I’m off to see the wizard! The wonderful wizard of…

Hahah TOO much. I kill myself sometimes.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I promise I really am bringing this back.. I’m just trying to decide how I want to go about it and the direction I want to take this blog. My title – RunRoamRecycle – still fits me well, but there is also quite a bit more that my life encoumpasses, as well as there have been some big/exciting changes since I last posted in Boston!

I am off to go see Harry Potter 6. I leave you with a photo from the Green Lake Triathlon finish last weekend, and a promise to return!

From Minneapolis, out on the Lake. šŸ™‚

Rocky after first haircut 225


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  1. congrats! glad to see you are up and about šŸ™‚ a tri????? looking forward to hearing all about it!!!

    the 10-day cycle is awesome~! in bart yasso’s book My Life on the Run he has a whole bunch of schedules for you if you want them. plus the book itself is just really good, great read. i wrote out the 5k/10k , half, and marathon schedules for intermediate runners on my blog, just do a search and it should come up šŸ™‚ there’s also hardcore runner options!! there are 3 10-day cycles and then a 10-day taper. for a marathon it’s a 20 day taper. i’m running my first marathon on oct 18 so i’ll be jumping into his marathon schedule as soon as i run the NYC half this sunday!!!!!!!!!!

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