home is…

Home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you in.

-Robert Frost

Hahah I love that quote. Not that I forced my mom to take me in or anything.. yikes! But it’s true – there is no turning family away. Not here.

I am currently blogging to you from the futon up in our office, watching this 6 year old kid on Ellen who knows basically everything about the solar system and knows more already than half the people I know. Except he just got on the floor and did something called the “swimming tuna”. I’m tellin you – he’s gonna get all the ladies.

 It’s almost time for a refill of my big ol’ scrabble mug of coffee.. Dunn Bros coffee.. ohh I love being home! 


There is a lot to do today! I promise a full catch-up later on: running, school, next year’s decision, the whole deal. For now though, it’s time to go refill this cup and relax a little. My flight, which was supposed to leave out of Logan at 6:05 last night, didn’t leave until 9:50 due to the SNOW STORM in Minneapolis. The plane we were picking us up was coming from Minneapolis so we had to wait for it to wait to be de-iced along with all the other planes. Finally though, it took off, got to Boston three hours later, and by 2:00 this morning, I was home. And of course I was up by 8:00… but it’s ok. I’m HOME!


My attempt at taking a photo out the airplane window with my crappy cell phone. PS  I forgot my camera in Boston.. smart! Cell phone will have to suffice for the week to come.



3 Responses

  1. haha, welcome home! I DVR ellen so I am a huge fan!

  2. Just wanted to say hi! I found your blog through another blog I found on runningworld.com. I have really enjoyed reading about your experinces with running and hearing about how much you love it! I am very new to running (Jan actually!), and have a few questions for you if that’s ok. I finally ran my first mile without stopping last week. It was great! I was wondering when did you first start running (and why), how fast/slow were you at first, and how long did it take you to build up to 1mile, 2, etc? I think I may be tring to rush that part! Also, have you always ran outside vs. a treadmill? Anything else you think important about running Id love to hear! Thank you so much, and good luck with your leg!
    Brandi O

  3. You are hilarious. It must not be genetic. ❤ ya!

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