tracing boston.. backwards

That may look familiar if you are a Boston FloTracker.. and if not… mmm never mind. 🙂

I’m not even gonna say “sorry… I haven’t posted in blah blah blah” because OBVIOUSLY it has been a while, but truth be told – I am a busy kid. The majority of any “me time” I get during school is either spent running or in the Caf. Clearly two very important things. When I’m writing, it’s usually an essay, an application, or a lab report – there is very little time left for coming up with something to put up here. The reason I’m not apologizing is that I love being busy! I would much rather have the busy schedule I do now than be sitting at my desk, bored.

Anyways, back to this “Tracing Boston” business. This would be referring to my last “long run”. My DF Maddie (who had just KILLED in her first collegiate 1500 the day before!) was taking her rest day, and she decided to bike with me on this mini adventure! Many people run the Boston course as part of their training runs… you gotta get used to them hills! So I decided to start from the finish, and work backwards. 



The famous finish line in front of my favorite store – Marathon Sports!


Workin our way down Commonwealth Ave. Maddie needs to be included too:


We did the route out to the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, and then we cut over on Chestnut Hill Ave to the Brookline Reservoir. At which point we felt the need to take this:


And then continued on for 5 seconds, until a woman felt the need to “scold” us because Maddie was on a bicycle, and “bicycles are not allowed.” To which my response was, “It’s ok, we got permission” and we continued on our way. We had to get to the other end of the lake somehow! 

From the Brookline Res we took a straight shot down Boylston, which turns into Huntington somewhere along the way, and found this secret water stop that they forgot to mention in the course guides…


Gatorade, huh? Is that what they’re callin it these days? 😀


Clearly, it did the trick. 

Before I knew it, we were already back on campus! It was a very fast 9 miles! Not fast as in fast running, but it went by very quickly. It wasn’t so bad though – with all the stops and everything my Garmin gave us a just sub 8 pace. They didn’t feel like sub 8s, but I guess thats what happens when you’re going with a bike! We had a great day!


In other non-running life, I’m just trying to piece together my schedule for next semester and figure out what’s going on for next year. It. Is. Stressful. But you know what? When I look at my life, I have a lot to smile about, so I’m going to try and keep that in mind, and keep a positive attitude. 

My dad comes back from Germany this week. He recently moved to Philly – exciting! Well only sorta. I will miss him a lot in the summers.. especially having him show up at the Tin Fish randomly. I could use a dad hug right now. 😦

Ahh! But those smiles! Hahha it’s easy to forget sometimes. Time for me to get working! I had my LAST Chem lab of the semester today, and I want to get this lab report DONE and out of my hands!

Love yall.

shake ya money maker (for the readers who don’t have a secret affair with pharrell)

I actually really didn’t (/don’t) like that song when it came out. The lyrics are pretty lame. But Pharell.. and that face.. ahh!!

ANYWAYS, the money maker title comes from the fact that makin money is like my job right now (oh wait.. aside from school..) because I came to the sad realization that many things in life cost money (… doh!) and although I have a decent safety stash in my bank account, I am really terrible with spending money. I haaaate it. I’m not like so frugal that I won’t spend money at all, but when it comes to buying things for myself, I usually find a way to talk myself out of it. Either it’s “I have enough running clothes” or “I can run the lake for free, why would I pay to race it?” 

Wow.. that was a tangent. What I was going to say right after “makin money is like my job right now” is that  I spent part of today down at Brigham & Women’s Hospital participating in an asthma study. And an asthma study that pays! Today I was paid for basically just filling out forms, and getting myself down there, which was like a 15 minute walk in the gorgeous sun. Next time I will be paid for letting them induce an asthma attack in me, which doesn’t sound as fun as just filling out forms. Luckily, they jack me up with albuterol to bring my lungs back to normal after the attack, so it can’t be that bad. And hey.. I’ve had enough asthma attacks on my own, and no one pays me for those! 😉

And the other sentence that was supposed to come after “spent part of today down at Brigham & Women’s Hospital participating in an asthma study” was that I got paid, and I used that money to register for the Loco Luv2Run 5K! This will be my first “real” race now that I’m back in action. It is also the day before the Boston Marathon, so maybe this will help ease my pain from not running. 

No joke.. letting Boston go this year is the hardest thing I’ve ever not done. 

Anyways – this race – I’m really excited!! This adds one more race to what is my current/probable race calendar for 2009:

  • Great River Ragnar Relay (3 6-mile legs over 24 hours)
  • Lake Waconia Triathlon (the running leg)
  • Hennipen Lake Classic Double Header (10K + 5K)
  • Urban Wildland Half (Half.. claro)
  • Loco Luv2Run (5K)

That pretty much gets me through the end of the summer! I haven’t started looking at races once school starts up again in the fall, because I don’t really know what my situation will be at that point. I have to hop on it soon though and get my registration in for Ragnar and the Waconia Tri.. because one of the things I hate dislike the most is paying a late fee! 

Time to go meet this kid for some Caf time.. I don’t know if I like the kid more or the caf? Haha oh life… there is this little love triangle going on here in Boston, and it’s throwing me off big time. When it rains it pours. And that’s the end of that!

Love yall.

i. owe. you.

Big time…

Where did this last week go? Wasn’t it just like two days ago that I was saying “I’ll be posting on Friday.. from HOME!” ??

Mmm.. apparently, that was like 2 weeks ago. AND, I didn’t bring my camera home with me from Boston! I was so pissed because I did so many fun things.. and I would have been snapping pictures all day otherwise! Well, here’s what I can give you: a running update, a review/recommendation, and a video! Haha now that I have it all figured out!

she runs…

Not quite like she used to… (wait a minute.. was that 3rd person?! IIICK.) not quite like she not quite like I used to… yet. While I was home I got in a LOT of good QT runs with my mom! It was perfect because I could let myself go slow, and she didn’t have to keep saying, “Erika, you wanna wait for me?” (hehehe.. OK, only a couple times.) It was also a good time to bump my distance a little (key word: a little. I’m following the 10% rule) because I was going slower than usual. It’s not like I came up with this… but a good tip to all new runners is don’t increase your distance and your speed/intensity at the same time. Work on one, get comfortable, and then work on the other. 

Here was my February:


and here’s my March so far:


I’m up to 6.3 miles right now, and will most likely go to 7 this weekend if everything is till feeling good! It’s nice to be able to actually run on the river now, not just to the river and back home!

she i reads

If you haven’t read the book The Last Lecture yet, you better hop on it. It. Is. Fantastic. No matter what you are dealing with in life, you will find motivation in that book to keep your chin up and keep trucking. My example: just last Sunday night, I was coming towards the end of my run, and all of the sudden I realized, hey, no one has passed me! That quickly turned into, hey, maybe I’m not running so slow! and all these great thoughts. I was feeling good. And then about 30 seconds later, I see these reflective Adidas stripes comin up behind me, and before I know it this guy passes me up. My good quickly turned to %$@!^@&($ and suddenly my maybe 7:40s turned to a definitely 10:00s and I was never going to race again, let alone be “fast”. About a minute into my downward spiral, I remembered a quote from the book (which is actually a quote from Henry Ford, who said it a little differently)…

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

That’s all it took to shake those BS thoughts out of my head. It’s true – if I tell myself I can’t do something, then I won’t. Or worse, I won’t even try. Maybe this 30something guy was running faster than me on Sunday, and that’s OK. I know I’m not the fastest kid out there, and clearly not right after surgery. There’s time. But know who I passed once I turned off the Charles and headed down Mass. Ave? Mr. AdidaStripes. Walking home. 😀

and I YouTube…

But just a lil bit. I love dancing whenever I’m home!! Going out is good.. but I like taking classes too. I haven’t really found that kinda thing here in Boston, but that’s OK because I don’t have time for it anyway!

Here’s a little of what I have planned for this (umm.. I can’t promise “week”. I hope!) whenever:

  • a new page!
  • a reviewwww!
  • this summer’s race calendar!

To anyone still out there – thanks for stickin’ around! It’s Caf time homies…

nom nom nom