YOUR fall favorites… & stimulatin’ like a BOSS

Hello hello again from the bus! Haha I like this blogging-whilst-commuting thing. Makes the trip go so much faster! Sorry though – this post probably wont be posted until I get home tonight!

Photo 25

Well, a winner has been chosen, and tomorrow a box full of goodies will be embarking on its journey to Pennsylvania! Hope you enjoy it Susan!!

If I had been picking winners based on how good their photos looked… man that would have been hard! I didn’t get as many entries as I had hoped – only 8 people submitted photos, but a lot of you hopped on the multiple entry thing and many of you did all four options to enter! I really appreciate it guys!! It’s not like I get sent stuff from companies to give away, so I can’t promise that I will do many of these, but my first giveaway was definitely fun!

Here are some of the good lookin yummies you lovely ladies sent me (wait.. I didn’t have any male entrants did I? I don’t think so…)

apple crisp



Kodak 09 014


Martha Pumpkin Stew (14)



Picture 007

Looks like yall are lovin the fall flavors as much as I am!


As I mentioned yesterday – the bone growth stimulator was delivered! Apparently they’re a lot more commonly used than I thought! I asked the rep who brought it out to my house and set me up how many of these she did a month – she said she does at least one every day! Based on the reactions I’ve gotten when I told people I was using a bone growth stimulator… I would think that they’re like a rarity. Apparently not! Here is my gift from the orthopedic Santa:



And here is my trying to demonstrate how the BGS will work from a very awkward angle:


Hahah fail! My roomie offered to take a photo of me and my new BFF later in the evening. Clearly the novelty hadn’t worn off yet:


Excuse the hot mess of hair.. I just got home from spin.. put on the PJs.. and hunkered down with Grey’s! (Close to definition of a perfect night.) I am supposed to use the stim for 30 minutes one time every day. And no trying to cheat or extra stimulate them bones either – it will ONLY work once a day. Clever thinking Mr. Manufacturer! I am excited that this finally came through, and although its pretty much a crap-shoot (that is the phrase.. right?) if it’ll actually WORK or not, I’m game to try.

Haha I just realized almost no one will be making this whole BOSS connection. Toooo much to explain for now. Sorry!

[Location change! Now home with my stim chillin on the hip and a bag of popcorn]

WELL I think I can wrap this post here. It went from a 57° partly sunny morning to a coldddd 36° rainy night. Unfortunately, I dressed for school during that 58° temp, so when I finished practice in the pool and went to catch the bus with wet hair, a long sleeve shirt, and a light running jacket, I turned into this:

Only I can guarantee you this little toots had on way more layers than I did, and I didn’t look nearly as cute with my “cold face” on. Anyways, sob story over – I’m warm now. Enough complaining!

Man I hope this bone growth stimulator is working. When I sit for half an hour at any other time, it seems like no biggie. But when I’m doing it off my own schedule, it feels like a chore! Hhaha more complaining. I think I should go now.


p.s. you guys should help me come up with a nickname for this bad boy. Bone Growth Stimulator is a mouthful! And “the Stim” just sounds dirty… help!


9 Responses

  1. I love that someone submitted an apple as a fall favorite…so true!!

    I’ll be brainstorming a name for the Stim…

  2. Your making me hungry!!

    For your question on the wheat bran you could substitute any type of flour- whole wheat, white, soy, pretty much anything! Wheatbran is basically just like a really fiber-filled flour 🙂

  3. I’m so glad I’m the only one that took a picture of myself:(
    That bone thing looks fun, how often do you have to do that?

    • LOL no worries – that picture was so cute!

      I do “the stim” 30 minutes a day, every day, until the doctor says stop. the machine “dies” after 9 months.. so I guess that’s the upper limit.

  4. Is that hot chocolate I see? I was craaaaaving hot chocolate last night!
    That little kiddie picture is so ridic. Love it!
    Good luck with the bone growth stimulator – really hoping it works out for you!

  5. So….um….can you feel it????? Lmao. And I vote to name it “Barnaby” Not sure why. Just came to mind. And I soooo meant to enter your giveaway….but this whole teaching gig….takes up WAY too much time. I’m trying to get a bit of my blogging life back though!!!!!

  6. That wee boy in the pic is ridiculously cute!
    As for naming the BGS…how about ‘the beast’ LOL Im sure you are multi tasking those 30 mins each day 😉 Take Care

  7. wow that sucker is a big…hmmm a name…all I can think of is things from harry potter due to your original comment about that!

  8. I got an awesome package in the mail today. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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