Back in Boston, and a fair heads-up…

Arrived safely on the ground at 4:37, a whole 20 minutes EARLY. No flight delays. No lost baggage. No getting stuck sitting next to someone sick, or rockin’ the B.O. I even met two girls at baggage claim who were on my flight that are from BLOOMINGTON and going back to NU, so we shared a van taxi, and it worked out great!

I’m just giving a fair warning that there probably will be no posting of any sorts for about a week as I get settled into my new schedule.. new classes.. gotta get all my books and whatnot as they filter in through the mail piece by piece.. 

Speaking of books. UUUGH. I just do not understand how books and lab materials for one semester can equal $890 dollars!! EFFF THAT. 

This is way random, but I gotta leave you with something, right? So there were these two adorable kids sitting in the row behind and across from me. As we were taking off, he was kinda looking up at his mom, but not actually really looking at anything. He wasn’t at all scared.. just looking I guess. And then I was like “woah.. kids are constantly thinking, just like we are. What is going through their heads?” I don’t really remember the kinds of things I thought about when I was that age (3? 4?).. do you? Isn’t that weird to think about? I wonder what was running through my mind at four years old…

Love life. Lots.


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  1. I don’t think kids think as much as growns up do. I think the constant mind chatter with no off button is developed over time. My daughters are four and seven and they go straight from thought to expression, verbal or otherwise, with no filter. I think chances are, those kids were just taking it all in.

  2. My wee sis is 5 & when she goes all quiet I reckon she’s trying to understand things.
    Good luck starting back & I’ll look forward to hearing how you’re getting on. I totally get you on the spending money on books etc Our library had 3 copies of our key text for one subject which meant the rest of us were left to buy it…not cheap. Luckily I scored a second hand bargain on ebay….anyway you could try somethin like that? x

  3. Welcome back to Beantown! Book prices should be covered in tuition. it killed me, but that is a lot of $$$!

    I wish I knew what kids were thinkin too, haha.

  4. Wow…that’s a LOT for books. Do you use I recommend it…and YAY for no lost baggage.
    And FYI….I’m a BAMF this week like woah!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It sounds like you’re doing well. You’re such a sport, dealing with such a nasty surgery and injury.
    And hey, do you have a Facebook? I’m Ansley Dunbar if you’d like to find me, I got into Northeastern (Hooray!) and it’s a serious contender. I’d love to chat with you about it if you wouldn’t mind.
    OH! And if you get the RA spot (which you will) maybe you’ll be my RA 😀

  6. was I in or out of the respect zone?

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