skeleton sven. bring on thursday…

So here’s the deal…

This last week has been quite busy. And this week ahead of me is probably the most packed/busy/stressful week from now until finals. 

MONDAY – Chem, Psych, participate in Psych research study (required), Comm & Public Health, A&P
TUESDAY – Chem lab, Anatomy lab, appendicular skeleton practical
WEDNESDAY – Chem, Psych, Comm & Public Health + reflection paper,  A&P
FRIDAY – Physical therapy, last weeks missed Chem quizz

Throw in there practice, at home PT, cross training, I was sick on Saturday so still semi-recovering from that, and all the rest o’ that bidness.. ahhh it’s just a lot. Manageable, but a lot. I’m keepin my head above water though, so don’t throw out the life preservers just yet. 

My Psych exam on Thursday.. I got that one covered.

My Anatomy & Physiology exam on Thursday.. I will endure.

My Chem exam on Thursday.. just might kill me. Might

Ohhh Thursday. Hhaha how great is it that Chem is first in the order of my classes. Even if I completely bomb it (and I don’t anticipate on completely bombing it.. just like.. partially. Yikes), I can’t let that affect me the rest of the day, because I have a lot of things and physiological process and biological basisness to keep straight. Gogli complex? Got it. Diameter of the cell? 10 micrometers. Thickness of plasma membrane? 10 nanometers. NaCl ARPase Pump. Yesss. So. Much. To. Keep. Straight.

I’m actually semi-excited for my practical tomorrow though.. I had my first practical last week on the axial skeleton, and it was… meh. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but now I do, and I’m good to go. Bring it Skeleton Sven.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say with all of this hoo-ha is HEY. I’m here. I’m around. But I’m doin’ the school thing 197% this week. 😀

I’m bout to go to El Caf with my DF Madeiline and munch. Loveee yall.


3 Responses

  1. Hang in there Sperly!

  2. Sven’s got moves! Keep ur nose to the grindstone and start/finish strong, do work!

  3. Sheesh! Just reading that made me wanna take a nap!! GOOD LUCK!

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