Victory Memorial 10K & 5K Race Report

Well… I said I was racing a lot this year, and I wasn’t lyin’! On Labor day I did not one, but two races – the Victory Memorial 10K and 5K – ohhh yes – enter the double headers. This was not your run of the mill lil race – there was some SERIOUS runnin’ going on. Lots of very. competitive. runners. Luckily though, not so many in my age group.

But looking at the results only proves my birthday fear – I will not be so highly ranked once I move up into the next age group! Check out the RESULTS and you’ll see what I mean! For the 10K WOMEN, the top time in the age group ahead of me (20-24) was a freaking amazing finish by Amy Lyons with a time of 36:31. That’s a 5:53 average pace!! Annnd.. look just down a little and there is a new Minnesota record – a 41:12 (6:38 avg) for a 55 year old!! She finished 3 places ahead of me, and MAN was she looking strong! 

So my race: I ran the 10K in 41:33 (6:41 avg pace), which was good enough to get me 20th overall, and 1st in my age group! I won’t even tell you about the 5K, because race it – I did not. I was under the impression that the 10K awards were after the 5K, so I thought WTH, I’ll do the 5K as a cool down. It was only 5 extra bucks for the double header, so I paid, got a 2nd number, and hopped to it! I was running with two other ladies from  one of my training groups who had also run the 10K, and were were running pretty easy. Then at mile  2.5, Jackie reminded me that there was a prize for best overall combined time for anyone doubling that day, and she suggested I go for it. So with only half a mile left, I kicked it up a bit and ran in with an average of 7:20. Unfortunately, I wasn’t elligible for the double-header category since I wasn’t preregistered for both. But apparently there were no 19 and under females running the 5K faster than I did, because I took that age group too!


getting my gift certificates!

OK.. enough about races – I’m going to give you the whole shebang in photos, and get to homework! I have two posts that I really want to get out, but I thought I better post this before it’s like a month later!


The rest of team MED (which is now MED-B) also ran the 10K!

The rest of team MED (which is now MED-B) also ran the 10K!


Gettin' pumped

Gettin' pumped pre-10K

Stretchin out the muscles pre-5K

Stretchin out the muscles pre-5K


Two of the ladies and I.. oh J, sorry ;)

Two of the ladies and I.. oh J, sorry 😉

Bringin in the 5K

Bringin in the 5K

And that is that my friends! I honestly had no expectations going into this race.. I legit went to bed at 1:15 because I was hanging out with the guys downstairs, and I woke up at 6:00. But hey – adversity training, right? 

No more races (that I know of!) until TWIN CITIES MARATHON which is only 24 days away! I have my last 20 miler this Saturday which I’m super pumped for, and then I belllieve I’m headed up to watch/cheer/volunteer at the Square Lake Triathlon. Several of my TEAMMATES are competing in the half course! More on that to come…

And one quick word – SCHOOOOL. ?!?! Ahhh! Back at it. I am having some class scheduling/changing/dropping/switching difficulties ATM, but other than that, good stuff. Feels great to be back!

Love you all, and see you soon.


p.s. I feel like cookies would be a very very good pre/post run fuel! And perfect for being on the go at school!


10 Responses

  1. great to see you running again! it must have been so hard when you were out of running for those short months at school! u rock girlie


  2. Great job on 2 races in one day! Your 10k time is awesome, my gratest was 47 minutes so I need to be more motivated and get lower!
    Hope school is going good for you and good luck on more upcoming races!

  3. You’re such a speedster! Awesome job winning your age group…and 20th overall to boot! No complaints about that one.

    Good luck with classes…I hope you enjoy them before all the crazy stuff hits. School is always super fun until you realize all the tests and projects you have!

  4. Just awesome! Well Done!!! Mind you…as if i expected any less from you 😉
    Lovin all the pics…you look like such a pro 😀
    Hope you get the school stuff sorted and Im glad to hear you’re enjoyin bein back at it 😀
    Take Care x

  5. wow you are so speedy! you are a bamf.

    the school stuff will get sorted out, it always does. regardless, isn’t it such a great feeling to be back in the swing of things?

  6. fun!!! way to go 🙂 i’ve never thought to do a double header, but that would be a neat new milestone!!!!

    good luck at your marathon!!! talk to me about taper– what are your suggestions? i’ve heard two weeks out do about 15 for a long run and then one week out do 11. keep the midweek miles the same-ish but slower perhaps. thoughts?

  7. Congrats, Sperly! I’ve always wanted to do a double header, but I only know of one that’s not even in my state. Awesome stuff with the age group awards!

    Just a question, where do you get your shirts and shorts from? I have a difficult time finding running stuff, coupled with the fact that I dislike shopping.

  8. Thanks for saying my finish was “freaking amazing” :)! I have run a 33:53 on that course in the past, so my time this year was quite a bit slower.
    But I do believe Jen Houck beat me this year and came in first- she is amazing as well.
    Nice job running the double header :)!

  9. […] about it), but I have not raced since the Victory Memorial 10K/5K double header back in September (RACE REPORT!), AND this is a distance I’ve never raced before! It should be an interesting race to say the […]

  10. […] it wasn’t, because I knew I wanted to [attempt to] go fast. My last race before the GL7K was the Victory Memorial 10K/5K… in September. And then I found out I fractured my femoral neck… again… right before Twin […]

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