S.L.A.P.!  

(Just a taste.. I promise there are pictures at the end of this novel!)

My G-Pa's killer homemade bird feeder. And cutie birdies!

My G-Pa's killer homemade bird feeder. And cutie birdies!

Well, here I am one day past the two week mark from surgery. I don’t have a day-by-day recap for you, since during the second week there were much less of the “milestone” moments. I guess to sum it up, I am still feeling good, not fantastic-amazing-go-run-a-marathon good, but good. I mean, I did have hip surgery just two week ago, so I think I should still be a little sore every now and then, right? I’m trying to get in to see Dr. Troung before I go back to Boston, but tomorrow is New Years day, and then it’s like the weekend.. and I fly back Sunday!?! Grrr. a) I want him to snip the strings.. he said I could do it at home on my own but I’d be much more comfortable in the hands of a trained doctor. b) I want him to see it and make sure everything looks just like it should. c) I need to talk to him about PT and if I need to go see one out in Boston.. and if I need new exercises to get increased mobility (like sideways movement vs. up and down, front and back..).

I know this isn’t part of “week two”, but I got to SWIM on Monday!!! And it was fabulous. I love the pool at my Lifetime SO much. It’s a saltwater pool and it’s not too cold but not nasty warm either. Perfect. Juuust perfect. So Monday was the first day I swam and yeah it felt great, but it still felt sort of tight. I only swam for half the time that I usually do, and all super easy – no need to pull/tear/strain anything on the first day. Then the 2nd day (yesterday, Tuesday) I pool ran for half and swam for half and tried to really focus on stretching out and staying loose with each stroke – it felt amazing!! Leaving Lifetime is going to be R.O.U.G.H. 

So there’s my 2nd week wrap-up for ya. But speaking of leaving Lifetime, I guess I should open this up to everyone and maybe get some feedback – you guys are all so amazing with sharing experiences and “oh.. I did that too!!” that sometimes it feels like were all at some big slumber party. Oh, memories of middle school. 😉 Anyway, here’s the deal:

As I think I mentioned before, I am applying to be an RA for next year. Not only is there the obvious benefit (or in my  case, necessity) of free room and board (which at my school is an astoundingly ridic. amount), but I would also be put in a leadership position where I can use my creativity and help other people, something I love. 😀 Aright, great. There are some 500+ RA applicants each year, and only about 150 spots. I know I am an Honors student and have a good “resume”, but that doesn’t guarantee Jack. And to be honest, without some extra source of financial aid next year, staying at NU isn’t a guarantee. Less than that actually.. it’s a probable definite no (or maybe I should say probable definite not-a-good-idea, knowing that I’m the one going to be paying too). 

[Warning.. sorry – this is turning into a Monster post!!]

No one is forcing me too, in fact it was sort of my idea, but I am applying to some other schools for next year. Sort of as a back up plan. Sort of. (And I guess I should say school (singular) because the 2nd school I applied to.. I really don’t want to go there. But hey – free app.. why not?) This school is an excellent private school here in MN, and I would not at all feel like it was a “back up” if I ended up going there. In fact, academically, they are a lot more selective than NU. I’m trying not to count my chickens before they hatch – I mean, I haven’t even been accepted there yet. The app. deadline is not for another couple of months, and I wouldn’t find out till I’m already done with the semester out in Boston. But.. by then I will know whether or not I have the RA position.. I’ll be able to weigh my financial aid at each school.. I’ll be able to make some good and fair comparisons. 

You’ve heard me rave time and time again about how much I LOVE Boston and LOVE Northeastern and LOVE LOVE LOVE etc. I know. But being home now for winter break, the FIRST time I’ve been home since I moved… well if you went to school anywhere far from home you know what I’m talking about! Seeing my family and spending time with my mom and my dad and seeing my sister (who is actually now moving to D.C… another story) and being at the lakes and seeing my old running team and AHH. I love Minneapolis! (You’ve also heard me say that one too, to be fair.) Part of me WANTS to transfer (what.. again?) and be close to home. I think my best bit of advice for anyone just starting their college career, or just about to, is that there is no ONE right college, at least IMO. I do love Northeastern. But I think I would equally love “the school” here. (And just to clear things up – no, I’m not headed back to the U. At least not yet.) 😉

Anyways, that’s my dilemma as of yet. If you read through this entire thing – wow.. major props

I’m headed out with another DF (haha.. I will never not laugh typing that) to Lifetime for a “spa day” followed by lunch at Panera if we have time. I gave her a gift card there as part of the gift, but she might end up doin’ that one with the BF or another friend. I have movie plans for tonight, and a pretty low key new years – just the way I like it. 🙂 Hope everyone has an amazing last day of 2008, but if not, hey.. it’s just the last day of the month.. like the last day of any other month. There’s always tomorrow. 😉

(and as I promised, pictures from Christmas!)

The all star grandparents <3

The all star grandparents ❤


Ry, mom, and me.

Ry, mom, and me.

Playing with g-ma's manger. My grandpops BUILT that manger. Mad skills..

Playing with g-ma's manger. My grandpops BUILT that manger. Mad skills..



Working on a secret gift that won't be given until NEXT Christmas 🙂


Two of the cuzzos.. champin some Jason Mraz

Two of the cuzzos.. champin some Jason Mraz


Back in Minneapolis.. our Christmas tree at HOME 😀


B-T-Dubs.. does anyone need to buy their kid a saxophone!? Hahah - you will find this ad on craigslist.

B-T-Dubs.. does anyone need to buy their kid a saxophone!? Hahah - you will find this ad on craigslist.