need some McMac help!

Reporting from Philly here:


Yo – if anyone uses iWeb on their mac to write their wordpress blog, and knows how to do the whole FTP deal to publish it, PLEASE enlighten me! I am not sure if I’m putting the wrong thing in for “host” or what.. but it’s not connecting. (I’m using FileZilla btw.) And even if I could connect it.. I wouldn’t know where to go from there! I’m really hoping I can work it out because I really like the layout I came up with, and I wrote two great posts while here in Philly! Anyone can help.. let me know!

Back to the miniapple tomorrow! Peace up! (A town down! ahhaha)



2 Responses

  1. sorry i can’t be of any help with the technology. However, I am soooo uber-impressed by your race sched. you go girl!

  2. Wish i could help but i dont have a scoobie 😦 I’ll just have to wait (im)patiently! 😉 Tkae Care x

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