Returning to Reality

I want to get the rest of my Philly trip posted, because I literally have like FIVE posts that I want to do (some of them I already have written!) but they’re all backing up! Plus, I have some special events coming up this weekend (St. Croix Valley Tri, Victory Memorial 10K) that I’m sure are going to get some photo action…

So without further delay, here is the wrap up post to my Philadelphia trip – written on the air plain to Minneapolis! I did it in iWeb when I still had hopes of a iWeb/Wordpress marriage. No such luck. Thank you who ever invented Copy -> Paste.

Well my friends, my trip to the City of Brotherly Love has come to an end. I currently sitting on one of the smallest planes I have ever ridden on [edit edit] and I am ready to be home. 


Highlights of my trip:

DAD! I don’t need to say much more than that

Getting to see my sister and her husband on Saturday

A 15 mile run on Sunday along the Schulkyll River, el padre en tow on bike

A trip to REI where I got a nice tri top and some wind proof biking gloves (on sale!!)

Picnic dinners/lunches out on the river

A 6 mile run in the monsoon rain on Saturday

Getting to see where my dad lives, works, and has his new life in Philly


Here are some photos of our [way too short] trip:



el padre y yo after my/our 15 miler on the Schuylkill River


downtown Philly skyline – pretty! 


Dinner at Marathon Grill (v. good!) followed by a reallly good Gelato place! 


It was a good food night. I was happy! 🙂

What’s in store when I get back:

Work – jobs #1 & #2

Getting books

St. Croix Valley tri on Saturday

Victory Memorial 10K on Monday

School starts Tuesday

Sleep?! Please!?


More to come later peeps. Seeeya.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

[EDIT: I wrote this in the airport before flying to Philly on Friday afternoon. Since the dang iWeb doesn’t have it’s act together and can’t play nice with wordpress.. I’m just copy/pasting it here! More Philly recap to come!]


Is that something you had growing up? We always had Bruegger’s cream cheese. Ohhh man. Bruegger’s Bagels. So good. 


photo credit:

photo credit:


Honestly.. what is better than a huge doughy hot bagel? And the SQUARE ones!! AAAAAH. When I was a kid all I would ever get was a plain bagel and garden veggie cream cheese. Every. Damn. Time. Since that age, I have greatly expanded my bagel and topping repertoire. But I still stand by Bruegger’s and say that they have the best bagels and cream cheese out there. Try it!!


So should this photo be of a bagel? Wait no. My initial point here was Philadelphia, which is where I am so [im]patiently waiting to get to. Who/what is so important in Philadelphia? That, my friend, has a simple answer: my dad! He moved there in December of 2008 for work. He had always planned on leaving Minnesota, but Philly probably would not have been the destination city were his job not headquartered there (is headquartered a word?). He is definitely a warm-weathered duckling (wow. I just referred to my father as a duckling. I need that Starbucks now) and I know he was planning on moving somewhere much warmer than Philadelphia. Sure, it’s a step up from Minnesota, but not by much.


So no.. no photo of a bagel. This is what it’s all about:




I have never been to Philly before, so I have no real expectations of what we are going to do, but whatever it turns out to be, it’s worth it! I probably wont see my dad again till some time after Christmas. Luckily that will be a nice break from my ridiculously-long-winter-break. Seven weeks? Really? What the frack am I supposed to do in the middle of winter in Minnesota for SEVEN weeks!? Go spear fishing out on Lake Harriet? Freeze a pond in my front yard? Sell homemade snow cones out on the corner? (I was only partly kidding about that spear fishing part.. I actually have done that with Gramps up at their house in small-town MN.)


Anyways, it will be a much welcomed trip. Maybe I can convince him that we should take a warm weather getaway somewhere! I had that idea like two days ago, and now I can’t get it out of my head! Aright.. I’m rambling now. I just want to get on the plane and be in Philadelphia. Seeee ya.


[EDIT: I think I wrote this before I found out I had a 3+ (read: 4) hour delay? I didn’t mention it.. so I’m guessing I didn’t know yet. Um, yeah. It was a LONG delay. Did I ever mention I’m not very good with patience? 😉 ]

Land of the Cheesesteak

Hello hello mis amigos. I am writing a quick “tide over” post before I head off to the airport. I am going to PHILADELPHIA to see my dad! He moved there in December.. and I haven’t been out to see him there yet. I have actually never even been to Philadelphia before! Been to Pennsylvania, but not the city of brotherly love. 🙂 (Is that the right phrase.. or am I completely making that up?)

Quick running update:

I am currently alternating between coffee, Powerade, and water. I did my third 20+ miler of this “season” (haha.. I never know what to refer to it as! This Twin-Cities-training? This period? Season works for me), and it felt fine. I ran it way slower than I did my last 20 miler because that is just the pace of the group I was with, and their company is worth way more to me than proving I can run sub 8s for a long training run. I ran into this situation two years ago when I was training for Med City – running with a group that is slower than my pace – but I seemed to do just fine when I ran a 3:19, so hopefully that trend will carry through!

My upcoming schedule for running/racing looks a little like this:

  • September 5th – St. Croix Valley Triathlon
  • September 12th – the Capitol Run – 20+ mile training run
  • September 20th – October 4th – Taper time
  • October 4th – Twin Cities Marathon!
  • October (3oth or 23rd?) – Monster Dash Half Marathon
  • November XX – Turkey Trot 5K
  • January XX – Winter Carnival Frozen Half Marathon
  • April XX – Boston 2010

I don’t know what other little races will pop in there.. but I usually do a few 5Ks just for fun (like the Turkey Trot! I think there’s a Jingle Bell 5K too…) so we’ll see. I also need to look at my budget because I’ve spent more this year on races than I have on the past. I don’t know that I’ve necessarily raced more,  but they have definitely been more expensive races. Especially with triathlons – that is not a cheep sport! Luckily, I’ve found ways to cut costs here and there (carpooling, sharing hotels, discounted bike shoes, etc.) but that is a whole ‘nother future post! 🙂

I promise – my Ragnar Post will be published soon! I made a photobook of the whole event.. so I’ve been putting a lot of time into that instead of writing up the dang recap! I leave you with photo of me n’ Rilo – my mom and I were getting a little carried away with sports mode on her camera 🙂 I’m bringin’ the McMac along to Philly, so maybe I’ll get a post up while I’m there! Otherwise, catch you when I get back!




tracing boston.. backwards

That may look familiar if you are a Boston FloTracker.. and if not… mmm never mind. 🙂

I’m not even gonna say “sorry… I haven’t posted in blah blah blah” because OBVIOUSLY it has been a while, but truth be told – I am a busy kid. The majority of any “me time” I get during school is either spent running or in the Caf. Clearly two very important things. When I’m writing, it’s usually an essay, an application, or a lab report – there is very little time left for coming up with something to put up here. The reason I’m not apologizing is that I love being busy! I would much rather have the busy schedule I do now than be sitting at my desk, bored.

Anyways, back to this “Tracing Boston” business. This would be referring to my last “long run”. My DF Maddie (who had just KILLED in her first collegiate 1500 the day before!) was taking her rest day, and she decided to bike with me on this mini adventure! Many people run the Boston course as part of their training runs… you gotta get used to them hills! So I decided to start from the finish, and work backwards. 



The famous finish line in front of my favorite store – Marathon Sports!


Workin our way down Commonwealth Ave. Maddie needs to be included too:


We did the route out to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and then we cut over on Chestnut Hill Ave to the Brookline Reservoir. At which point we felt the need to take this:


And then continued on for 5 seconds, until a woman felt the need to “scold” us because Maddie was on a bicycle, and “bicycles are not allowed.” To which my response was, “It’s ok, we got permission” and we continued on our way. We had to get to the other end of the lake somehow! 

From the Brookline Res we took a straight shot down Boylston, which turns into Huntington somewhere along the way, and found this secret water stop that they forgot to mention in the course guides…


Gatorade, huh? Is that what they’re callin it these days? 😀


Clearly, it did the trick. 

Before I knew it, we were already back on campus! It was a very fast 9 miles! Not fast as in fast running, but it went by very quickly. It wasn’t so bad though – with all the stops and everything my Garmin gave us a just sub 8 pace. They didn’t feel like sub 8s, but I guess thats what happens when you’re going with a bike! We had a great day!


In other non-running life, I’m just trying to piece together my schedule for next semester and figure out what’s going on for next year. It. Is. Stressful. But you know what? When I look at my life, I have a lot to smile about, so I’m going to try and keep that in mind, and keep a positive attitude. 

My dad comes back from Germany this week. He recently moved to Philly – exciting! Well only sorta. I will miss him a lot in the summers.. especially having him show up at the Tin Fish randomly. I could use a dad hug right now. 😦

Ahh! But those smiles! Hahha it’s easy to forget sometimes. Time for me to get working! I had my LAST Chem lab of the semester today, and I want to get this lab report DONE and out of my hands!

Love yall.

putting a stop to the slacking on a special day!

Talk about slacking! Last post.. November 18th? Haha no wonder my blog stats suck so much!

Well.. what can I say? College is busy. A lot has happened since last time – way too much for one post to catch up on – but the longer I wait, the more stuff goes on, and if anyone is even still out there reading, I feel an obligation to keep you guys updated. 😉 Not to mention.. today’s my birthday, so I have to post something! Since last last Friday…


  • I champed a world arch final. I hope
  • I finally got my pre-med schedule figured out
  • My dad came!!
  • My sister came!!
  • We THANKSGIVINGed it up a bit
  • Boston was adventured
  • JP Licks was enjoyed
  • Both of them left, and all the roommates returned

I stuck around over our Thanksgiving break and my my dad and sister flew out out to spend time here with me. My sister has never been to Boston before, so it was really nice to show her the city, not to mention where “home” is for me out here! We went to Faneuil Hall, the North End, all over Back Bay, the extents of the T.. it was fun! We didn’t really have SET plans any given day, which was super nice because we didn’t feel pressure to do anything, but at the same time, we could do everything!


We actually cooked a legit thanksgiving dinner in my dorm! If you’ve seen my dorm.. I guess that’s not that much of a surprise though – it’s like a full apartment! My dad and sister ate Turkey, and I had my Quorn counterpart! 😀 We also had winter squash, this rice dish, fresh veggies, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pudding, and pumpkin bread.


I’m super close with my family.. and I was worried about them coming, because coming, also means leaving. My dad kept reminding me that I’m going to be home in just TWO weeks. I know it’s such a short time and it’s going to pass in the blink of an eye, but that didn’t stop me from crying the whole walk back from Ruggles. Uugggh. 

I was responsible for taking tons of photos while my sister was here so I can send one to my mom for a christmas card. Unfortunately.. most of the photos we did take ended up in stuff like this:


I think I have one that’s a winner though.. so we’re OK. 

Big pet peeve: basically EVERYTHING was closed this break.. the student center, library, all the Wollasten’s, our Au Bon Pan, but most annoyingly, the Marino and Cabot. Hence my expenditure of $toomuchmoney$ at the YMCA this week – it’s $10 for a day pass! 😯 Thennnn both yesterday and today there was a problem with the chlorine levels, and the pool was closed. PISSED. I got a refund though for one of my day passes, and the other time I just used their bikes since I was already there. But.. good news:


I have been in dire need of a new swimsuit.. the one I have been using was my old racing suit from when I was on the swim team in high school.. and I just realized a couple weeks ago that it was getting a little thin. Oops! So we set out on search for a new swim suit.. and of course we ended up at the glorious:

I. Love. City. Sports. If my bank account was bottomless.. I can guarantee the first place I’d go is City Sports. But seriously? When the HELL did swimsuits get so expensive? I’m a decent swimmer.. but I’m no Michael Phelps. I don’t really need some aquadynamic suit that is going to shave .0172 seconds off my 100. I just want a decent suit that doesn’t make me super pasty, and one that will hold up to the aquajogging belt being strapped around there every day. And I found my love:


Northeastern colors and all. 🙂 I’m so happy our pool and gym are back open to normal hours tomorrow.. but definitely NOT excited to get back to the daily grind of classes. I have a final and an “exam” (but not a “final”.. right) and a final presentation in studio all on the 9th. HOLY. WOW. Until then.. just working, working, working. One year older.. same story. Haha I wonder where I’ll be 10 years from now? Probably still in school.. most definitely still in debt.. only time will tell! 

I think my next post will be about tips and advice for pool running.. a lot of people are really aprehensive about it because they try it and it doesn’t “feel” like running or they think they’re doing it wrong, and then they just give up. Well I’m not expert, but I’ve been doing it for a LONG time now.. so I thought I’d share a lil bit of what I do and how I get by in the pool. Until then.. hope everyone is staying warm, dry, happy, and healthy. See ya soon!

Paging Dr. Sperl-Imhoff…

Friday again! It was a quick week, especially with the day off on Tuesday for Veterans Day. It was a nice break since it was only the 2nd day we’ve had off since the beginning of the year. Well, once again – I’m sitting in World Arch right now, so I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet to the point.. here we go!

Hip Update:

Um. Nothing. Pretty much status quo here. I am a little frustrated because the surgeon in Minneapolis called, and of course I was in class so he had to leave a message. I called back and left a message with his secretary. She said he’d call me back. He hasn’t called me back. Gaaah.

I sent my doctor here an email asking if I could come in for a follow-up appointment. My mom sent him an email. She sent another email. Neither of us have heard back. Aaah!

Aright.. I get that both of these men are highly regarded and very busy. But shouldn’t I get a response within a week? Yes, right? I’m just starting to feel really desperate because for some reason, this last week I hit the realization that surgery should be a last resort. I would much rather take another month or so off now than have surgery and not be back on my feet until June. Maybe I’m just getting scared, but I really don’t want to have surgery (duh) and don’t want to jump the gun here. 

PLUS… both doctors were supposed to talk about me using a bone growth stimulator. And if I’m gonna use it, I want to get started as soon as possible. Everyone I’ve talked to who has used one said they wish they started using it sooner. Where did my doctors go? This is really unusual of them – I’ve always gotten responses right away either by phone or email, so I’m just not sure what to think right now. Out of town? I feel like the secretary would have called me back…

School Update:

I’m getting so excited for my major change. Did I talk about that yet? I think so.. but if not – I’m officially pre med!! Actually, not officially until the start of the spring semester I guess, but it’s official in my book! I register on Monday, which is possibly the most stressful experience EVER. Is that just me, or is it really stressful for all you other college kids too? I literally lose sleep over it. I have a pretty set schedule of what I need to take next semester, since I’m basically a semester behind everyone else. Damn architecture. 😉 Luckily I had all my general core classes covered with all my transfer credits from the University of Minnesota.. but that also means I will have zero electives until.. forever. I’m going to be in school till I’m like 30. And I’m SO EXCITED! 😀 I don’t have the times squared away yet, but next semester I’ll be taking:

  • BIO 111 – General Bio 1
  • BIO 112 – Lab
  • CHM 211 – General Chem
  • CHM 212 – Lab
  • PSY 101 – Foundations of Psychology
  • BHS 105 – Nutrition

I’m gonna be Dr. Sperl-Imhoff. Yessssir.

Don't you see the resemblance?

Other News…

My dad and sister are coming out on the 26th for Thanksgiving, and staying till the 30th (which is my birthday!!) and I can’t WAIT for them to get here! Unfortunately we wont’ be doing as much trekking around as my dad and I did when we were out here last January, but it should still be tons of fun. I’m so excited to see them, especially since I’ve been feeling a little homesick this last week. I really miss my mom too, but she was out here mid October for parents weekend, and I’ll get to see her in a month at Christmas. It’s good to break it up a little, so I’m happy with the way we set this up. 






Pool running has been going well.. but one of my best friends who goes is going to be returning to running soon. Like tomorrow soon. I’m obviously really happy for her, but sad that I wont see her as much. 

I’ve been keeping up the group fitness classes at the Marino. I took Pilates yesterday, but unfortunately I gotta say I won’t be taking that again. It just wasn’t that challenging. I loved the pilates I did at home for all the core work it gave me, but this class didn’t really incorporate much of that at all. I took spinning again this morning (60min class this time – woo!), and I’m still liking that the best of the group classes. I’m pretty limited in what I can take, since all the other classes are like jumping around cardio that probably wouldn’t be a good idea for my little fractured friend FemoralNeck. So. Spinning it is. And abs.. I’ll keep that one too, even though it isn’t that hard – the teacher is a ton of fun.

Haha I just wrote for half of this class period. I will say though, I am quite an efficient multi-tasker. I’m still pullin an A in this class, and I’ve been doing this all semester. 😀 One more thing before I leave, as is tradition here on Fridays. BTW.. when I wrote this last week, you guys were supposed to add your OWN confessions! I can’t be the only one being a little bad all week..

Friday Confessional:

  1. I conveniently scheduled my advising appointment to be right in the middle of class yesterday, leaving me unable to attend. Mind you, I’m rockin an A in there too.. everyone needs a break once in a while. 😉
  2. I skipped Students for Environmental Action (it’s just a club.. not a class) when I said I’d be there to take Pilates last night. Too bad pilates blowed..
  3. Hmm.. I guess I really haven’t done that much this week. Good! Hahah I’m sure I’ll think of more as the day goes on.. 

loving life..

You may not have been waiting for this.. but I have!

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” (You know the movie..)

But really, all I wanted to do was make sure I wasn’t taking a blood thinner..

Steady’s on the East Bank of the U of MN campus. We first went to Uptown tattoo, but their waiting list is out until mid November. They’re really that good. But the owner at Uptown recommended Steady to us.. so to Steady we went!

When we went in for the consult, they took a photo for us so we could have it done to scale. They also let us do a little photo shop to make it look the way we wanted.. 😀 If only you could do that in life!

I’m really glad I went first.. watching first probably would have made me really nervous. I didn’t look at the equipment or anything before hand – same with when I got my belly button pierced. (On my 13th birthday! If I saw a 13 year old today with her belly button pierced, I’d say she’s too young, and doesn’t need that kind of thing yet. Hah.. mom – do you regret letting me make that decision?)

The “trial” to make sure it’s in the right place. It was strategically placed to have both hands on the opposite sides of my clavicle. Med students? Am I right? Or was that just made up..?

It really didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. It did feel different than I had imagined though – more like he was cutting the design into me, whereas I had pictured more of a continuous-bee-sting type feeling. Wow. Either one of those options sounds terrible!

Getting close to finishing..

Well let me tell you.. that’s not red ink. It will obviously settle down though. And the vein in my dads hand will look less pronounced when the irritation dies down too. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

Your turn! You were wondering who “we” was referring to, huh? OK.. no more captions for every photo – I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

A complete set.

I really want everyone to know that this is something my dad and I have talked about doing for a LONG TIME. In no way was it just like “hey.. let’s get tattoos.” We both thought long and hard before we came up with the design, and where to go. Being the typical type-A person that I am, I don’t think there is any part of the process or aftermath that I didn’t run through my head before hand. I am very aware that a tattoo is permanent, and anyone considering having one done should realize that too. Just a few days ago this lady (who looked to be mid 60s, mind you) came into my work in this rhine-studded tank top, with “NICE RACK” tattooed across her chest. WOW.

I asked Rodger (the tattoo artist who did both mine and my dad’s) if he ever had to do a tattoo for someone that he just knew they’d regret down the line. He said he doesn’t have to do any tattoo – as an artist he has the right to refuse any proposal. But he also said that when people come to him to have work done, you have to realize that they are “adults” and have the right to make choices for themselves. Good choices? Not always.. but the right is theirs.

Oh.. and the design? I am not even going to attempt to try and explain it. It obviously looks like a pinky promise, but to be honest it means nothing like it. It’s just me. And dad. And it always has been, and always will be.

So. Thank you so much Rodger – you did a phenomenal job! I really would recommend him to anyone. I am off to the Cabin (my Uncle’s actually) on Lake George for Friday/Saturday/Sunday to put a great end on my summer! Unfortunately there will be no water tubing or swimming (lake water = not super sterile), but there will be plenty of watermelon eating and bonfire action and family time, which is already better than anything I could ask for. Then I come back and pack my butt off – I still have so much left to do! Have a lovely weekend everyone!