sleeping in my own bed…

has never sounded so good. I am writing to you from my desk in my dorm – room mostly bare – 0n my last night at Northeastern University (for the year). I am SO looking forward to getting home to Minneapolis and sleeping in my OWN BED!

So where have I been?

  • Drowning in A&P
  • Suffocating in Chem
  • biking all over the city
  • because I currently can not run
  • because I got hit by a CAR 
  • on April 8th
  • 12 days before the Boston marathon
  • Hows that for an FML post?

Like any other college student during the end of their semester, I’ve been stressed, busy, frantic, the usual. I’ve also been pretty bummed to be completely honest – having to pass up on Boston this year was really hard. I have met some great amazing people over this last year though, and they have all been very supportive along the way. I know deep down that I would not have had a good time running injured, and the last thing I want to do is create this fear or anxiety associated with running. I never want to not look forward to running. Ever. So that meant sitting this year out. I am looking forward to opening a big old can of whoop ass on 2010.

As for the future of the blog.. I’m gonna have to wait and see. I like blogging.. but more for a personal thing. And no offense, but I’m really not a fan of an “online diary”. I may or may not keep it up, but either way, I am very thankful for everyone I have met through RRR! 

I hope everyone finishing their school year is hangin in there, and everyone beyond school, well you need to hang in there too! 

Peace out peeps. See ya later Boston!


reebok boston indoor games..!!!!!!


If you weren’t there.. please tell me you got to watch it on ESPN! My friend.. who we’re not even legit good friends yet but oh just wait – it will happen.. is amazing. And he got me tickets to go to the Reebok Indoor Games. And it was amazing. And I would like to share it with you:



My dear friend Maddie and I, completely in awe. This is at the Reggie Lewis Track Center – our (Northeastern’s) HOME track by the way!


This was during the mens 800 I believe. If you don’t see them, look harder – they’re like superimposed in the photo. They are actually running THAT fast.


I mostly wanted to get the Reebok signs in the background.. but if you look on the center track, there is Jenn Stuczynski about to go kick ass and break a pole vaulting record!


Women’s 800. Alice Schmidt KILLED it.. and she honestly looked like it was a breeze. Amazing. 


KARA GOUCHER. She doesn’t know it.. but she is basically my idol. If I could BE anyone on earth.. it would most likely be her. Don’t tell her though – I don’t want her thinking I’m like obsessed or something.. 😉 She’s about to go into the 3000m. If someone can help me figure out how to upload this damn video I have.. it’s fantastic. 


There is something about male runners.. not all of them. But some of them.. they just have that little something special.


And by that, I may or may not mean that… hey.. it doesn’t hurt! 😀


ERIKA and ALICE SCHMIDT. Wow wow wow. Those wheels go FAST. 


And so do these! Amy Mortimer and me =]


Yo this guy is ridiculous. He KILLLED the “boys” junior mile. Kid’s name is Mac Fleet (even SOUNDS fast) and he ran a 4:09:06.

So I apologize for the crappy nature of the majority of my photos.. but someone happened to leave my camera on NIGHT MODE.. so.. yep. I have an awesome video though of the Women’s 3000 and Kara taking the win.. so if someone can help me figure out how to upload it, that would be amazing. Right now I have it in my iPhoto because I took it on my digital camera. I tried making it a video in iVideo, and that was a success, but for some reason it wont let me select it as the file I want to upload?! 


Hahah well you’ll just have to wait. I can’t put EVERYTHING that is phenomenal into one post.. suspense! I will say that it ocurred directly after the Boston Indoor games at roughly 8:20 pm and I am happy. And will continue to be happy. And I love life.

OK. Bed time for me.. and yes it is just going on 10 but I’m getting up at 6 and I realized something.. I LOVE sleep. Almost as much as I love you. Goodnight!

so. tired.

Two posts in one day? What?? I’m pretty sure that’s a first.

But by “one day”.. I clearly mean two. Because apparently I’ve had my time zone settings off up until this point. I would happily like to declare that it is Tuesday February THIRD, 2009. 8:02 pm. Take that wordpress.

Ah. I just legit blinked out my contact. They’re that dry. And I’m that tired. And I haven’t even gone to dinner yet, damnit. To the caf I go! 


Looking down part of the Stetson West caf. Thank you Flickr.

Looking down part of the Stetson West caf. Thank you Flickr.

I never eat at West anymore. I donno why… it used to be my favorite. But everyone who’s anyone knows East is where it’s at!

Goodnight my blog loves. Countdown till D-Day: two.

skeleton sven. bring on thursday…

So here’s the deal…

This last week has been quite busy. And this week ahead of me is probably the most packed/busy/stressful week from now until finals. 

MONDAY – Chem, Psych, participate in Psych research study (required), Comm & Public Health, A&P
TUESDAY – Chem lab, Anatomy lab, appendicular skeleton practical
WEDNESDAY – Chem, Psych, Comm & Public Health + reflection paper,  A&P
FRIDAY – Physical therapy, last weeks missed Chem quizz

Throw in there practice, at home PT, cross training, I was sick on Saturday so still semi-recovering from that, and all the rest o’ that bidness.. ahhh it’s just a lot. Manageable, but a lot. I’m keepin my head above water though, so don’t throw out the life preservers just yet. 

My Psych exam on Thursday.. I got that one covered.

My Anatomy & Physiology exam on Thursday.. I will endure.

My Chem exam on Thursday.. just might kill me. Might

Ohhh Thursday. Hhaha how great is it that Chem is first in the order of my classes. Even if I completely bomb it (and I don’t anticipate on completely bombing it.. just like.. partially. Yikes), I can’t let that affect me the rest of the day, because I have a lot of things and physiological process and biological basisness to keep straight. Gogli complex? Got it. Diameter of the cell? 10 micrometers. Thickness of plasma membrane? 10 nanometers. NaCl ARPase Pump. Yesss. So. Much. To. Keep. Straight.

I’m actually semi-excited for my practical tomorrow though.. I had my first practical last week on the axial skeleton, and it was… meh. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but now I do, and I’m good to go. Bring it Skeleton Sven.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say with all of this hoo-ha is HEY. I’m here. I’m around. But I’m doin’ the school thing 197% this week. 😀

I’m bout to go to El Caf with my DF Madeiline and munch. Loveee yall.

Back in Boston, and a fair heads-up…

Arrived safely on the ground at 4:37, a whole 20 minutes EARLY. No flight delays. No lost baggage. No getting stuck sitting next to someone sick, or rockin’ the B.O. I even met two girls at baggage claim who were on my flight that are from BLOOMINGTON and going back to NU, so we shared a van taxi, and it worked out great!

I’m just giving a fair warning that there probably will be no posting of any sorts for about a week as I get settled into my new schedule.. new classes.. gotta get all my books and whatnot as they filter in through the mail piece by piece.. 

Speaking of books. UUUGH. I just do not understand how books and lab materials for one semester can equal $890 dollars!! EFFF THAT. 

This is way random, but I gotta leave you with something, right? So there were these two adorable kids sitting in the row behind and across from me. As we were taking off, he was kinda looking up at his mom, but not actually really looking at anything. He wasn’t at all scared.. just looking I guess. And then I was like “woah.. kids are constantly thinking, just like we are. What is going through their heads?” I don’t really remember the kinds of things I thought about when I was that age (3? 4?).. do you? Isn’t that weird to think about? I wonder what was running through my mind at four years old…

Love life. Lots.

post surgery – week two, plus a merry new years eve..!

Good morning my lovely bloggies! I’m currently looking out the office window (at home home, still in Minneapolis) at the sparkling snow covered roof above our porch glistening in the sun. I think it’s a little too cold for the birdies to be out and about (they built a nest into the point of the roof), but I don’t blame em’ – it’s still -10° right now, minus the wind chill! Cozying up in warm clothes.. sitting by a fireplace.. maybe a game of Scrabble? S.L.A.P.!  

(Just a taste.. I promise there are pictures at the end of this novel!)

My G-Pa's killer homemade bird feeder. And cutie birdies!

My G-Pa's killer homemade bird feeder. And cutie birdies!

Well, here I am one day past the two week mark from surgery. I don’t have a day-by-day recap for you, since during the second week there were much less of the “milestone” moments. I guess to sum it up, I am still feeling good, not fantastic-amazing-go-run-a-marathon good, but good. I mean, I did have hip surgery just two week ago, so I think I should still be a little sore every now and then, right? I’m trying to get in to see Dr. Troung before I go back to Boston, but tomorrow is New Years day, and then it’s like the weekend.. and I fly back Sunday!?! Grrr. a) I want him to snip the strings.. he said I could do it at home on my own but I’d be much more comfortable in the hands of a trained doctor. b) I want him to see it and make sure everything looks just like it should. c) I need to talk to him about PT and if I need to go see one out in Boston.. and if I need new exercises to get increased mobility (like sideways movement vs. up and down, front and back..).

I know this isn’t part of “week two”, but I got to SWIM on Monday!!! And it was fabulous. I love the pool at my Lifetime SO much. It’s a saltwater pool and it’s not too cold but not nasty warm either. Perfect. Juuust perfect. So Monday was the first day I swam and yeah it felt great, but it still felt sort of tight. I only swam for half the time that I usually do, and all super easy – no need to pull/tear/strain anything on the first day. Then the 2nd day (yesterday, Tuesday) I pool ran for half and swam for half and tried to really focus on stretching out and staying loose with each stroke – it felt amazing!! Leaving Lifetime is going to be R.O.U.G.H. 

So there’s my 2nd week wrap-up for ya. But speaking of leaving Lifetime, I guess I should open this up to everyone and maybe get some feedback – you guys are all so amazing with sharing experiences and “oh.. I did that too!!” that sometimes it feels like were all at some big slumber party. Oh, memories of middle school. 😉 Anyway, here’s the deal:

As I think I mentioned before, I am applying to be an RA for next year. Not only is there the obvious benefit (or in my  case, necessity) of free room and board (which at my school is an astoundingly ridic. amount), but I would also be put in a leadership position where I can use my creativity and help other people, something I love. 😀 Aright, great. There are some 500+ RA applicants each year, and only about 150 spots. I know I am an Honors student and have a good “resume”, but that doesn’t guarantee Jack. And to be honest, without some extra source of financial aid next year, staying at NU isn’t a guarantee. Less than that actually.. it’s a probable definite no (or maybe I should say probable definite not-a-good-idea, knowing that I’m the one going to be paying too). 

[Warning.. sorry – this is turning into a Monster post!!]

No one is forcing me too, in fact it was sort of my idea, but I am applying to some other schools for next year. Sort of as a back up plan. Sort of. (And I guess I should say school (singular) because the 2nd school I applied to.. I really don’t want to go there. But hey – free app.. why not?) This school is an excellent private school here in MN, and I would not at all feel like it was a “back up” if I ended up going there. In fact, academically, they are a lot more selective than NU. I’m trying not to count my chickens before they hatch – I mean, I haven’t even been accepted there yet. The app. deadline is not for another couple of months, and I wouldn’t find out till I’m already done with the semester out in Boston. But.. by then I will know whether or not I have the RA position.. I’ll be able to weigh my financial aid at each school.. I’ll be able to make some good and fair comparisons. 

You’ve heard me rave time and time again about how much I LOVE Boston and LOVE Northeastern and LOVE LOVE LOVE etc. I know. But being home now for winter break, the FIRST time I’ve been home since I moved… well if you went to school anywhere far from home you know what I’m talking about! Seeing my family and spending time with my mom and my dad and seeing my sister (who is actually now moving to D.C… another story) and being at the lakes and seeing my old running team and AHH. I love Minneapolis! (You’ve also heard me say that one too, to be fair.) Part of me WANTS to transfer (what.. again?) and be close to home. I think my best bit of advice for anyone just starting their college career, or just about to, is that there is no ONE right college, at least IMO. I do love Northeastern. But I think I would equally love “the school” here. (And just to clear things up – no, I’m not headed back to the U. At least not yet.) 😉

Anyways, that’s my dilemma as of yet. If you read through this entire thing – wow.. major props

I’m headed out with another DF (haha.. I will never not laugh typing that) to Lifetime for a “spa day” followed by lunch at Panera if we have time. I gave her a gift card there as part of the gift, but she might end up doin’ that one with the BF or another friend. I have movie plans for tonight, and a pretty low key new years – just the way I like it. 🙂 Hope everyone has an amazing last day of 2008, but if not, hey.. it’s just the last day of the month.. like the last day of any other month. There’s always tomorrow. 😉

(and as I promised, pictures from Christmas!)

The all star grandparents <3

The all star grandparents ❤


Ry, mom, and me.

Ry, mom, and me.

Playing with g-ma's manger. My grandpops BUILT that manger. Mad skills..

Playing with g-ma's manger. My grandpops BUILT that manger. Mad skills..



Working on a secret gift that won't be given until NEXT Christmas 🙂


Two of the cuzzos.. champin some Jason Mraz

Two of the cuzzos.. champin some Jason Mraz


Back in Minneapolis.. our Christmas tree at HOME 😀


B-T-Dubs.. does anyone need to buy their kid a saxophone!? Hahah - you will find this ad on craigslist.

B-T-Dubs.. does anyone need to buy their kid a saxophone!? Hahah - you will find this ad on craigslist.


putting a stop to the slacking on a special day!

Talk about slacking! Last post.. November 18th? Haha no wonder my blog stats suck so much!

Well.. what can I say? College is busy. A lot has happened since last time – way too much for one post to catch up on – but the longer I wait, the more stuff goes on, and if anyone is even still out there reading, I feel an obligation to keep you guys updated. 😉 Not to mention.. today’s my birthday, so I have to post something! Since last last Friday…


  • I champed a world arch final. I hope
  • I finally got my pre-med schedule figured out
  • My dad came!!
  • My sister came!!
  • We THANKSGIVINGed it up a bit
  • Boston was adventured
  • JP Licks was enjoyed
  • Both of them left, and all the roommates returned

I stuck around over our Thanksgiving break and my my dad and sister flew out out to spend time here with me. My sister has never been to Boston before, so it was really nice to show her the city, not to mention where “home” is for me out here! We went to Faneuil Hall, the North End, all over Back Bay, the extents of the T.. it was fun! We didn’t really have SET plans any given day, which was super nice because we didn’t feel pressure to do anything, but at the same time, we could do everything!


We actually cooked a legit thanksgiving dinner in my dorm! If you’ve seen my dorm.. I guess that’s not that much of a surprise though – it’s like a full apartment! My dad and sister ate Turkey, and I had my Quorn counterpart! 😀 We also had winter squash, this rice dish, fresh veggies, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pudding, and pumpkin bread.


I’m super close with my family.. and I was worried about them coming, because coming, also means leaving. My dad kept reminding me that I’m going to be home in just TWO weeks. I know it’s such a short time and it’s going to pass in the blink of an eye, but that didn’t stop me from crying the whole walk back from Ruggles. Uugggh. 

I was responsible for taking tons of photos while my sister was here so I can send one to my mom for a christmas card. Unfortunately.. most of the photos we did take ended up in stuff like this:


I think I have one that’s a winner though.. so we’re OK. 

Big pet peeve: basically EVERYTHING was closed this break.. the student center, library, all the Wollasten’s, our Au Bon Pan, but most annoyingly, the Marino and Cabot. Hence my expenditure of $toomuchmoney$ at the YMCA this week – it’s $10 for a day pass! 😯 Thennnn both yesterday and today there was a problem with the chlorine levels, and the pool was closed. PISSED. I got a refund though for one of my day passes, and the other time I just used their bikes since I was already there. But.. good news:


I have been in dire need of a new swimsuit.. the one I have been using was my old racing suit from when I was on the swim team in high school.. and I just realized a couple weeks ago that it was getting a little thin. Oops! So we set out on search for a new swim suit.. and of course we ended up at the glorious:

I. Love. City. Sports. If my bank account was bottomless.. I can guarantee the first place I’d go is City Sports. But seriously? When the HELL did swimsuits get so expensive? I’m a decent swimmer.. but I’m no Michael Phelps. I don’t really need some aquadynamic suit that is going to shave .0172 seconds off my 100. I just want a decent suit that doesn’t make me super pasty, and one that will hold up to the aquajogging belt being strapped around there every day. And I found my love:


Northeastern colors and all. 🙂 I’m so happy our pool and gym are back open to normal hours tomorrow.. but definitely NOT excited to get back to the daily grind of classes. I have a final and an “exam” (but not a “final”.. right) and a final presentation in studio all on the 9th. HOLY. WOW. Until then.. just working, working, working. One year older.. same story. Haha I wonder where I’ll be 10 years from now? Probably still in school.. most definitely still in debt.. only time will tell! 

I think my next post will be about tips and advice for pool running.. a lot of people are really aprehensive about it because they try it and it doesn’t “feel” like running or they think they’re doing it wrong, and then they just give up. Well I’m not expert, but I’ve been doing it for a LONG time now.. so I thought I’d share a lil bit of what I do and how I get by in the pool. Until then.. hope everyone is staying warm, dry, happy, and healthy. See ya soon!