Just the two of us…

Just the two of us we can make it if we try
Just the two of us just the two of us
Just the two of us building castles in the sky
Just the two of us you and I

         -Will Smith

So you all know Gomer… 

Let me introduce you to the QRoo:


A 2008 (I think?) Quintana Roo Kilo.. which I am from here forth calling Rilo. So creative. I know.

Let me tell you though.. these guys know their stuff. I’ve been contemplating buying a Quintana Roo wetsuit.. but man!! This is an expensive sport I’m tryna get into here. It’s not like you can get a wetsuit at Target.. (but God knows I lovvve my C9)

Miss Jenni doesn’t even have the slightest clue how happy she made me when she sold me this bike. I won’t tell you how much it retails for, or how much (or not much!!!!) I had to pay for it, but I can safely say that Jenni made my week month YEAR! THANK YOU JENNI! Please be watching your mail box!

I found this website with way more information than I needed to know, but it’s pretty damn cool. Because Rilo is pretty damn cool. Because OH MY GOD I want to just go ride it now!!

I’m going in tomorrow to my bike shop to get it fitted properly and pick up the cleats for my shoes. But you can bet your blisters that me and Rilo will be spending some good QT tomorrow! It’s supposed to rain.. but it can’t rain all day.. right? Wednesdays are my one day off at Job1 (the restaurant), so I only have to put in a couple hours at Job2 in the afternoon and then I’m done!

Tomorrow’s ToDos:

  1. run with kid from tri team
  2. bike fitting
  3. job2
  4. ride many many miles 🙂
  5. pack/grocery shop for RAGNAR!!
  6. dinner with the madre

Newwws time. You know you’re a runner when: you stay up just to watch the weather.



9 Responses

  1. i love to do’s!!!!! 🙂 have a great day- sounds busy 🙂

  2. ohhh i want a new bike sooo bad…this baber is totes making me jealous!

  3. I know nothing about bikes, but it certainly is a pretty color!

  4. I still haven’t made it on the biking bandwagon..cars scare me and I’m too lazy to drive to a trail, but I do know that my friends with their road bikes are in heaven

  5. Yep…we must be neighbors! I work right by Calhoun in Uptown. Spot on! Do you live/work there?

    Hurray for the new bike – so exciting! I love my bike as if it were a pet. Seriously though.

  6. HAHA I was going to get up early to run today and when I heard the thunder and rain I knew running wasn’t going to happen!
    Whenever I’m at work and see the rain outside (like today) I get sad about not being about to run!

  7. OMG HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am emailing you. MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Awesome! My wife just bought a new bike, and even that was exciting for me. Something about bringing home all that expensive stuff…

    I just read your recap in your previous post. My marathon (where I’m trying to BQ) is the same day. Have you seen the blog Westford Mommy? She’s also running the Twin Cities.

    It sounds like you and I are very similar in terms of running ability, and I think it’s awesome that you still have high hopes for this race even with all that has happened. That’s incredible! Good luck with the last 7 weeks!

  9. […] a lot of time into that instead of writing up the dang recap! I leave you with photo of me n’ Rilo – my mom and I were getting a little carried away with sports mode on her camera I’m […]

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