Philadelphia Cream Cheese

[EDIT: I wrote this in the airport before flying to Philly on Friday afternoon. Since the dang iWeb doesn’t have it’s act together and can’t play nice with wordpress.. I’m just copy/pasting it here! More Philly recap to come!]


Is that something you had growing up? We always had Bruegger’s cream cheese. Ohhh man. Bruegger’s Bagels. So good. 


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Honestly.. what is better than a huge doughy hot bagel? And the SQUARE ones!! AAAAAH. When I was a kid all I would ever get was a plain bagel and garden veggie cream cheese. Every. Damn. Time. Since that age, I have greatly expanded my bagel and topping repertoire. But I still stand by Bruegger’s and say that they have the best bagels and cream cheese out there. Try it!!


So should this photo be of a bagel? Wait no. My initial point here was Philadelphia, which is where I am so [im]patiently waiting to get to. Who/what is so important in Philadelphia? That, my friend, has a simple answer: my dad! He moved there in December of 2008 for work. He had always planned on leaving Minnesota, but Philly probably would not have been the destination city were his job not headquartered there (is headquartered a word?). He is definitely a warm-weathered duckling (wow. I just referred to my father as a duckling. I need that Starbucks now) and I know he was planning on moving somewhere much warmer than Philadelphia. Sure, it’s a step up from Minnesota, but not by much.


So no.. no photo of a bagel. This is what it’s all about:




I have never been to Philly before, so I have no real expectations of what we are going to do, but whatever it turns out to be, it’s worth it! I probably wont see my dad again till some time after Christmas. Luckily that will be a nice break from my ridiculously-long-winter-break. Seven weeks? Really? What the frack am I supposed to do in the middle of winter in Minnesota for SEVEN weeks!? Go spear fishing out on Lake Harriet? Freeze a pond in my front yard? Sell homemade snow cones out on the corner? (I was only partly kidding about that spear fishing part.. I actually have done that with Gramps up at their house in small-town MN.)


Anyways, it will be a much welcomed trip. Maybe I can convince him that we should take a warm weather getaway somewhere! I had that idea like two days ago, and now I can’t get it out of my head! Aright.. I’m rambling now. I just want to get on the plane and be in Philadelphia. Seeee ya.


[EDIT: I think I wrote this before I found out I had a 3+ (read: 4) hour delay? I didn’t mention it.. so I’m guessing I didn’t know yet. Um, yeah. It was a LONG delay. Did I ever mention I’m not very good with patience? 😉 ]


5 Responses

  1. awe i just love those tattoos!


  2. Ha i used to eat philadelphia when i was little, but as im not a bagel fan (!!!) mine was used as a dip with breadsticks 😀 Delays suck esp. when you’re so anxious to get somewhere goood!!! Excited to hear what you got up to with your dad 😀 Take care x

  3. brueggers = amazing but here DD is taking over! it’s getting really hard (for me at least) to find one. boo!

    and i still think those tattoos are amazing and so original!

  4. I live in Philly and I love it 🙂 We may not have the best bagels, but we have very good soft pretzels!!


  5. I’m still learning about Philly food…I miss the gloriousness of Chicago pizza, however!

    A warm weather get away is a DEFINITE necessity. I went on a cruise in January in the midst of a crazy Chicago winter, and it was so awesome. I appreciated the warmth so much more, and it made it a little easier to push through the final months of winter.

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