the return of Friday Confessionals…

Friday alllready? That went fast! Well.. there are still 9 days to enter my giveaway, so no pressure. (Ok.. slight pressure. Your chances of winning are getting exponentially smaller with each day that passes. Which I am aware is completely mathematically incorrect.. but now I’m puttin the heat on..LOL)

Well, this is not the previously mentioned Injury Prevention/XT/goodness post that I promised. YET. It is about half way written, but I am going to a seminar thing this coming week regarding the underwater treadmill.. and I thought it would be a good idea to hold off so I can include some info about that!

Being the fantastic Friday that it is.. I thought it about right to bring back that little thing I used to call…

Friday Confessional.

I don’t know if I can say “bring back” if I only did it like once or twice .. but my main point is I would like to reinstate this lovely practice. Friday confessional is all about getting whatever you’ve got off of your chest.. being honest.. and being real. I’ll go first 😉

  1. I will admit that although I’ve come to the “acceptance” phase of this injury.. I still get b!tchy when I hear other people talk about running. So much so that the other day I legit saw someone running and thought “wow.. that’s a waste of running.” Hahha how terrible is that!! Sorry guys… =/
  2. I may or may not have gone through an entire bag of candy corn all by myself.. NO not in one day, and the bag isn’t gone yet..  but that’s a whooole lotta sugar for not a whole lotta person!
  3. I am already starting to look at a different place to live next year.. and we still have 7 months of our lease left.
  4. We took three spin bikes last weekend for our team to use.. didn’t know there was a spin class scheduled during that time. Apparently the class was full so I’m guessing 3 people got turned away. We didn’t know!!!
  5. Always need an odd number of things. I drank a Sobe Life Water while I was grocery shopping.. usually do that and pay for it at the register, which is totally allowed. Only I finished it before I finished shopping, tossed the bottle, and didn’t even think of it until I was in the car!

Alright bloggies.. your turn! I know we all get caught up in some naughty business every now and then. It’ll feel good to go into the weekend with a clean conscious.

Speaking of weekend – what are your plans? I am going to see The Hangover tonight with a kid from my team, and then tomorrow we have spinning in the am and I work in the afternoon. Sunday I am going on a “final outdoor ride” with a bunch of people. I hope the weather is really as warm as they say it will be!!

I’m supposed to be in class in 11 minutes… so I guess I better sign off! Have a great weekend!  Seee ya!

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