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I’m not sayin’ its an excuse for going AWOL on you guys, but I just wanted some proof to back me up – this chick has been BUSY. My last post was over a week ago, and the days have just been going by so dang fast! In addition to anything on the ToDo list, I’ve had class, training, we had a yard sale this weekend, work, and work #2. Luckily, my trusty iCal has helped keep me on top of the game.

iCal — Week — 9_13_09 to 9_19_09

Like I said.. no excuses though. 😉

So anyways, now that the school year is underway, I wanted to share with you guys my schedule, and how I fit running/training into that. I have talked to some med students here that I know are runners, or people who are in residencies, and asked them the same thing. Not gonna lie – sometimes it scares me to think I could find myself already in scrubs at 5:00am, working all day, studying, and before I know it it’s 11:00pm. I think of that and the image that comes up in my mind is this blood-shot med student (OOOMG. Do not go type that into flickr.) decked in scrubs, falling asleep over a text book. Well, I don’t have to worry about that yet because I’m still working on undergrad, and then oh yeah – I still have to get in to med school! Haha.. I’ll worry about it when the time comes. So without further ado, here is my current class schedule:

class schedule

Every semester up until this point I have alway had a 3 day weekend – either Monday or Friday off. Honestly though, I feel like this is the BEST schedule I have ever had, and especially for training purposes. Because that’s why I’m going to school.. to train.. right? 😉 If you can’t see.. my earliest class starts at 11:15 M/T/W/TH, and I don’t start until 1:25 on F. I’m done with class at 3:25 M/W/TH/F, and done by 12:30 on T!! I also have two nice little breaks on M and TH in between classes. Wednesdays are my packed day,  but honestly, it’s still not that bad. These are the classes I’m taking this semester:
  • KIN 3001 – Lifetime Fitness and Health
  • KIN 3027 – Anatomy for Kinesiology students
  • KIN 3027 – Lab.. we’re working on cadavers!! 
  • WRIT 1301 – College writing. Which I somehow thought I could test out of, so never took it as a freshman. I am definitely the only JUNIOR in that class. 😯 . It’s kinda cute though.. it makes me think back to when I was a freshman. I’m sure I have said some of the dumb shit funny stuff they say. 😉
  • MATH 1151 – Precalc II. Also definitely one of the oldest kids in this class.. mostly freshman, some sophomores. A couple seniors so at least I’m not the oldest! I feel NO shame though. I haven’t taken any math class since my junior year in HIGH SCHOOL.. and that was Pre-calc. So basically I’m retaking the same class I took 4 years ago. While lots of stuff is starting to come back to me, I am definitely appreciative of the review.
So that is my CLASS schedule. Here is what that same week looks like with training built in:
class schedule
This is this past week – a 54 mile week in terms of running, got in two 3500 yard days in the pool, some biking, some Arc Trainer’n, some core, and some light lifting. As you can see, I tend to load my workouts in the morning because a) I have time to, and b) I am a morning person. I really try and maximize the time I have available – sometimes I can get in a run during my break on M or TH, and yes, I am definitely a kid who eats in class. Hahha there are rules to in-class-eating that I try to abide by (nothing too crunchy, nothing that despite how good it tastes smells nasty), but that is a post in and of itself! It has been really nice to have other kids from my tri team to train with – especially in the pool. It’s also super nice that on the days I bike to school, I can get half my workout done just commuting! It’s a half hour each way which is perfect! I still do “run club” with my guys group.. haha Team MED – anyone remember? .. every Tuesday night at 6:00. It has been our little tradition for a long time now. I can’t believe I’ve been running with these guys for three years! 
So then what about school? Because that IS what I am here to do. As much as I joke around about it, school is my number one priority. Scary as it may be to think about not getting to do what I want to do when I hit med school.. or even now.. I just gotta suck it up! There are days when I have had to just say forget it – you’re not getting a run in today. As much as my running (and now, slowly but surely, my biking and swimming) is my one grounding element in my life, there are times when you have to sacrifice and make adjustments. This has been a good challenge for me and my type A++ self – learning to accommodate! Maybe I don’t have time for the 8 miles that I wanted, but I can still fit in 5 – then I can still do the 5! I come from a very black and white/all or none mind set.. and this is good practice for getting ready for real life, when you don’t always get to be the one in charge. 😉
In addition to my class/training schedule, I am also still working two jobs. Only weekends at the restaurant now though, and definitely manageable hours. I still need that cash flowin’ in! 
What is your schedule like? Are you a student, or have you hit that real-life working world. How do you fit in your training? Do you have any tips to share? Bonus points if you’re a med student and you put in your answer – I’d love to hear it!
I’m off for a ride with two of the guys from the team.. and then working dinner! Like I said – super manageable hours. Now that it’s after Labor Day, we close at 7:30, so I’m almost always home by 9:00. As you can see below.. today I’m still reppin’ for the Huskies Tri Team! 
Photo 18
Have a good one!

7 Responses

  1. wow you ar eone busy girl and I didn’t know you were trying to get into med school! Sounds like you are an achiever, great to see you still fit in exercise!
    I have a lot of people ask me that all the time too and I tell them how easy it is through scheduling and love of running!
    Have another great week!

  2. sounds like youre just as busy as me! not a med student (yet) but i fit training in by doing it at 530 or 6 in the morning. i think the best “tip” is to stay really busy. it’s honestly so much easier to get everything done knowing that you have a job at x time and a meeting at y time etc. (at least for me — i’m also super type-A too)

    and i know what you mean about being the oldest kid in a class of freshmen. i decided last year to start taking spanish and both last year and this year, and it’s definitely all froshie! i feel so weird being, not only the oldest, but a senior haha

  3. HUSKIES 🙂 your schedule does look crazy busy!! it’s looks like you’re super organized though…keep up the craziness is my motto with school and training, I just started post-grad and interning in the hospital and I have found that running in the morning actually energies me/clears my brain for the day. But I haven’t done any runs over 8-miles before class and interning days, i’m afraid if I do that ill be the one in the hospital bed! Hope your having a great weekend!!

  4. Sounds like you have a good grasp on your schedule. Even when it gets really busy and stressful it’ll be okay since you know what to expect.

  5. Your schedule doesn’t look too crazy until you add in all that training! Busy, busy girl! In college, I usually took 18 credits/semester and was in the marching band and pep band all four years. I didn’t run nearly as much as I do now, but marching band eats up A LOT of time. Eight hours of rehearsal per week, plus all day Saturday if there’s a football game! But I loved it…definitely required some planning, but with college, you squeeze it all in. You have time between classes and you can set your own study schedule. The flexibility of college is quite nice.

    Let me just say that the real world is CRAZY. No wonder American is so sedentary. When I commuted to nursing school, my trip (one way) was anywhere from 1-1.5 HOURS. That’s a lot time to be spent commuting, and plenty of people were with me on the train on a daily basis. I didn’t have kids (or much responsibility at all…love living with mom and dad!), so I can only imagine what it would be like to have to go home and be in parent-mode. Kind of knocks out time for exercise. I’m lucky in that I work evening shift and have a 10-15 minute commute. I run in the morning (as long as I don’t sleep in too late…only a problem with really long runs), so it’s easy to squeeze in and I can’t complain about a long day at work! (Well…sometimes I still wake up tired.) I think the key is that you’ll make it work if you make it a priority. There is always someone busier than you, which I think people forget!

    Okay, this is the longest comment ever, but I wanted to say that I your (first three) classes sound so interesting! I’m finding that I’m really more interested in preventative health versus fixing the problem after it is too late, so anything called “Lifetime Fitness and Health” sounds awesome. Not to discourage you, but I would definitely recommend talking to residents/doctors and shadowing them if possible before you take the leap into medical school. I wanted to be a doctor up until my sophomore year of college, when I was like, “Wait, maybe not.” My family doctor always wished that he never became an MD because it wasn’t at all what he thought it would be, and he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Knowing what I know now (especially working in the hospital), I’m really glad I didn’t go down the path, even though I look at all my med school friends (there are a lot of them) and kind of feel like I’m not “living up” to their standards. (Silly, right?) But anyway, the point is to be fully informed. If you want to be a doctor, I’m not going to stop you, but make sure you get all the info…it’s a hard hole to dig yourself out of if you get in too deep. Just my personal opinion. 🙂

  6. You sure are a busy wee bee! Just remember to breathe 😉
    Im a great believer in maximising what time is available by multitasking…when at uni this meant that all my class reading was done whilst crosstraining and all audio lectures were listened to whilst travelling etc.
    Keep up the good work and take care x

  7. p.s. (hope this works!) i saw this and thought of you…

    (((((_)/ (_)

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