the return of Friday Confessionals…

Friday alllready? That went fast! Well.. there are still 9 days to enter my giveaway, so no pressure. (Ok.. slight pressure. Your chances of winning are getting exponentially smaller with each day that passes. Which I am aware is completely mathematically incorrect.. but now I’m puttin the heat on..LOL)

Well, this is not the previously mentioned Injury Prevention/XT/goodness post that I promised. YET. It is about half way written, but I am going to a seminar thing this coming week regarding the underwater treadmill.. and I thought it would be a good idea to hold off so I can include some info about that!

Being the fantastic Friday that it is.. I thought it about right to bring back that little thing I used to call…

Friday Confessional.

I don’t know if I can say “bring back” if I only did it like once or twice .. but my main point is I would like to reinstate this lovely practice. Friday confessional is all about getting whatever you’ve got off of your chest.. being honest.. and being real. I’ll go first 😉

  1. I will admit that although I’ve come to the “acceptance” phase of this injury.. I still get b!tchy when I hear other people talk about running. So much so that the other day I legit saw someone running and thought “wow.. that’s a waste of running.” Hahha how terrible is that!! Sorry guys… =/
  2. I may or may not have gone through an entire bag of candy corn all by myself.. NO not in one day, and the bag isn’t gone yet..  but that’s a whooole lotta sugar for not a whole lotta person!
  3. I am already starting to look at a different place to live next year.. and we still have 7 months of our lease left.
  4. We took three spin bikes last weekend for our team to use.. didn’t know there was a spin class scheduled during that time. Apparently the class was full so I’m guessing 3 people got turned away. We didn’t know!!!
  5. Always need an odd number of things. I drank a Sobe Life Water while I was grocery shopping.. usually do that and pay for it at the register, which is totally allowed. Only I finished it before I finished shopping, tossed the bottle, and didn’t even think of it until I was in the car!

Alright bloggies.. your turn! I know we all get caught up in some naughty business every now and then. It’ll feel good to go into the weekend with a clean conscious.

Speaking of weekend – what are your plans? I am going to see The Hangover tonight with a kid from my team, and then tomorrow we have spinning in the am and I work in the afternoon. Sunday I am going on a “final outdoor ride” with a bunch of people. I hope the weather is really as warm as they say it will be!!

I’m supposed to be in class in 11 minutes… so I guess I better sign off! Have a great weekend!  Seee ya!

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4 Responses

  1. i promise i am sending you the recipe and photo soon! and i already linked to your blog 🙂

    sounds like a great weekend planned for you and here’s my confession: as much as i love precepting (first year advising), this year i dread it! like so hardcore. so i’ve been being passive aggressive and just not doing anything so my partners have to pick up the slack! oops!

  2. Soory to hear about the running woes, I would get mad/cranky too!
    I think you like candy corn! It happens to all of us, I do it with gummies…..whole bag:(

  3. Sorry about your frustrations…totally understandable…but think it could always be worse. There are some people out there who can’t run at all or in serious accidents and not sure of the future – so just be thankful for what you have.

    As for a confession…I have too many. But – well, I dread going into my job everyday and have been just doing what I ‘need to ‘ lately just to get by. I also leave early (alot) but still write in my normal hours on my time-sheets…I’m waiting for someone to figure that one out soon ….oops.

    Oh and candy corn…I went for ‘one’ chocolate last night and ate pretty much a pack of m&m’s and then pretty much a full hershey bar after it…why???

  4. An underwater treadmill?? How haven’t i heard of this yet??!! Cant wait for your words of wisdom!! 😉

    Ok, Im late with the ‘Friday’ confessional, but heres my Monday morning one….

    I forgot to let the hens out this morning…they didnt get out until i remembered at 9:30am by which time they totally threw themselves out their sleeping shed when i opened the door. I think they were crossing their legs waiting to go lay their eggs in their special places. Ooops – sorry hens!!!

    Happy Monday to you! Hope its a good one! Take Care x

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