Paging Dr. Sperl-Imhoff…

Friday again! It was a quick week, especially with the day off on Tuesday for Veterans Day. It was a nice break since it was only the 2nd day we’ve had off since the beginning of the year. Well, once again – I’m sitting in World Arch right now, so I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet to the point.. here we go!

Hip Update:

Um. Nothing. Pretty much status quo here. I am a little frustrated because the surgeon in Minneapolis called, and of course I was in class so he had to leave a message. I called back and left a message with his secretary. She said he’d call me back. He hasn’t called me back. Gaaah.

I sent my doctor here an email asking if I could come in for a follow-up appointment. My mom sent him an email. She sent another email. Neither of us have heard back. Aaah!

Aright.. I get that both of these men are highly regarded and very busy. But shouldn’t I get a response within a week? Yes, right? I’m just starting to feel really desperate because for some reason, this last week I hit the realization that surgery should be a last resort. I would much rather take another month or so off now than have surgery and not be back on my feet until June. Maybe I’m just getting scared, but I really don’t want to have surgery (duh) and don’t want to jump the gun here. 

PLUS… both doctors were supposed to talk about me using a bone growth stimulator. And if I’m gonna use it, I want to get started as soon as possible. Everyone I’ve talked to who has used one said they wish they started using it sooner. Where did my doctors go? This is really unusual of them – I’ve always gotten responses right away either by phone or email, so I’m just not sure what to think right now. Out of town? I feel like the secretary would have called me back…

School Update:

I’m getting so excited for my major change. Did I talk about that yet? I think so.. but if not – I’m officially pre med!! Actually, not officially until the start of the spring semester I guess, but it’s official in my book! I register on Monday, which is possibly the most stressful experience EVER. Is that just me, or is it really stressful for all you other college kids too? I literally lose sleep over it. I have a pretty set schedule of what I need to take next semester, since I’m basically a semester behind everyone else. Damn architecture. 😉 Luckily I had all my general core classes covered with all my transfer credits from the University of Minnesota.. but that also means I will have zero electives until.. forever. I’m going to be in school till I’m like 30. And I’m SO EXCITED! 😀 I don’t have the times squared away yet, but next semester I’ll be taking:

  • BIO 111 – General Bio 1
  • BIO 112 – Lab
  • CHM 211 – General Chem
  • CHM 212 – Lab
  • PSY 101 – Foundations of Psychology
  • BHS 105 – Nutrition

I’m gonna be Dr. Sperl-Imhoff. Yessssir.

Don't you see the resemblance?

Other News…

My dad and sister are coming out on the 26th for Thanksgiving, and staying till the 30th (which is my birthday!!) and I can’t WAIT for them to get here! Unfortunately we wont’ be doing as much trekking around as my dad and I did when we were out here last January, but it should still be tons of fun. I’m so excited to see them, especially since I’ve been feeling a little homesick this last week. I really miss my mom too, but she was out here mid October for parents weekend, and I’ll get to see her in a month at Christmas. It’s good to break it up a little, so I’m happy with the way we set this up. 






Pool running has been going well.. but one of my best friends who goes is going to be returning to running soon. Like tomorrow soon. I’m obviously really happy for her, but sad that I wont see her as much. 

I’ve been keeping up the group fitness classes at the Marino. I took Pilates yesterday, but unfortunately I gotta say I won’t be taking that again. It just wasn’t that challenging. I loved the pilates I did at home for all the core work it gave me, but this class didn’t really incorporate much of that at all. I took spinning again this morning (60min class this time – woo!), and I’m still liking that the best of the group classes. I’m pretty limited in what I can take, since all the other classes are like jumping around cardio that probably wouldn’t be a good idea for my little fractured friend FemoralNeck. So. Spinning it is. And abs.. I’ll keep that one too, even though it isn’t that hard – the teacher is a ton of fun.

Haha I just wrote for half of this class period. I will say though, I am quite an efficient multi-tasker. I’m still pullin an A in this class, and I’ve been doing this all semester. 😀 One more thing before I leave, as is tradition here on Fridays. BTW.. when I wrote this last week, you guys were supposed to add your OWN confessions! I can’t be the only one being a little bad all week..

Friday Confessional:

  1. I conveniently scheduled my advising appointment to be right in the middle of class yesterday, leaving me unable to attend. Mind you, I’m rockin an A in there too.. everyone needs a break once in a while. 😉
  2. I skipped Students for Environmental Action (it’s just a club.. not a class) when I said I’d be there to take Pilates last night. Too bad pilates blowed..
  3. Hmm.. I guess I really haven’t done that much this week. Good! Hahah I’m sure I’ll think of more as the day goes on.. 

melt downs.. to the Next Michael Phelps

Heyyyy kids.

Yesterday was basically nuts.. culminating with me in panic-mode, once again. In studio, all the sudden the profs were like “OK, put this into Adobe and save it as a PDF and go print so you can start your diagrams.” There are several problemas with this situation:


  1. I don’ have Adobe. No one told us we needed to already have Adobe. 
  2. Adobe costs a lot of money. A LOT.
  3. We needed it by Monday. It was already Monday.
  4. Even if I had all the money in the world to just drop on software, our bookstore doesn’t sell the physical CDs. You have to order it, and then it is shipped.
  5. Shipping takes time. Time fails the Monday requirement aforementioned in #3.


Not to mention this was at the end of an already overwhelmingly long day. It was like 10:30 when I called my dad, while I was simultaneously trying to write note cards to study for a test that was this morning. (Didn’t find out about it until last night – don’t give me that disapproving “typical college kid” look!)

I ended up finding an older version of Adobe Creative Suite (3rd edition.. not 4) and I bought it through our school’s partner tech site, so I got a student discount. I also got the Standard version (which I swear they made seem like it wasn’t even available) versus the more extensive (read: expensive) one. I overnighted it in hopes that it will get here at least by tomorrow morning. Long story short: lots of money saved (sans the $30 next day shipping charge) and I’ve learned by now I can’t stress about it anymore because I have no control over the situation from this point on.


photo from Chen Xin. Im actually excited for the software to come though..!

photo from Chen Xin. I'm actually excited for the software to come though..!



Oh.. and that test? I either champed it, or failed miserably. It was in my Honors History of World Arch class.. and the last question asked us to diagram the Temple of Horus at Edfru, along with what year it was built. I wasn’t even sure if Edfru was one of the Egyptian sites, or if it was one from the Mesopotamian region.. but I did remember something about hypostyle halls and clerestory windows.. and I knew the basic layout of all these sites.. so I just started drawing the one I thought was right. Looking at my notes once I got back, I saw I got it right! But the year.. hahah lets just say I was about a millennium off. Oops!


Pylon at Temple of Horus

Pylon at Temple of Horus



All my shifts for work this week are at the Cabot center.. grrrr. I love being at the Marino cause it’s always so busy and you always see all the people you know.. but Cabot is way less busy. The Cabot center is our building for all the varsity athletics, and the sports med center, and then it also has the pool. So yea.. I guess I shouldn’t complain when the guys varsity swim team comes in..

OH. And speaking of the pool:

I’ve been not running for a little bit due to a possible stress fracture (or two). I’m waiting on some MRI and xray results..  but until then I’m not going to [possibly] prolong my return to running. If it’s not a stress fracture, it’s a stress reaction, which would LEAD to a stress fracture if I kept running on it the way it was – something I don’t need. So I’ve made friends with the pool.  I only did 2000 yards today because that’s what I had time for, but here’s an example of my pool workouts for anyone else on the DL (or just looking to cross train).


  • 500 warm-up (I usually alternate free/back every 50 yards)
  • 3×100 kick (free, breast, back)
  • 4×50 pull (free, breast, free, breast)
  • 3×150 medley build (free, back, breast. hah.. like how I cut out the fly?)
  • 3×100 build (free, breast, free)
  • 250 cool down


I usually stay away from the pool cause I HATE being cold. But today I found myself looking forward to it. It was actually like a legit excited. I feel like I’ve still kept a lot of my good swimming skills from when I used to be on the team (wayyy back when), so I kinda feel like a BAMF when I get out of the pool or pull a flip turn.

Aright. Off to work. Seee ya!

Husky Staff!


Back from work.. maybe I DON’T mind working at Cabot! It’s a lot slower than the Marino.. but I basically got paid to watch the Twins vs. White Sox game. And I think I ingested about 30,000 calories worth of Varsity eye candy. Gooood night. 😉

I responded to the comments on the latest two posts two.. sorry for slackin on that! My response is in bold 🙂