9/2013 – Where to find me now?

Hey there!

It must be RAGNAR season because every year around this time I get a comments about my Ragnar Relay Packing List or an email with questions. Given that I wrote that post 5 years ago, I felt I should post a little update about where I am now, and where you can (or can’t) find me.

[This first of all required searching the depths of my brain to figure out WTH I would have used as a password as a sophomore in college. I figured it out. It made me laugh.]

[Me, roughly 4  years ago. I can tell I’m sitting in the U of MN Rec Center, which has since undergone major [awesome] changes! Funny – I wore pretty much this outfit yesterday.]

The last post on RunRoamRecycle detailed my switch to self hosting, which was at DrTriRunner.com, later transitioning to theTriathlonRx.com for quite some time. However, if you type in either of those addresses you will find NADA. Unfortunately this last winter I was faced with some privacy issues involving a reader and some pretty unrelenting contact. It was also at a time where I was extremely busy working in the hospital, working in the lab, and school. So I made an impulsive decision, said F IT!!! in that way that only all-caps and 3 exclamation points can convey, and deleted myself from the internet. Didn’t think you could do that, huh? I suppose if the FBI really wanted to find my product reviews, they would have some binary database and could piece it back together. But to the average reader, I was gone.

Unless they were friends with me on facebook or Twitter. Fortunately, this one isolated reader-turned-TOOMUCH was successfully blocked on all other means of contact, and since has been a non-issue.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time off the interwebs, but am happy to be back. The most common thing readers have contacted me about is fibrous dysplasia in athletes, and while I cannot provide any official medical advice, I can share my story and experiences. I am going into my 5th surgery in 5 years, and documenting the journey along the way. I also got many emails from other runners/athletes dealing with various sports related injuries, which further fueled my new venture.

You can now find me at www.offtheDL.com Hope to see you there!

Be fierce. With a smile.


Hi there…

Hahah so WP was down apparently when I attempted to post this.

What that was intended to say was:

Hi there…

I’m coming back!




home is…

Home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you in.

-Robert Frost

Hahah I love that quote. Not that I forced my mom to take me in or anything.. yikes! But it’s true – there is no turning family away. Not here.

I am currently blogging to you from the futon up in our office, watching this 6 year old kid on Ellen who knows basically everything about the solar system and knows more already than half the people I know. Except he just got on the floor and did something called the “swimming tuna”. I’m tellin you – he’s gonna get all the ladies.

 It’s almost time for a refill of my big ol’ scrabble mug of coffee.. Dunn Bros coffee.. ohh I love being home! 


There is a lot to do today! I promise a full catch-up later on: running, school, next year’s decision, the whole deal. For now though, it’s time to go refill this cup and relax a little. My flight, which was supposed to leave out of Logan at 6:05 last night, didn’t leave until 9:50 due to the SNOW STORM in Minneapolis. The plane we were picking us up was coming from Minneapolis so we had to wait for it to wait to be de-iced along with all the other planes. Finally though, it took off, got to Boston three hours later, and by 2:00 this morning, I was home. And of course I was up by 8:00… but it’s ok. I’m HOME!


My attempt at taking a photo out the airplane window with my crappy cell phone. PS  I forgot my camera in Boston.. smart! Cell phone will have to suffice for the week to come.


say shhhhh.. minneapolis minneapolis minneapolis

Hmm.. guessing most everyone will NOT know the title reference. Man, you’re missin out!

Dear blog friends, compadres, homefries, homeskillets, buddies, amigos, and all the rest,

I have not forgotten you. No, no… it is once again my ever-so favorite time of the semester. Midterms. The joy of back-to-back tests, the sleepless nights, the post-it notes covering everything in sight, the highlighter marks permanently staining my hands.. what could be better? (Read: kill me now.)

I know what could be better… MINNEAPOLIS.. and three days and 2 hours from now I will be on a plane headed home sweet home. Please excuse my absence until further notice. And by further notice hopefully I mean FRIDAY. 

Goodbye, bonne nuit, hasta luego. 


P.S. Running is going GREAT! I’m up to 4 miles.. which means when I’m home.. I can RUN THE LAKE!!

how does she do it..?

Seriously guys.. I really like pop chips. Really really. And Missy does too. I’m telling you.. it’s LOVE.


This lovely lady named Missy has something that goes POP which really sounds like CRUNCH which will be followed by the sound of MMmmmm nom nom nom. Go see. But don’t leave a comment or anything.. because that diminishes my chances of winning.. and I really like those guys. And I’m a college student. And broke.


hello/good buy

(Gosh I miss Target! Def. going once I get home. In TWO DAYS!)

I’m off to Children’s Boston to be x-rayed and have a lovely visit with Dr. Millis!! Wish me luck wish me luck!