Returning to Reality

I want to get the rest of my Philly trip posted, because I literally have like FIVE posts that I want to do (some of them I already have written!) but they’re all backing up! Plus, I have some special events coming up this weekend (St. Croix Valley Tri, Victory Memorial 10K) that I’m sure are going to get some photo action…

So without further delay, here is the wrap up post to my Philadelphia trip – written on the air plain to Minneapolis! I did it in iWeb when I still had hopes of a iWeb/Wordpress marriage. No such luck. Thank you who ever invented Copy -> Paste.

Well my friends, my trip to the City of Brotherly Love has come to an end. I currently sitting on one of the smallest planes I have ever ridden on [edit edit] and I am ready to be home. 


Highlights of my trip:

DAD! I don’t need to say much more than that

Getting to see my sister and her husband on Saturday

A 15 mile run on Sunday along the Schulkyll River, el padre en tow on bike

A trip to REI where I got a nice tri top and some wind proof biking gloves (on sale!!)

Picnic dinners/lunches out on the river

A 6 mile run in the monsoon rain on Saturday

Getting to see where my dad lives, works, and has his new life in Philly


Here are some photos of our [way too short] trip:



el padre y yo after my/our 15 miler on the Schuylkill River


downtown Philly skyline – pretty! 


Dinner at Marathon Grill (v. good!) followed by a reallly good Gelato place! 


It was a good food night. I was happy! 🙂

What’s in store when I get back:

Work – jobs #1 & #2

Getting books

St. Croix Valley tri on Saturday

Victory Memorial 10K on Monday

School starts Tuesday

Sleep?! Please!?


More to come later peeps. Seeeya.


5 Responses

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend in review! The path that runs along the Schuylkill comes up close to where I live…I plan to bike to Philly at some point! (I’d say run…but I’d have to figure out how to get back home…at least I could bike there and back!)

    Busy times are ahead! Enjoy your races this weekend.

  2. So cool that you did your 15 miler with your dad on bike 😀 Sounds like an ace trip and lots of exciting things coming up very soon too!!! Take Care and good luck racing this weekend x

  3. awesome that your dad will bike while you run! wicked sweet trip! now go get some sleep 🙂

  4. fun times! I like how your dad biked with you as you ran. gelato! ❤

  5. I love running when someone is biking next to me, makes it go by faster!
    My brother is a sophmore moving into Comstock tomorrow!
    Mono is still there so rest is needed but with school it’s harder for him, so we’ll see if he can juggle it all!

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