fan. freaking. tastic.

Not gonna lie.. today was like the most lazy amazing fantastic day I’ve had in a LONG TIME. It reminded me how thankful I am to be DONE with school!! A lot of my friends are still in school right now.. and my mom is still in school (she’s a teacher.. hi mom!! (she reads..)) so today was a solo adventure. Which was FINE with me because I didn’t really have a plan, and didn’t really want one! After the gym this morning.. it just sort of hit me: I could do ANYTHING I WANTED! So let me take you on an adventure 😀

After the gym I came home and showered. Then I decided I wanted to make a smoothie, but we were out of yogurt. SO I biked on over to Lund’s, and proceeded to buy enough to make my backpack as big as I was. It was rather precarious biking home.

Got home, made smoothie.. remembered I need to sell this iPod! (BTW, if any of YOU want to buy it.. you better lemme know asap!) So I made up a flier and biked on over to..

Dunn Bros to post it on their bulletin board! This is actually an old picture.. I didn’t have my camera with me. But I did get an iced soy chai that was pretty fanfreakingtastic. I also walked across the street to the Co-Op and put a flier up on their board too.

Then I went to the Library because I couldn’t bike with my chai.. so I needed to waste some time. I checked out the latest two issues of Runners World.. but not before having to pay an effing $34 fee for overdue items.. HALF OF WHICH WEREN’T EVEN MINE (cough*MOM*cough.. we’ll be talking). Went home, made up some food, put on tanning lotion/sunscreen.. and WENT TO THE BEACH!!

OK.. not the beach.. but I laid (layed? nope.. Hmm it still looks wrong though) out at the lake. Calhoun of course 😉 And yikes.. not the most attractive picture, but LOOK AT THAT SUN! LOOK AT THE BLUE SKY!! Ahh-mazing.

Here’s my little sunny heaven: got the phone.. the literature.. the drinks.. and the music. Which I didn’t need or end up listening to because..

this chick brought the beats. Mmm actually she wasn’t that good. Like really.. not that good. But hey, can’t blame her for trying right?! Gotta practice somewhere! This is looking over towards the volleyball courts.. and it’s like my favorite place to lay out – between the courts and the beach! WHAT? Be amazed. Minnesota does have beaches.

This is looking the other direction (east?). There are always people here playing frisbee or football and whatnot. The guys in this picture were fine.. but like 5 minutes later 2 other guys came and thought they were a little too cool with all their big boy swear words. Seriously? Man.. I hope I act like that when I’m like 28.

This guy’s my favorite. I run this lake all the time.. but I’ve gotta say – I’ve never just decided to stop midrun and plop down in the sun and chill for like 20 minutes. I might have to try it some time..

And time to pack up and head home. I was sorta sad to leave, sorta thankful. It was actually NOT really bikini weather.. it was pretty damn windy and I was kinda cold. But I’m stubborn determined to work off my shorts/sportsbra tan. Its a constant struggle to get rid of those, since I run a lot more than I lay out in my swim suit. SWIM SUIT!! Ahh my ex boyfriend still has my swimsuit at his house! And nooo, don’t let your mind wander to the gutter. He has a hot tub. I had to shower. Everything was kept PG.

Well kiddos.. time to head off to RunClub. Afterwards, we’re all going to my work (Tin Fish!!) for drinks!! SOOO.. I hope everyone can find one day this week to just relax and enjoy. I’m definitely thinking there will be more of these days in my near future.


mom & me: you know how we do

So I believe I mentioned before, CostCo is pretty much my favorite weekend adventure with my mom. Even though it’s just the two of us living at home, we manage to go through a lot of, um.. everything! I know I really promote local, organic produce, which is pretty much the opposite of anything coming from CostCo, but we save SO MUCH here! This little shindig went down on none other but Mothers Day – the perfect outing. So.. let the adventure begin.

We’re “Gold Star” members.. I feel so VIP. I could die tomorrow, but knowing this, my life is now complete.

How fake looking/freaking amazing is this!? My mom asked “What.. you’re going to buy us a grill?” but ACTUALLY… I was the one who won our nice gas grill that we have now.. so I think its her turn to make the contribution 😉

All you bar-lovers out there.. here’s a little bit of heaven. In bulk they have Clif bars, Lara bars, Balance bars, those ThinkThin bars, some new one in the top left that I can’t remember the name/brand of, and then of course.. the only one worth buying – KASHI ROLL BARS!! Seriously.. we buy two boxes of these at a time (36 ct each) and go through them faster than beer in a frat house. I know I’m a total outcast, but I HATE Lara bars. ICK.

And my lovely madre picking out some gum and mints. I think it would be pretty freaking awesome to climb these shelves. It would be like spelunking.. only with 2 pound tubs of mustard instead of stalagmites.

I believe this is right after I found my new all time favorite munchy cereal. It’s hiding in the picture.. can you guess what it is? Hhahaha.. a secret I’ll never share! (Actually.. I will be sharing in my next post..) Sadly, CostCo stopped carrying the 3pack of Kashi Vive. It’s the only Kashi cereal I like.. and it’s getting harder and harder to find! Even my Co-Op is discontinuing it!! 😦

I’m actually not wearing white tights.. nor am I that pasty. The lighting. Honestly. Highlight purchase of this trip? The new issue of SELF. Hehehe, I almost NEVER buy magazines since we do a swap at my gym.. so I can end up getting them for free, or I check them out at the library. I like to treat myself when at CostCo though. And hey.. treating myself to a magazine is a lot less damaging on the wallet than treating myself to a 73″, $3,799.99 High Def Flat Screen.

The rest of mothers day was great. My mom and I started the morning with Coffee & Card time, and then I headed out to RunClub. I was all set to do my regular long run with the marathon group when I realized MedCity is in two weeks and not three! Soooo.. I did 10 with run club, and then took off for home and did a 5 mile “trot” with my mom. She’s seriously stellar.. she ran her last marathon in 2002 (her 22nd), and she doesn’t race at all anymore, but she still gets out there and does her thing. She’s even going to be our guest speaker at the marathon clinic in a couple weeks!

Typically, a run with mom would go like this: We start out together.. just chatting and enjoying each others company. After about a block.. she reminds me to tone it down.. because I’m always a step ahead of her and I’m “dragging her along.” So I try to cut it back.. but I’m back out “pushing her” in about 15 seconds. I can’t remember the last time we actually finished a run together because usually about half way through I say.. “do you mind if I just meet you at home?” and then take off. I know right – MEAN! Well I figured Mothers Day was better than any to just BE with my mom and do the whole run with her. I felt good about it at the end. And hey – even on one of her “worst day” (she had worked in the yard for 7 hours the day before.. we’re re-landscaping..) we still were passing people, and no one passed us!

IN OTHER NEWS: I just picked up a sweet pair of these guys:

I had been asking around for good sandals for runners.. because I run, and then I’m on my feet all day waitressing, and I know my body was HATING me on the days I wore flip flops! These are exactly the kind of shoes I would have rolled my eyes at and thought LAME when I was like 12.. but now I think they’re pretty much the coolest things ever.


My baby is arriving TOMORROW!!!! As a moving away present.. my parents (together.. awkward situation) ordered me the Garmin 405. I can’t even put into words how excited I am. I think my love for this thing is slightly more intense than my love of air. I. CANT. FREAKING. WAIT! Plus.. I’ll have it for the Race for the Ribbon 10K I’m doing on Sunday.. AND I’ll be able to use it during Med City!! Ahhh the wait is killing me. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this lil guy much much more. Is it awkward to love an electronic so much that you name it? People name cars.. bikes.. um, anatomy.. I’m pretty sure this thing deserves a name. I’ll be workin on a good one. Well that’s all for now my friends. Have a lovely splendid day!

21. miles that is.

Well.. it has been one HELL of a week. HELL as in not all bad.. but pretty dang intense. I’m still working on catching up on sleep and getting all the homework done, but at this point I feel like everything will turn out in the end! This post is covering quite a few days, so I’ll just tell a few of the week’s stories with pictures:

So I was headed out to get groceries, and I remembered I had a coupon from Lund’s for $15 off a $50 purchase, and a free reusable bag! I don’t really support Lund’s in the long run since their wayyy over priced. (lol – have you ever heard me say “from my trip to Whole Foods.” Nope!) Anyway, I get to the checkout counter, and open up my purse.. NO COUPON! And it was the last day it could be used! Story of my life. Despite being overpriced, just about everyone there is really friendly. They gave me the bag anyways 😀

It folds up really compactly, but you can fit in a TON! And it seems like a bag that will hold up, even thought it was a freebie!

On a later grocery trip, I was at the Co-Op, and I found out they had a little sale rack back by the restrooms! (Hence how I “found” it.. hehe) One of my absolute FAVORITE cereals is Kashi Vive. Actually the only Kashi cereal I like. Well the Co-Op’s distributer is not going to carry it anymore.. sale shelf it is, and three boxes for me! I also got a box of white peach Numi tea and a box of Sugar Cookie tea left over from the holidays. Everything was only $1.49 each!!

For my Arch Studio class I had to go to the Walker Art Center and copy an art piece or architectural space. It was a fun assignment.. but just even a simple painting took two hours to get a good rendering of it! This was from the New Suburban Landscapes exhibit.. I was most definitely not supposed to take a picture! Shh!

Just a pretty picture of last night’s stir fry dinner. The highlight was definitely the wilted spinach.

My first attempt at baked tofu!! A success!! It looks kinda rubbery or something, and maybe it was kinda rubbery.. but it was SO GOOD! Thanks for the tips Leng!!

My Grandparents and one of my mom’s brothers’ family came down on Saturday for a celebration – my Gpa’s 86th birthday!! I love him to death. Couldn’t ask for a better grandpa. My mom has always been great at setting table, and I just wanted to give her props because she always makes it look so nice!

And finally.. a two for one! Wasabi peas: a) My favorite snack. b) a little carrying container/purse! Hahha.. this is what happens when I have free time. We used to go through SO many containers of these, and then realized we could by them in bulk at the Co-Op. SO MUCH CHEAPER! I made one of the old cans into a little lunch tin! I gotta figure out something to do with all of the other cans we have!

This morning was my last 20+ run before Med City! I got in 21 with some people from run club. It went fine.. but no where near as fun as running with Andy! Probably because 20 with them takes a lot longer than 20 with him. Anyways, I’m feeling good and ready for the marathon! I’m debating doing this one half next weekend.. but it would be the morning after the PROM so I’d be going on like 3 hours of sleep. Ha.. could be fun 😉

And on the 7th day, God did an easy 3

Only my 3 was 13.. but who’s counting? And it was actually a really easy week, since this was cut-back week. Next weeks LR will be back up to 18 miles. I really need to make a conscious effort this week to keep mileage down though, so I’ll have to plan accordingly. Last week was 67, and I try to keep it at or around 55. Anything more than that, and I’m in my danger zone when it comes to injuries. I had a stress fracture back in November and had to take the whole month off – it drove me effing crazy! No need for that again. But to be honest with myself.. that funny feeling is starting to set back in right around my fibula by my ankle (where I had my sfx last time).. so as a precaution: (warning runners – avert your eyes)

Ugh that’s never a sight you wanna see. ANYWAYS – its been a fun/busy weekend! We made the weekly costco trip and came back with the usuals: lots of fresh produce, and a bulk pack of Kashi Roll bars! My mom got salmon steaks and some other things too. I’m not sure if the produce sold at costco is genetically modified.. but it sure looks good, and you can’t beat the price! Hahha Emma – this picture is just for you!
In the back is a big container of super big juicy plums (like 15 of them!), then a bag of 6 mixed color peppers, and a HUGE container of cherry (actually.. “splendido”) tomatoes. Hahah I go through that tomato container in like 2 days though! So with this cornucopia of goodies, and the amazing weather we had yesterday – time to bust out the grill!!
We actually shovel a path out to the grill in the winter.. but today was a good grill day. Anyway, here’s me (hot off a GORGEOUS 7 mile tempo with my dad biking along – 60 degrees!), scrubbing off anything that was burnt on last time =/ I only did the peppers because I was attempting to simultaneously write a paper.. so I didn’t have tons time to spend prepping stuff. The picture makes the peppers look super greasy, but oh my goodness they were so good I don’t care! At first I just ate the yellow pepper.. and then I realized – Who the heck am I saving the other one for!? Perfect accompaniment to a very good dinner!

The last thing to post (before this becomes a freaking novel!) is that yesterday I sent in my housing and tuition deposits, and did the little roommate matching and housing preferences for Northeastern. IT IS SOO OFFICIAL! Honestly.. I just can’t stop thinking about it! There’s a welcome weekend on the 12th but I wont be able to go since I flew out there in January=<

Well so long for now! I have to meet with my group for an arch project. Which means driving ALLL the way over to campus. In the rain. Yuck. I’m all about field trips.. but not in the rain.

A little eye candy

As I said.. I’m back with pictures!!

This was the snow we were left with after yesterday’s storm. It was coating EVERYTHING! This was taken this morning.. and right now at 5:30 it’s at least half gone! Gotta love Minnesota..

No specific reason to include this photo.. except that I just loved all the colorful fruits down the line! I also had to get a snapshot of the wayyyy overpriced Naked and other brand juices.. $4 a bottle?? I don’t think so!

This is only part of what I picked up.. but MAN! I spent $70 bucks at Lunds! I rarely shop there. My grocery store go-to’s are: my local Co-Op, Trader Joes, and CostCo.

My famous (yes.. famous) pumpkin shake! Someone asked for the recipe.. so here’s how I make it:
1/2 cup pumpkin
1 container vanilla soy yogurt
1/2 cup soy milk
1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder (*I forgot this when I first posted!)
pumpkin pie spice
a little splenda
3 ice cubes
and I’m pretty much in LOVE with my magic bullet. So in love in fact that we have TWO! That guy’s not kidding.. it really is the ultimate party machine! I
My pumpkin shake, basking in all it’s glory in Arch Studio. Gotta love my freebie Quality Housing 2 Offer bottle!

I’m off to running club in a little bit.. I believe there’s only 5 miles on the schedule for tonight. Aah I’m just ready for it to be summer! I want to school to be done.. I wanna go back to work.. I want a TAN and WARM WEATHER. So hey summer.. hurry the heck up already!

Yes. Fabulouser.

I write to you from Auditorium 1 in the Bell Museum.. home of my lecture for Arch 1701. Today was a fabulous day.. and I expect it to only get fabulouser. (And I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I skipped my 9:45 class.. got 9 hours of sleep.. and had a sunny, early day of adventures!)

So this morning my chirping bird alarm went off at 6:00. I was ready to get up, and go to the gym.. but something told me todays lecture in Geog. of the Twin Cities wasn’t going to be CRUCIAL for me to attend. So, alarm set to 8:00, and I get 9.5 hours of sleep! And YAY – it’s SUNNY!!

I hit the gym for an hour and a half, and then high-tailed it down to Lunds because I wanted a freaking pumpkin shake. (I was gonna post about it last night.. but I get down to the fridge to find we were out of soy yogurt!) I did one of those in-n-out showers, made some FOOD to-go, and hit the road to make it to my 2nd class (arch studio).. only to hit major TRAFFIC!

I took lots of pictures today (grocery trip, pumpkin shake, angry traffic, ME!, the sunny/pretty snow) but I can’t upload em’ now.. because I’m in lecture! So make sure you come back!!