A fun filled day at the hospital

Well, in short, I will just tell you guys that I had a fun filled day at the hospital. I didn’t want to bring it up earlier on the blog because I already feel like I’m getting all this “sympathy” here at home.. and honestly sometimes it’s just hard to take.

(University of MN Fairview Hospital. photo credit!)

Don’t get me wrong – I am so thankful for my support network: my family, my friends, my teammates, here on the blog.. you guys are all amazing. I think I struggle with even talking about my hip/health problems because that means I’m admitting that there is something wrong there, and that potentially it could be a big deal.

But anyways, yep – the hip. Again. MAYBE. 

I have been experiencing some discomfort/pain/feelings that I know shouldn’t really be there for about a month now. I have an amazing doctor who is the chairman of the sports medicine department at University of Minnesota Fairview. He is also the physician for all of our athletes, and I definitely know I am in good hands. On Tuesday I had xrays done, which were basically inconclusive. Good news is my pins are all still in place… for a while I got myself thinking “what if they’re poking through the other side of the bone!?!”

Today I had lab work at 1:00, injections at 2:00, part 1 of a bone scan at 2:10, a ct scan at 2:40, and part 2 of the bone scan at 4:00. That was all I was scheduled for today, but they could see some “abnormal activity” in the bone scan, so then I went in for a combo PET/CT scan. It was actually really relaxing.. I fell asleep on the table! My only battle wound for the day are a blown vein in my left arm, and a huge blood pool under the surface of the skin on my left hand. I can’t blame them… I have some tiny freaking veins. 

My doctor wanted another doctor to read the scans.. and he said he’d call me within 48 hours, so hopefully then I will have a better idea of what is going on. My plan is to still run Twin Cities Marathon, although ultimately if I’m putting myself at risk of needing another surgery or fracturing something again, I will listen to the advice of my doctor for sure.

Anyways.. just wanted to keep you guys in the loop. I don’t like feeling like I’m hiding something! And as much as the “sympathy” is something that is hard for me to deal with, I am not too big to ask for prayers and thoughts. I really appreciate all the support I have found in you guys in the past, and I know it’ll be there in the future.

I’m off for a quick ride with some of the team.. will be good to clear my head. Be back soon!



7 Responses

  1. definitely sending good vibes your way! hope everything turns out a-okay!

  2. Ugh. All I’m going to say is that I hope it’s nothing serious and can get back out there, Sperly!

  3. wow I had no idea you had these issues. your in great hands at the U of M, don’t push yourself too hard though:)

  4. I hope everything comes back a-okay, but if it doesn’t…at least you have cross training mastered! Nothing is quite like running, but at least getting into tris gives you something else to focus on.

  5. I know this is gonna be a hard 48hours for you. My thoughts and prayers are most definitely with you. I know that no matter what, you will fight through this as you have with every other obsticle that has been put in your path. You are strong inside girl and we are all here right behind you. Take Care x

  6. trying not to be sympathetic in how I write this…damn hope you find out something soon… how was that 🙂

  7. hi!!! yes I’m back, for now! hehe! I’m SOOOOO sorry to hear about your recent obstacle and time spent in the dang hospital. BUT you are SUPER tough and will be able to pull through this! I hope the Dr.’s find nothing but good news, and that you recover fast, I’m praying for you for sure girlie!!! I hope your having a great weekend regardless of the darn injury!!! xoxo!

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