reunited and it feeeels so gooood…

Erika + Gomer = ❤

I gotta go find a tree to carve that into…. 😀

OK guys.. I need some tech help here. I brought out Gomer (my child, my lil love, my Garmin) for the first time yesterday since that dreadful rainy “last run” on September 29th. At first it looked like it wasn’t connecting to the satellites.. and I was just like “whatever.. I just need the clock today anyways.” But then… a while into my run I heard the “mile beep” and looked down, and it looked like it was picking up signal. It beeped for the other two miles.. but when I finished my run and reset the timer and looked in the training history, it wasn’t there!? I know I didn’t delete the run.. cause that actually takes a lot of steps. I just cleared the time like you always do after any run. Anyone know what’s up?

My Garmin hadn’t been charged up this whole time.. so I am wondering if that has anything to do with it since I just fully charged it like 2 days ago. I have the 405, if it makes a difference. Any help would be great! I’d much rather get it from you guys than wait on hold with tech support. Buut they’re not open today anyways I’m guessing, since it’s a Sunday. I really want to get this figured out though.. if you guys remember, I kinda love my Garmin. A lot.

Other than that.. how is running going? Wonderfully.

I ran in the Fens yesterday in shorts. If I see on the news that anyone was blinded while walking their dog, I’m truly and deeply sorry. Gotta start somewhere though, right?! 😀

Adios chicoritos.. until next time.


5 Responses

  1. YAY YAY YAY!! You’re running again! A broken hip can’t stop anybody, right?? Good luck and I hope it keeps getting better!

  2. Hehehe… that’s AWESOME, i’m so happy someone else is so excited to run in shorts 🙂 wish it was just a lil warmer, but as long as your running it’s all good!!!!! you must be so happy 🙂 are you volunteering at the boston marathon or going to straight up spectate? i think my sister and i are gonna volunteer!

  3. I told you a few months ago that you would run again… Always listen to Bama!

  4. Awe, Gomer! You must be very excited…well, I know you are! 🙂 I’m happy for ya. Running in shorts! Lucky! I don’t know what to say about the absence of your run in the training history. I don’t know everything about my Garmin yet. There’s so much to learn! How do you use yours with your macbook? I have one too and always have to use a pc and then transfer to Ascent with a USB drive. That is working okay, but I am unable to use Garmin training center, which is extremely frustrating! I wish Garmin would make the 405 compatible with Apple soon because macs are so much better IMO…

  5. The Garmin is just probly coming over the shock that your back on your feet again! Just when it thought your were down and out, ha. Hope you get the battery fixed and enjoy the Fens!

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