need some McMac help!

Reporting from Philly here:


Yo – if anyone uses iWeb on their mac to write their wordpress blog, and knows how to do the whole FTP deal to publish it, PLEASE enlighten me! I am not sure if I’m putting the wrong thing in for “host” or what.. but it’s not connecting. (I’m using FileZilla btw.) And even if I could connect it.. I wouldn’t know where to go from there! I’m really hoping I can work it out because I really like the layout I came up with, and I wrote two great posts while here in Philly! Anyone can help.. let me know!

Back to the miniapple tomorrow! Peace up! (A town down! ahhaha)


Land of the Cheesesteak

Hello hello mis amigos. I am writing a quick “tide over” post before I head off to the airport. I am going to PHILADELPHIA to see my dad! He moved there in December.. and I haven’t been out to see him there yet. I have actually never even been to Philadelphia before! Been to Pennsylvania, but not the city of brotherly love. ūüôā (Is that the right phrase.. or am I completely making that up?)

Quick running update:

I am currently alternating between coffee, Powerade, and water. I did my third 20+ miler of this “season” (haha.. I never know what to refer to it as! This Twin-Cities-training? This period? Season works for me), and it felt fine. I ran it way slower than I did my last 20 miler because that is just the pace of the group I was with, and their company is worth way more to me than proving I can run sub 8s for a long training run. I ran into this situation two years ago when I was training for Med City – running with a group that is slower than my pace – but I seemed to do just fine when I ran a 3:19, so hopefully that trend will carry through!

My upcoming schedule for running/racing looks a little like this:

  • September 5th – St. Croix Valley Triathlon
  • September 12th – the Capitol Run – 20+ mile training run
  • September 20th – October 4th – Taper time
  • October 4th – Twin Cities Marathon!
  • October (3oth or 23rd?) – Monster Dash Half Marathon
  • November XX – Turkey Trot 5K
  • January XX – Winter Carnival Frozen Half Marathon
  • April XX – Boston 2010

I don’t know what other little races will pop in there.. but I usually do a few 5Ks just for fun (like the Turkey Trot! I think there’s a Jingle Bell 5K too…) so we’ll see. I also need to look at my budget because I’ve spent more this year on races than I have on the past. I don’t know that I’ve necessarily raced more, ¬†but they have definitely been more expensive races. Especially with triathlons – that is not a cheep sport! Luckily, I’ve found ways to cut costs here and there (carpooling, sharing hotels, discounted bike shoes, etc.) but that is a whole ‘nother future post! ūüôā

I promise – my Ragnar Post will be published soon! I made a photobook of the whole event.. so I’ve been putting a lot of time into that instead of writing up the dang recap! I leave you with photo of me n’ Rilo – my mom and I were getting a little carried away with sports mode on her camera ūüôā I’m bringin’ the McMac along to Philly, so maybe I’ll get a post up while I’m there! Otherwise, catch you when I get back!




Ragnar Relay Packing List

I’m not quite ready to post my Ragnar race recap just yet, but I can say WOW it was so much fun! I am 50% exhausted and 50% still pumped! We are already planning next year’s race. In the mean time… I’ll leave you with this:


When I was trying to think of everything I needed to bring along for the Ragnar Relay.. I felt like I kept forgetting things, or thinking of new things! The whole trip I found myself saying, “I wish I would have thought of that!” I had searched on Ragnar’s site for a “packing list”, but all I came up with were some suggestions of a few food items, and the mandatory items you needed to run (reflective vest, headlamps, etc.)


I’m putting this list up so that if anyone else is googling trying to find a Ragnar packing list, they might stumble upon this and I can be of help! Of course not all of these things are necessary, and some of them are just personal preference items that I wanted to have along, but at least it’s a good place to start!



  • Running top (3 – one for each leg)
  • Running shorts (3 – one for each leg)
  • Socks (3 pairs)
  • Shoes (I recommend 2 pairs in case it is raining during one of your legs)
  • Sports bras (3)
  • COMFY CLOTHES (to wear in between legs)
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweatpants
  • T-shirt
  • Flip flops
  • Hat/visor
  • Running belt
  • Jacket or windbreaker



  • Baby wipes
  • Deodorant
  • IcyHot
  • Ibuprofin
  • Inhaler (if you have asthma)
  • Contact case / solution / glasses (if you wear them)
  • Hair brush (hair gets super tangled in the humidity)
  • Bandaids
  • TUMS
  • Toothpaste / toothbrush (your teeth start to feel furry after all that Gatorade)
  • Shampoo / soap (several of the major exchanges have OUTDOOR showers. Read: cold)


  • Garmin/watch
  • Cell phone
  • RACE BIBLE (at least 2 copies – one per van)
  • Reflective vests (2+ – Mandatory. At least one per van, but they get sweaty – I would bring your own)
  • Head lamps (2+ – see above)
  • Flashers for back side (2+ – see above)
  • Camera & batteries
  • iPod
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Pillow (though you’re not going to be getting much sleep!)¬†
  • Ear plugs (see above)
  • Money
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE (see below)
  • Swiss army knife
  • First aid kit
  • Towel
  • Glow sticks
  • Sidewalk chalk (to write on the road ahead of your runners.. it’s so fun to see a message to kick a$$ when you’re dying on mile 7 trying to peak the hill!)
  • Book / magazine (I brought them.. but honestly you’re having too much fun with your team to have time to read)
  • Walkie Talkies (if you want em’… cell phone coverage is spotty)
  • Cooler
  • Sharpie (I wanted it.. I feel like it’s always a good thing to have along!)
  • Window paint markers (for your van)
  • Safety pins (for pinning on numbers.. taking care of blisters.. you get the picture)



my lovely artwork



  • Water bottles (bring more than you think you’ll need. You’ll need them.)
  • Gatorade or Powerade
  • Bananas
  • Bagels
  • Peanut butter
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Bars (clif/power/granola/etc.)
  • Gu/Sports beans/Shot Blocks/etc.
  • Raisinettes
  • Cereal
  • String cheese
  • Crackers
  • Gum
  • Trail mix
  • Pretzels
  • COFFEE (you don’t need to have it with you, but if you are one of those people who need coffee to keep going, make sure you have a plan of where you will get it!)


the goodie bag

the goodie bag



Like I said, some of these things are just things I wanted to have along for personal comfort. You obviously don’t need¬†chalk to write on the road, but it is something I wish I had brought along when I saw “Kick It In!!” written on the road ahead of me!¬†

I’m off to bed mis amigos. I started my first leg at like 3:00 yesterday afternoon, ran somewhere around midnight, and finished my last leg at like 9:00 this morning (Saturday). There were probably about 3 hours of sporadic sleep thrown in there.. and as far as I’m concerned, it feels like its already Tuesday.¬†

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Ragnar Relay – Great River 2009 – prerace!

Want to get this up super fast.. intended on actually posting about it before I left, but you know how that goes! 

Tomorrow at 7am I’m off to go relay it up from WI to MN – the Ragnar Great River Relay! (Actually.. it is starting in Winona MN this year due to some construction or something, crossing over to WI, and then ending in Minneapolis.) We’re a regular 12 person team.. no ultras here this year! I’m super excited but to be honest the logistics of the whole thing are kinda stressing me out. Either way, I know it will be a ton of fun! I have enough food to feed an army (of one.. ME!), 3 sets of running clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, my camera, 8 batteries and 2 flash cards, and a crapload more!¬†

I promise many many photos and a full recap when I get back! Have a great weekend everyone!


Just the two of us…

Just the two of us we can make it if we try
Just the two of us just the two of us
Just the two of us building castles in the sky
Just the two of us you and I

         -Will Smith

So you all know Gomer…¬†

Let me introduce you to the QRoo:


A 2008 (I think?) Quintana Roo Kilo.. which I am from here forth calling Rilo. So creative. I know.

Let me tell you though.. these guys know their stuff. I’ve been contemplating buying a Quintana Roo wetsuit.. but man!! This is an expensive sport I’m tryna get into here. It’s not like you can get a wetsuit at Target.. (but God knows I lovvve my C9)

Miss Jenni doesn’t even have the slightest clue how happy she made me when she sold me this bike. I won’t tell you how much it retails for, or how much (or not much!!!!) I had to pay for it, but I can safely say that Jenni made my week month YEAR! THANK YOU JENNI! Please be watching your mail box!

I found this website with way more information than I needed to know, but it’s pretty damn cool. Because Rilo is pretty damn cool. Because OH MY GOD I want to just go ride it now!!

I’m going in tomorrow to my bike shop to get it fitted properly and pick up the cleats for my shoes. But you can bet your blisters that me and Rilo will be spending some good QT tomorrow! It’s supposed to rain.. but it can’t rain all¬†day.. right? Wednesdays are my one day off at Job1 (the restaurant), so I only have to put in a couple hours at Job2 in the afternoon and then I’m done!

Tomorrow’s ToDos:

  1. run with kid from tri team
  2. bike fitting
  3. job2
  4. ride many many miles ūüôā
  5. pack/grocery shop for RAGNAR!!
  6. dinner with the madre

Newwws time. You know you’re a runner when: you stay up just to watch the weather.


Twin Cities Marathon Countdown!


Hard to believe, but Twin Cities Marathon is only 7 weeks away! And just now as I wrote that.. I said WTH. 7 weeks is a lonnng time. Honestly though, I know it’s going to fly. My schedule for the next month is crazy busy. I’m traveling the next three weekends, and then school starts up right after that!¬†


What really prompted this post was this morning’s run – I did the first 20 miler of this training period. If you haven’t read my blog before, I’ll fill you in pretty quickly: in December I had 3 pins put in my hip, and then in April I got hit by a car while running. SO… after PT and rehab I’ve pretty much had to start from scratch with my running. I went from being a 3:19 marathoner to a maybe-I-should-only-do-3 runner pretty quickly.



the pins of doom

the pins of doom




With caution and guidance from my medical team, I built back up. Slow as the process was, it was doable. My surgeons told me I could run again. That I can. What they didn’t make any promises about was racing, and that brings me to where I am right now.¬†


Initially, I had some pretty high hopes from TCM. Ultimately I want to run a sub 3 some day, but for Twin Cities I was thinking I’d shoot for more like a 3:15 or 3:10. Then surgery happened and a car happened and I found myself needing to reevaluate. Right now, I would be stoked to pull a 3:19 again. For today’s 20 miler I held an 8 minute pace (which would be like a 3:30 marathon) but if I’m honest with myself, I don’t know if I could have gone a whole lot faster. Not to mention, I would have still had a 10K to do to finish.¬†


My “plan” thus far for October 4th is to line up with the 3:20 pace group. If I feel better than that at the half, I’ll take off. If I feel like I need to pull back, I’ll pull back. The human body is an amazing thing even without running 26.2 miles, so the fact that it will even still let me do that with three pins in my hip is truly a blessing. I will let my body dictate the rest.¬†


So I guess my point of this whole thing is that it’s OK to change your goals. It’s OK to reassess plan. For anyone who is more towards the type-A side of the spectrum (coughMEcough) this can sometimes be a difficult notion to accept. It’s either black or white, right or wrong. I like to know the schedule ahead of time, and I want to stick to that schedule damnit, so don’t go changing the game plan! ūüėČ Hahha honestly though… it does get better. Sometimes I need to force myself to be flexible, and this is one of those times. Ya feel me?


So I leave you here my friends. Gotta work dinner tonight, but just a short shift. I’m going to try and get a nap here before that. ūüôā For any readers that are still around.. I know a lot of you are runners – what do you have on your race calendar? I’ll try and post mine soon – I have a lot coming up! Trying to fit in whatever I can before my birthday.. ie before I move up into the next age group!




P.S. My dad visited! And I’m going out to see him two weekends from now. Here’s an update on our tat’s ūüėÄ



*ETA* Run To The Finish is probably the greatest. I hope I can do something like this on MY birthday!!

Sorta remember how this goes…

Well, in the mean time while I’m so indecisive about where I want to direct my focus on this blog, here’s a lil run-down of what has gone on since Boston. When I left I was:

  • ¬†just finished with finals
  • ¬†getting ready to fly home to Minneapolis for the summer
  • ¬†sad because I had to defer my 2009 Boston Marathon
  • ¬†hurting with the hip/car accident. still going to PT. still dealing with the insurance fiasco
  • ¬†just ready to be HOME

School got out April 24th, and wow – so much has happened since then! I’ll try to be brief:

  • ¬†moved back to Minneapolis.
  • ¬†looked into transferring back to the U of MN, realized deadline was June 1st, applied.
  • ¬†got in (well they better take me.. half of my credits are from there anyways!)
  • ¬†now a kinesiology major / pre-med track still. MUCH better fit!
  • ¬†so really.. MOVED back to Minneapolis (!!)
  • ¬†healed (mostly) with the hip
  • ¬†took a summer class
  • ¬†moved into my own place
  • ¬†adopted a dog
  • ¬†still working at the restaurant
  • ¬†picked up a 2nd job
  • ¬†had to have my dog adopted from me just 2 months later
  • ¬†training for Twin Cities 2009
  • ¬†joined a great group of women for training. finally got my ass back in the pool!
  • ¬†joined the U of MN’s tri team. still going back to TURC – the University Running Club
  • ¬†did my first “real” triathlon!
  • ¬†getting ready to register and head back to school.I can’t believe summer is almost over!
  • *eta* sister got MARRIED!

Work is at the restaurant is great as always, but I can tell I’m definitely ready to wind down. I took a lit class this summer to knock out one of the required courses, and I could tell I missed having a school schedule. That isn’t a promise that you’ll never hear me stressed with school, but I like having that academic side too.

Right now the biggest things on my plate are figuring out registration. As a transfer student (which still is hard for me to grasp since half of college education is at the U of MN), I register LAST, definitely leaving me with the short stick in terms of class schedules. I am guessing I’ll have 8ams AND evening classes – we’ll see. I’m just worried I’m not going to get the stuff I need that is actually part of requirements – both for staying on track for med school, and completing a kinesiology degree. There really hasn’t ever been a time when registration didn’t stress me out.. but at least for the spring semester I’ll be back with the rest of the juniors.

ANYWAYS, time to wrap up! I got in an 8 miler this morning, and I worked the lunch shift at the restaurant. Now I’m headed off to go find me some CYCLING SHOES! I’m looking at the Pearl Izumi Tri Fly shoes.. but we’ll see. Hopefully I can find something on sale! And my bike is coming to me tomorrow!!


the Tri Fly IIIs

the Tri Fly IIIs

My bike!!! A Quintana Roo Kilo!

My bike!!! A Quintana Roo Kilo!

Thanks for hangin with me while I get this back in action! 

p.s. Saw Harry Potter last night – torn between loving it and frustrated because they had to cut so much from the book!