Cha cha changes…!

Thursday already? How did that happen?!

Last night something came over me, and apparently the roomie too. For whatever reason it was absolutely necessary that we stay up and watch Scrubs until 1:00am. On a WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

Whoooo does that?

Because of my mandatory-8-hour rule, and because my first class isn’t until 11:15, I skipped the gym, turned off the alarm, had a super random dream, but woke up feeling much better than I think I would have had I dragged myself to go do cardio. (RSC to be specific πŸ˜‰ ) However, as “refreshed” as I may have been, apparently my mind was still running a little behind. Hence this tragedy happened to my morning coffee:


My morning cup of black gold turned into a morning cup of black NaCl onion garlic paprika cup of NASTY. I realized it the second I sprinkled it on and did my best to skim the spices off the top, but no amount of skimming could remedy this catastrophe, and down the drain it went.

Despite the absence of caffeine this morning that would usually leave me dragging, I was feeling just fine. In large part I’ll attribute that to the SUN that finally decided to reappear over our lovely city of Mini-apple. Splendid. I had a really fun first class.. we broke into three groups based on our personality types (A, B, C) and the got in little groups and just talked about how we act in different situations. I’ve mentioned before, I’m type A to the max.. probably type A+, but it was hilarious Β to talk to the guys in my group about what we do when we’re waiting for someone who’s late.. have a slow car pull out in front of us.. or even just how extreme we take playing a board game (Grandma.. you’re goin DOWN). The class is called Lifetime Health & Wellness, and it’s through my major department (Kinesiology)… definitely my favorite!

Anywho my kiddies.. I will keep this brief because I need to meet the kids for SPIN soon! Tomorrow is TEAM MOVIE NIGHT and I’m hosting, so I have to hit Target on the way home to pick up some movie snacks! I mostly just didn’t want to go too long without posting, but also, I wanted to make sure I’m keeping alla YOU in the loop! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, because there are some big exciting things coming to RunRoamRecycle! Some will be happening sooner rather than later, but in short, I’m pumped. And you should be too!

Until soon mis amigos!


5 Responses

  1. i love that you have a mandatory 8 hour of sleep rule. i used to and need to find it again!

  2. One morning I attempted to make coffee without actually putting any in the coffee machine. Just the filter and water. Reallllly needed coffee that morning!

    I’m not sure I knew there was a personality type C! I remember doing Myers-Briggs in college, and it was so funny that a person trained in it could take one look at your type and describe everything about you. How’d you know I organize my closet by color?? Cameras??

    Yay for big changes! Always exciting.

    Thanks again for the giveaway! I’m so pumped.

  3. Oh my gosh, the coffee incidence is a mini tragedy! πŸ™‚

  4. Can’t wait to see your new changes!
    That class sounds like fun, I had a similar class like that in my degree.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ha, i had a similar incident with my oats one day. Cinnamon somehow got replaced with one of my mums curry powders! Changes??? Emmm, is it bad that that scares me a little?! Ha. Total type A here! πŸ˜‰ Take Care πŸ˜€

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