YOUR fall favorites… & stimulatin’ like a BOSS

Hello hello again from the bus! Haha I like this blogging-whilst-commuting thing. Makes the trip go so much faster! Sorry though – this post probably wont be posted until I get home tonight!

Photo 25

Well, a winner has been chosen, and tomorrow a box full of goodies will be embarking on its journey to Pennsylvania! Hope you enjoy it Susan!!

If I had been picking winners based on how good their photos looked… man that would have been hard! I didn’t get as many entries as I had hoped – only 8 people submitted photos, but a lot of you hopped on the multiple entry thing and many of you did all four options to enter! I really appreciate it guys!! It’s not like I get sent stuff from companies to give away, so I can’t promise that I will do many of these, but my first giveaway was definitely fun!

Here are some of the good lookin yummies you lovely ladies sent me (wait.. I didn’t have any male entrants did I? I don’t think so…)

apple crisp



Kodak 09 014


Martha Pumpkin Stew (14)



Picture 007

Looks like yall are lovin the fall flavors as much as I am!


As I mentioned yesterday – the bone growth stimulator was delivered! Apparently they’re a lot more commonly used than I thought! I asked the rep who brought it out to my house and set me up how many of these she did a month – she said she does at least one every day! Based on the reactions I’ve gotten when I told people I was using a bone growth stimulator… I would think that they’re like a rarity. Apparently not! Here is my gift from the orthopedic Santa:



And here is my trying to demonstrate how the BGS will work from a very awkward angle:


Hahah fail! My roomie offered to take a photo of me and my new BFF later in the evening. Clearly the novelty hadn’t worn off yet:


Excuse the hot mess of hair.. I just got home from spin.. put on the PJs.. and hunkered down with Grey’s! (Close to definition of a perfect night.) I am supposed to use the stim for 30 minutes one time every day. And no trying to cheat or extra stimulate them bones either – it will ONLY work once a day. Clever thinking Mr. Manufacturer! I am excited that this finally came through, and although its pretty much a crap-shoot (that is the phrase.. right?) if it’ll actually WORK or not, I’m game to try.

Haha I just realized almost no one will be making this whole BOSS connection. Toooo much to explain for now. Sorry!

[Location change! Now home with my stim chillin on the hip and a bag of popcorn]

WELL I think I can wrap this post here. It went from a 57° partly sunny morning to a coldddd 36° rainy night. Unfortunately, I dressed for school during that 58° temp, so when I finished practice in the pool and went to catch the bus with wet hair, a long sleeve shirt, and a light running jacket, I turned into this:

Only I can guarantee you this little toots had on way more layers than I did, and I didn’t look nearly as cute with my “cold face” on. Anyways, sob story over – I’m warm now. Enough complaining!

Man I hope this bone growth stimulator is working. When I sit for half an hour at any other time, it seems like no biggie. But when I’m doing it off my own schedule, it feels like a chore! Hhaha more complaining. I think I should go now.


p.s. you guys should help me come up with a nickname for this bad boy. Bone Growth Stimulator is a mouthful! And “the Stim” just sounds dirty… help!

Twin Cities Marathon photos, and a teaser…!

Well, Marathon day has come and gone, and I’m still alive. Not going to lie – it was really, really hard watching everyone run and be so happy (oh my gosh.. that sounds terrible), but there was no way I could NOT be happy to see everyone doing so well. The conditions were perfect – cool (45°-50°ish), dry, little to no wind, even SUN at some points – just perfect. My mom and I formed a pretty solid cheer squad just by ourselves – I swear we were yelling more/louder than anyone around us. We looked pretty cute too – She was wearing her 2000 Boston jacket and I was wearing my 2009 Boston Jacket, and they’re both blue and yellow. Go ahead… awwww


We cheered at mile 6 and at mile 22, and honestly, I felt like we saw so many fewer not-gonna-make-it runners at 22 then we have ever seen before. Mile 22 is at a point where you’re definitely fatigued, and you still have four more miles to go. We kept cheering runners on saying “just break it down – one mile at a time”, “keep that focus”, “you’re looking strong – you can do it” and other stuff that the runners probably laughed once they heard. Lol I’ve said some ridiculous stuff before in a marathon…


(Front runners coming through mile 6)

Funny story: so there’s a runner on Team USA MN that I knew was running the marathon. I’ve met her and talked to her before – super nice girl. All of Team USA MN trains at my gym so I’ve actually gotten to meet a lot of them! Anyways, I saw her at mile 6, and yelled my head off! Then the lady next to me said, “Who is that?” and I told her “Michelle, from Team USA MN.” And my fellow cheer’er said, “Haha, no. That’s Kristen!” So when I saw her again at mile 22, I yelled “You’re doing awesome Kristen!!” or something along those lines. OK.. I thought for sure I knew her name.. I’ve talked to her enough. I felt pretty dumb for having talked to her all this time and called her the wrong name. Turns out I was right the first time.. definitely Michelle. not Mrs. No-You’re-Wrong… so then I just looked dumb at mile 22! She gave me this funny grin at mile 22 too.. so either she thinks I’m nuts or she’ll think it’s hilarious. Lol it’ll be an interesting conversation next time I see her.

“My” runners did SUPERB – every fricking one of them! I think they’re ok with first names on the blog, so here are my runners’ results:

  • Sue – 3:47 – qualified for her first Boston!
  • Jim – 3:37 – his FIRST marathon!
  • Jackie – 3:37 – a PR!
  • Jeanie – 3:53 – another PR!
  • Josue – 3:12 – a PR and a crazy amazing time!
  • Julie – 3:42 – another PR!
  • Tzivia – 4:08, and a great race!
  • Julie A – 3:53 and I think a PR for her too. Her chip fell off.. bummer!
  • Mark – 3:24, and other Boston Qualifier!
  • Mark O – 3:36 – just a couple minutes off of a PR, but a great race nonetheless, and NO cramping!
  • Bill – 3:33 – a HUGE PR, and a BQ!
  • Jaimie – 3:37, and another trip to Boston!

I just can’t say how proud of everyone I am!! If you want to check results of your runners, you  can look up the RACE RESULTS HERE.

One of the ladies from my Dashers training group who wasn’t running the marathon put together a huge volunteer team to man the mile 22 water stop. It was great to see everyone and their kids/husbands/friends working so hard. I have worked the mile 7 water stop for many years, and it’s a hard job! This photo below is of myself and the coach of that group. She’s running Whistlestop this weekend! She is honestly the best coach I have ever had, and couldn’t ask for anything more.. she is the one who got me into triathlons, got me back in the pool, she is just a fantastic lady.. that’s as much as I can say!


Big up to these guys coming through – the two front runners at mile 22. So. Fast!


Like I said, watching all these runners.. there was no way I couldn’t feel happy for them. True confession though.. pretty much every runner I see out there when I’m on my bike or just walking.. I want to run you down and grab you and make you stop. Haha steal your shoes or something! 😯 Not at the marathon though!! Hahah if you’ve ever been injured and had to take serious time off, you know how I feel, and if you haven’t been there, just consider yourself lucky.


Despite the ?? look on my face.. I am SO glad I went out to cheer. When I’m running races, I appreciate the crowd support SO MUCH. And despite hearing dumb funny stuff sometimes.. it all helps.

So what’s this teaser? Well… I am doing my first GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned for details!! There will be a couple winners… I’m excited!

One last big congrats to all you Twin Cities Marathon finishers, and anyone else who raced this weekend! Good luck to my Whistlestop runners this coming Sunday! Nighty night yall.


Being a bike / bus student commuter in Minneapolis. Love it!

Ohhh wow. I just looked down at my hands as I started to type, and WTH my cuticles are all torn up!? Granted I did just get out of the pool, and that always makes them look worse, but what happened? That only used to happen when I had to break down cardboard boxes a lot at work…


Random. Sorry.


So. I am writing to you from the 114A Express bus – U of MN to Uptown, and wherever it goes after that. I am on my way home from school.. and I am not in my car.. and it feels SO good.


Photo 23


I have officially become a bike/bus student commuter. My lil Accord is still sitting out front, but I am making every effort to only use it when there is no other option. This whole summer I have done really well with eliminating/minimizing/combining car trips, walking when possible, biking when possible, and carpooling if it’s an option. It’s one of those things that just makes me smile.. I can’t help it! It’s kind of like when you’re going to a race at 5 in the morning, and anyone else out on the highway you know is going to the race too because they have their 26.2 sticker on their bumper, or their bike with aero bars on the back of the car. C’mon.. you know you’re sitting there behind the wheel with a hugh jass grin on your face! 


I feel like I’m being introduced to a whole new club being a bike commuter. You see “regulars” on the path at the same time each day… people get to know you at the bike shop en route. And then the bus.. there are DEFINITELY regulars there. (cough** and some cute ones at that **cough) 


I’ve talked before about the environment being really important to me. I wouldn’t have included “recycle” in the name of my blog if I didn’t care about it. (Ok.. so maybe not on the same level as tatting “I Love Alfonzo” on your hip, but close!) Unnecessary has been my signature word for so long, and it still is. Lately I have become really aware of gas prices, time wasted in a car, the sheer NUMBER of cars out on the road, and that is what I want to talk about today.


[ETA: I’m at home now… quick bus ride!]




Bike commuting has so many benefits! Aside from the “insider’s club” mentioned above, I can name so many more:

  • you’re obviously helping cut down on pollution – each and every gallon of gas we burn leads to about 20 pounds of CO2 gas in the air, and that contributes to the crazy climate change business we have going on. 
  • Want to know what you’re gonna burn on your bike? Calories. Want to know what’s going to be heating up? YOU, because you’re going to get crazy toned legs. 
  • What about money saved? A typical U.S. family spends about $8000 per year operating a car. A  bike requires no gas, no oil changes, no new tires, and maybe a $50 tune up. You can even get PAID to bike – the government started a program with some companies that reimburses employees who bike commute! If you’re interested in this program, check out this site from the League of American Bicyclists.




I’ll just start right off again with all the benefits of riding public transportation:

  • Again, the big obvious one – helping cut down on gas emissions that are harmful to our environment. The average Twin Cities driver releases about 2.6 tons of green house gasses each year when they drive to and from work.  (Source.) Um.. I’d rather not! And that’s just ONE person. Take that, times every other Joe-Schmoe-why-won’t-this-traffic-go sitting next to you.. and you have a very. very. large number. 
  • Minneapolis now has HYBRID busses! 28% better fuel efficiency.. quiet.. and clean! 
  • No questioning whether or not you’ll go outside after work and be snowed in. 
  • No more scrapping ice off your windshields. 
  • No more parking tickets. 
  • No more expired tabs. 
  • No more running out of gas on the high way.
  • No more speeding tickets (hey.. if the bus driver does it, not my problem!!)
  • Nooo more! 

I ❤ Minneapolis!!

The fact that I have these options – public transportation and paved bike pathways or bike lanes around my city – makes me so grateful!! It is definitely not something I take for granted, because I have been in plenty of cities where there is no such thing as city bus, biking is used only when there are training wheels attached, and not much longer there after, the closest anything is a good 15 minute drive, there just really aren’t many other options besides using your car! Minneapolis for sure has a few areas in which we could improve our public transportation system (and we’re working on it – hellooo more lightrail!) but for my needs at this time, the bus routes we have and the bike paths are sufficient, and they get me where I need to go. I would LOVE if the Lightrail was extended to go up to St. Cloud so I could visit family without driving, but I have a feeling it will happen some day. 


What is your public transportation system like where you live? Do you use it? Do you walk or bike places instead of drive? I feel like because this my blog falls into the health/wellness category, answers are more likely to be YES than if I were to ask the general public. But that’s great! And if you don’t or haven’t started trying to cut back on your automobileage.. I challenge you to ask yourself why? What can I (you…) do to start taking those steps? If you’re stuck.. here is a site that offers some great TIPS!


 Well.. I could go on and on about this issue for a really long time, so I think I’ll cut it here. I hope you guys don’t mind reading a little non-running post every now and then.. although now that I think about it, RUNNING is a great alternative transportation option too!! Hahha.. a little hard to get those textbooks to school though. 😉  And because I’m not sure how to even write a complete post without mentioning what isss going on running wise – tomorrow is my LAST 20 miler before TCM! A huge group of us is starting at mile 6 and running the last 20 of the marathon course. It should be fantastic. (Ignoring the 5:30 wake up call.. I don’t like that so much.) Know how I’m getting to the start? BIKING. Know how I’m getting home? CARPOOLING!




Seeee ya soon peeps! 


I’m off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of…

Hahah TOO much. I kill myself sometimes.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I promise I really am bringing this back.. I’m just trying to decide how I want to go about it and the direction I want to take this blog. My title – RunRoamRecycle – still fits me well, but there is also quite a bit more that my life encoumpasses, as well as there have been some big/exciting changes since I last posted in Boston!

I am off to go see Harry Potter 6. I leave you with a photo from the Green Lake Triathlon finish last weekend, and a promise to return!

From Minneapolis, out on the Lake. 🙂

Rocky after first haircut 225

sleeping in my own bed…

has never sounded so good. I am writing to you from my desk in my dorm – room mostly bare – 0n my last night at Northeastern University (for the year). I am SO looking forward to getting home to Minneapolis and sleeping in my OWN BED!

So where have I been?

  • Drowning in A&P
  • Suffocating in Chem
  • biking all over the city
  • because I currently can not run
  • because I got hit by a CAR 
  • on April 8th
  • 12 days before the Boston marathon
  • Hows that for an FML post?

Like any other college student during the end of their semester, I’ve been stressed, busy, frantic, the usual. I’ve also been pretty bummed to be completely honest – having to pass up on Boston this year was really hard. I have met some great amazing people over this last year though, and they have all been very supportive along the way. I know deep down that I would not have had a good time running injured, and the last thing I want to do is create this fear or anxiety associated with running. I never want to not look forward to running. Ever. So that meant sitting this year out. I am looking forward to opening a big old can of whoop ass on 2010.

As for the future of the blog.. I’m gonna have to wait and see. I like blogging.. but more for a personal thing. And no offense, but I’m really not a fan of an “online diary”. I may or may not keep it up, but either way, I am very thankful for everyone I have met through RRR! 

I hope everyone finishing their school year is hangin in there, and everyone beyond school, well you need to hang in there too! 

Peace out peeps. See ya later Boston!


tracing boston.. backwards

That may look familiar if you are a Boston FloTracker.. and if not… mmm never mind. 🙂

I’m not even gonna say “sorry… I haven’t posted in blah blah blah” because OBVIOUSLY it has been a while, but truth be told – I am a busy kid. The majority of any “me time” I get during school is either spent running or in the Caf. Clearly two very important things. When I’m writing, it’s usually an essay, an application, or a lab report – there is very little time left for coming up with something to put up here. The reason I’m not apologizing is that I love being busy! I would much rather have the busy schedule I do now than be sitting at my desk, bored.

Anyways, back to this “Tracing Boston” business. This would be referring to my last “long run”. My DF Maddie (who had just KILLED in her first collegiate 1500 the day before!) was taking her rest day, and she decided to bike with me on this mini adventure! Many people run the Boston course as part of their training runs… you gotta get used to them hills! So I decided to start from the finish, and work backwards. 



The famous finish line in front of my favorite store – Marathon Sports!


Workin our way down Commonwealth Ave. Maddie needs to be included too:


We did the route out to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and then we cut over on Chestnut Hill Ave to the Brookline Reservoir. At which point we felt the need to take this:


And then continued on for 5 seconds, until a woman felt the need to “scold” us because Maddie was on a bicycle, and “bicycles are not allowed.” To which my response was, “It’s ok, we got permission” and we continued on our way. We had to get to the other end of the lake somehow! 

From the Brookline Res we took a straight shot down Boylston, which turns into Huntington somewhere along the way, and found this secret water stop that they forgot to mention in the course guides…


Gatorade, huh? Is that what they’re callin it these days? 😀


Clearly, it did the trick. 

Before I knew it, we were already back on campus! It was a very fast 9 miles! Not fast as in fast running, but it went by very quickly. It wasn’t so bad though – with all the stops and everything my Garmin gave us a just sub 8 pace. They didn’t feel like sub 8s, but I guess thats what happens when you’re going with a bike! We had a great day!


In other non-running life, I’m just trying to piece together my schedule for next semester and figure out what’s going on for next year. It. Is. Stressful. But you know what? When I look at my life, I have a lot to smile about, so I’m going to try and keep that in mind, and keep a positive attitude. 

My dad comes back from Germany this week. He recently moved to Philly – exciting! Well only sorta. I will miss him a lot in the summers.. especially having him show up at the Tin Fish randomly. I could use a dad hug right now. 😦

Ahh! But those smiles! Hahha it’s easy to forget sometimes. Time for me to get working! I had my LAST Chem lab of the semester today, and I want to get this lab report DONE and out of my hands!

Love yall.

shake ya money maker (for the readers who don’t have a secret affair with pharrell)

I actually really didn’t (/don’t) like that song when it came out. The lyrics are pretty lame. But Pharell.. and that face.. ahh!!

ANYWAYS, the money maker title comes from the fact that makin money is like my job right now (oh wait.. aside from school..) because I came to the sad realization that many things in life cost money (… doh!) and although I have a decent safety stash in my bank account, I am really terrible with spending money. I haaaate it. I’m not like so frugal that I won’t spend money at all, but when it comes to buying things for myself, I usually find a way to talk myself out of it. Either it’s “I have enough running clothes” or “I can run the lake for free, why would I pay to race it?” 

Wow.. that was a tangent. What I was going to say right after “makin money is like my job right now” is that  I spent part of today down at Brigham & Women’s Hospital participating in an asthma study. And an asthma study that pays! Today I was paid for basically just filling out forms, and getting myself down there, which was like a 15 minute walk in the gorgeous sun. Next time I will be paid for letting them induce an asthma attack in me, which doesn’t sound as fun as just filling out forms. Luckily, they jack me up with albuterol to bring my lungs back to normal after the attack, so it can’t be that bad. And hey.. I’ve had enough asthma attacks on my own, and no one pays me for those! 😉

And the other sentence that was supposed to come after “spent part of today down at Brigham & Women’s Hospital participating in an asthma study” was that I got paid, and I used that money to register for the Loco Luv2Run 5K! This will be my first “real” race now that I’m back in action. It is also the day before the Boston Marathon, so maybe this will help ease my pain from not running. 

No joke.. letting Boston go this year is the hardest thing I’ve ever not done. 

Anyways – this race – I’m really excited!! This adds one more race to what is my current/probable race calendar for 2009:

  • Great River Ragnar Relay (3 6-mile legs over 24 hours)
  • Lake Waconia Triathlon (the running leg)
  • Hennipen Lake Classic Double Header (10K + 5K)
  • Urban Wildland Half (Half.. claro)
  • Loco Luv2Run (5K)

That pretty much gets me through the end of the summer! I haven’t started looking at races once school starts up again in the fall, because I don’t really know what my situation will be at that point. I have to hop on it soon though and get my registration in for Ragnar and the Waconia Tri.. because one of the things I hate dislike the most is paying a late fee! 

Time to go meet this kid for some Caf time.. I don’t know if I like the kid more or the caf? Haha oh life… there is this little love triangle going on here in Boston, and it’s throwing me off big time. When it rains it pours. And that’s the end of that!

Love yall.