First snowfall, sweet dreams, and giveaways galore!

Well helllloo bloggies (and non-bloggies sister mom dad roomie that I know are reading). On this MONDAY night I hope you all had a wonderful (or at least a step above terrible) start to your week!

Mondays and I have a love/hate relationship goin’ on. Love em’ because I have one of my favorite classes (Human Anatomy for Kinesiology majors), we get 4,000 yards done in the pool first thing in the morning, and there is $1 coffee at Caribou (which I actually no longer partake in now that I don’t drive to school.. but it definitely always made my day!), and Somer is the spin instructor on Monday nights she pretty much kick SASS. Hate em’ because it means there are still 4 days left of the work/school week, I have my least favorite (though easiest) class, I am reminded that I think I’m allergic to chlorine, and the fact that Monday’s come after Sunday – a day of which could not possibly be any better. (haha oh wow – how’s that for a throwback post?

This Monday is lookin’ pretty darn  good to me. I just got home from the gym where I got to sweat it out on the xrunner with my favorite gym buddy, got in a solid 10 min. core sesh, AND got through all my PT exercises for my glute muscles. And now, I write to you from the oversized-heaven-on-a-box-spring.


Please note all the necessary accessories in the photo:

  1. multiple sources of hydration (Sleepytime tea in huge green mug, earth friendly metal water bottle #1, not so earth friendly but free water bottle #2)
  2. the McMac. I can’t imagine ever going back to a PC now… ( ❤ iCal!! )
  3. the pain stick, also referred to as the roller of doom. Important enough that it warrants itself a spot in bed.
  4. new cell phone!!
  5. and the made-for-blogging-in-bed backrest pillow god I got from my godfather. Thank youuuu!

Nothing could make this look more appealing to me. Unless dinner were on a little TV tray next to me, but it’s cookin’ in the oven so that will have to wait. Oh… well maybe looking at it from this point of view…:


Grey’s. My dear Grey’s. (Please excuse the calfs that look exactly like drumsticks which is exactly why I am a vegetarian…) This dang TV that is in such a convenient location doesn’t even work!! Haha it plugs in.. but no TV. I got one of the federal coupons for getting a digital converter box, but I have no idea what I’m looking for at the store so I have been putting off going to get one. Not like I couldn’t just ask “Hi, my name is [blank]” at Target Boutique and be pointed in the right direction. Grey’s Anatomy is the ONE show that I’m dedicated to and still enjoy watching (except the news.. what a granny!) and I’m finally all caught up with this new season after being gone the last FOUR Thursday nights in a row. Honestly.. who plans team meetings on Thursday nights at 8:00? Don’t they know I have something important to do?! 😉 Hence #5 reason to dislike Mondays – THREE DAYS until Grey’s!

Anyways, I promise, there was a point to this post. Having to refer back to my title tells me I’ve gotten a little off track. Lo siento!


That would be the across-the-street view from my bus stop this morning. I think God knocked over his sugar bowl when he was making his cup o’ coffee this morning. I have no other way to describe 2.4″ on OCTOBER 12th. Jeeeez. We set a new record for snowfall today in the good ol’ MiniApple. Woooo. ?!

Sweet dreams? I had a dream the other night that I won a crazy blog giveaway. And I’m pretty sure this blog giveaway doesn’t even exist.. because at the end of the dream I ended up in the Natatorium with my tri team handing out muffins. Mmm yep. But there was a ton of sweet stuff in that dream that I WISH I was winning! If anyone wants to jot down what I dreamt I won, and then make a Sperly-just-for-you-Greatest-Giveaway-EVER.. let me know. 😉 Haha and I promise that wasn’t just a fakey-flakey way to segue into THIS, but now that I’m talking about giveaways…

Holy smokes! So many going on. First of all… I would really appreciate it if you all would enter MY FIRST GIVEAWAY! As of right now, I wouldn’t exactly call the competition for winning “steep.” And come onnnn kids.. I know who is reading my blog. I can see incoming links. The majority of you are either food bloggers who happen to run, or run bloggers who happen to very much enjoy food. Chances are you already have a photo posted of one of your favorite fall flavas, and you know the recipe off the top of your head. We don’t need to be talking Gourmet Magazine or anything here. And I may add that a certain variety of bars that a certain variety of [ALL OF] you happen to enjoy very much so was on sale this weekend at my lovely local grocery store. And that certain variety of goodness may have happened to make its way into my package of goodies. 🙂 Still plenty of time left to enter my giveaway, but it would reassure me on my first one if you did it sooner rather than later!

Hah.. now that I’m done begging… here are some other sweet thangs that are givin away sweet thangs:

OneFrugalFoodie and her DairyFree basket of deliciousness…

RunToTheFinish and the sickest (in a very good way) arm sleeves…

Miss Missy who’s Maintain’ away and her Silk goodness…

SeeJessRun and her eco cool bag…

The Experimentarian’s apple goodies galore…

RunToTheFinish goes gluten free with Gilbert’s…

Oh my lord I know there are how many more..? Looking at my history I can’t even keep track of where I’ve been.

The timer just went off on my delicious dinner bubbling away in the oven, so it is of utmost importance that I get to that, but I just wanted to touch base real quick on the injury front. I have been a VERY good girl with this no running business. Maybe a bitchy very good girl at times, but I have followed my orders. To turn the frown upside down here, there are several POSITIVE posts that I feel should be made regarding my injury, running injuries in general, and whathave you. Given that I have gone through this twice, as well as two other stress fractures in each fibula, I know some things about XT. I have also had a great medical team and coaches behind me all the way, insuring that I don’t eff up my injury even worse. If anyone is interested, I want to do a post about cross training for runners > injury prevention > core strength for runners > swim workouts > bike workouts > the whole deal. Would that be helpful to anyone or would I just be writing to myself here? Let me know what you are interested in learning about!

Let me know…

Enter my giveaway

Have a lovely evening!

Yours truly,


12 Responses

  1. Love your blog! 🙂

    Item #5 in your accessories photo looks so comfy! Do you happen to know where it was purchased? (I’ve been looking for something like that for years.)

    • It IS so comfy!! LOL I even bring it out on the couch with me to read. 🙂 It’s from Bed Bath & Beyond, but I got it two years ago at Christmas. I know they still carry things like that though!

  2. Snow. I can’t believe it. I’m in La Crosse Wisconsin, it was snowing all day but nothing stuck, my hometown in northern wisconsin though had a lovely white blanket of snow covering the ground. Outrageous. Time to bust out the running tights and ear band.
    I would love to read a post about injury prevention! I’ve had my share of injuries the past couple years and i’m finally healthy for the first time since my freshman year of college. It’s awesome! I would love any advice to stay healthy! Keeping sane during an injury was always the problem for me, it’s awesome how you keep your cool!
    Have a good week!

  3. Ooh please do that post topic- I would love to read ittt!

  4. WOW, you got snow already??? CRAZZZY! Man, I’d want to stay in bed too!

  5. ahhh not snow!! but wicked comfy looking bed — perfect for looking out into the snow

    • Haha.. actually from those windows, it would be perfect for looking in my neighbors living room. Which I have accidentally done before. Which I never ever need to do again. =/

  6. So true that we all learn a lot from getting injured and those would all be great posts!

    I missed grey’s last week and still need to get caught up for this week!

  7. Im sure you’ve got tons of great info, so any posts on injury prevention/ x-training would be fab! Always great to get more ideas etc
    Cant believe you had SNOW…i thought Scotland was bad!!!
    Gotta say, that is one crazy comfy lookin set up you got there girl!
    Take Care x

  8. i missed the first snowfall in minneapolis 😦 so sad – that is my FAVORITE. will email you back about the meet-up – just getting my schedule in order 🙂

    yay for giveaways!

  9. Hi, Just found your blog through “Kitchen of a Runner”…I used to read the RW’s forum back in the day and remember who you are!! You were having hip problems right?? Did you end up having surgery? Are you back to running? I think you were in Boston at the time…haha maybe I have you mixed up with someone else! I enjoyed reading those forums and reading about other’s running, but it got a little overwhelming @ times.
    Anyways, I just started my own blog – and love it!! – but sooo much to learn and time-consuming…if only I could make some money off of it, I’d do it for a living :). I could probably be more productive with my time…but now who am I kidding??
    I will for sure enter your giveaway.
    Check out my site if you have time and add it to your roll – I ask tons of questions about running (or food!)…and would love to hear from others 🙂 (Plus, I hope to do a ‘give-a-way’ soon – I’m from Canada, so I’m thinking I may find some Canadian only products !)

  10. Hey girl! Thanks for the link back! I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment on my blog 🙂 I will check out your giveaway for sure! xoxo

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