post surgery – week two, plus a merry new years eve..!

Good morning my lovely bloggies! I’m currently looking out the office window (at home home, still in Minneapolis) at the sparkling snow covered roof above our porch glistening in the sun. I think it’s a little too cold for the birdies to be out and about (they built a nest into the point of the roof), but I don’t blame em’ – it’s still -10° right now, minus the wind chill! Cozying up in warm clothes.. sitting by a fireplace.. maybe a game of Scrabble? S.L.A.P.!  

(Just a taste.. I promise there are pictures at the end of this novel!)

My G-Pa's killer homemade bird feeder. And cutie birdies!

My G-Pa's killer homemade bird feeder. And cutie birdies!

Well, here I am one day past the two week mark from surgery. I don’t have a day-by-day recap for you, since during the second week there were much less of the “milestone” moments. I guess to sum it up, I am still feeling good, not fantastic-amazing-go-run-a-marathon good, but good. I mean, I did have hip surgery just two week ago, so I think I should still be a little sore every now and then, right? I’m trying to get in to see Dr. Troung before I go back to Boston, but tomorrow is New Years day, and then it’s like the weekend.. and I fly back Sunday!?! Grrr. a) I want him to snip the strings.. he said I could do it at home on my own but I’d be much more comfortable in the hands of a trained doctor. b) I want him to see it and make sure everything looks just like it should. c) I need to talk to him about PT and if I need to go see one out in Boston.. and if I need new exercises to get increased mobility (like sideways movement vs. up and down, front and back..).

I know this isn’t part of “week two”, but I got to SWIM on Monday!!! And it was fabulous. I love the pool at my Lifetime SO much. It’s a saltwater pool and it’s not too cold but not nasty warm either. Perfect. Juuust perfect. So Monday was the first day I swam and yeah it felt great, but it still felt sort of tight. I only swam for half the time that I usually do, and all super easy – no need to pull/tear/strain anything on the first day. Then the 2nd day (yesterday, Tuesday) I pool ran for half and swam for half and tried to really focus on stretching out and staying loose with each stroke – it felt amazing!! Leaving Lifetime is going to be R.O.U.G.H. 

So there’s my 2nd week wrap-up for ya. But speaking of leaving Lifetime, I guess I should open this up to everyone and maybe get some feedback – you guys are all so amazing with sharing experiences and “oh.. I did that too!!” that sometimes it feels like were all at some big slumber party. Oh, memories of middle school. 😉 Anyway, here’s the deal:

As I think I mentioned before, I am applying to be an RA for next year. Not only is there the obvious benefit (or in my  case, necessity) of free room and board (which at my school is an astoundingly ridic. amount), but I would also be put in a leadership position where I can use my creativity and help other people, something I love. 😀 Aright, great. There are some 500+ RA applicants each year, and only about 150 spots. I know I am an Honors student and have a good “resume”, but that doesn’t guarantee Jack. And to be honest, without some extra source of financial aid next year, staying at NU isn’t a guarantee. Less than that actually.. it’s a probable definite no (or maybe I should say probable definite not-a-good-idea, knowing that I’m the one going to be paying too). 

[Warning.. sorry – this is turning into a Monster post!!]

No one is forcing me too, in fact it was sort of my idea, but I am applying to some other schools for next year. Sort of as a back up plan. Sort of. (And I guess I should say school (singular) because the 2nd school I applied to.. I really don’t want to go there. But hey – free app.. why not?) This school is an excellent private school here in MN, and I would not at all feel like it was a “back up” if I ended up going there. In fact, academically, they are a lot more selective than NU. I’m trying not to count my chickens before they hatch – I mean, I haven’t even been accepted there yet. The app. deadline is not for another couple of months, and I wouldn’t find out till I’m already done with the semester out in Boston. But.. by then I will know whether or not I have the RA position.. I’ll be able to weigh my financial aid at each school.. I’ll be able to make some good and fair comparisons. 

You’ve heard me rave time and time again about how much I LOVE Boston and LOVE Northeastern and LOVE LOVE LOVE etc. I know. But being home now for winter break, the FIRST time I’ve been home since I moved… well if you went to school anywhere far from home you know what I’m talking about! Seeing my family and spending time with my mom and my dad and seeing my sister (who is actually now moving to D.C… another story) and being at the lakes and seeing my old running team and AHH. I love Minneapolis! (You’ve also heard me say that one too, to be fair.) Part of me WANTS to transfer (what.. again?) and be close to home. I think my best bit of advice for anyone just starting their college career, or just about to, is that there is no ONE right college, at least IMO. I do love Northeastern. But I think I would equally love “the school” here. (And just to clear things up – no, I’m not headed back to the U. At least not yet.) 😉

Anyways, that’s my dilemma as of yet. If you read through this entire thing – wow.. major props

I’m headed out with another DF (haha.. I will never not laugh typing that) to Lifetime for a “spa day” followed by lunch at Panera if we have time. I gave her a gift card there as part of the gift, but she might end up doin’ that one with the BF or another friend. I have movie plans for tonight, and a pretty low key new years – just the way I like it. 🙂 Hope everyone has an amazing last day of 2008, but if not, hey.. it’s just the last day of the month.. like the last day of any other month. There’s always tomorrow. 😉

(and as I promised, pictures from Christmas!)

The all star grandparents <3

The all star grandparents ❤


Ry, mom, and me.

Ry, mom, and me.

Playing with g-ma's manger. My grandpops BUILT that manger. Mad skills..

Playing with g-ma's manger. My grandpops BUILT that manger. Mad skills..



Working on a secret gift that won't be given until NEXT Christmas 🙂


Two of the cuzzos.. champin some Jason Mraz

Two of the cuzzos.. champin some Jason Mraz


Back in Minneapolis.. our Christmas tree at HOME 😀


B-T-Dubs.. does anyone need to buy their kid a saxophone!? Hahah - you will find this ad on craigslist.

B-T-Dubs.. does anyone need to buy their kid a saxophone!? Hahah - you will find this ad on craigslist.



6 Responses

  1. Yes, I finished the book, er, I mean, post. lol Hmmm, decisions, decisions sounds like! But it also sounds like you are doing the right thing, being proactive in your thinking and now, just letting it come to you. It will come…try not to overthink it. But I know how amazing coming home feels, but it also feels good to do the independent thing, no? I’m split right down the middle on this one! Sorry not a lot of help I guess! But it sounds like your recovery is going great, you will be back and running in no time!! Enjoy your low-key new year’s eve!

  2. Sounds like you are a close-to-home type person. I can totally understand b/c I am the exact same way. If i couldn’t go home when i wanted or just FELT too far away i would not be happy. i mean yeah, you can always make a new home, but you house-home and parents, extended fam, etc. can’t exactly be transplanted. sounds like you are super happy and in full planning mode, and also full recovery mode! congrats!

  3. I’m glad your recovery is going well. I hope you get a chance to see your doc before you head back to Boston! It sounds like you have a lot of decisions to make but are definitely on the right track with planning ahead. If you decide to change schools then I think that’s great. MN seems like a great place! If you do become an RA, that’s great too. I was one for two years at my school for the same reason of wanting free room/board and being in a leadership position. It’s challenging at times but a great experience that really helps. Whatever you choose will be the best decision for you. 🙂 Good luck!!!!

  4. Oh dear oh dear, more decisions! Well heres my 2 cents. I moved away from my home in Scotland to train full time in London when I was 11 (yes, a tad extreme I bet you’re thinking) but I also got a full scholarship & this school was the best place without a doubt to get the best training . On my part the sacrifice was one I was more than willing to make(my poor mum!). Well what I found was that the hardest part was going back after the holidays. Whilst at home I’d somertimes dread it & then once I got back it took a while to settle back in.
    Maybe you could see if this is the same for you. It could be beneficial to see how you feel when you go back to Boston. Of course it is bound to be hard at first, after having been with your family over xmas, but if you’re still wishing you were back near home after things are truly under way in a few weeks time then maybe thats your answer? It is the being at home & realising what you’re missing out on that sometimes brings the situation to light.
    I ended up very injured & very ill before eventually making the decision to move to a school that was close enough for me to go home at weekends.
    Hmmm, I appear to have just about matched your monster post. Sorry!
    Try not to fret too much atm, like you say, you still have time to decide xxx

  5. Speeeeeeeeeeerl!!!!!! There are new puppy pictures on my blog!!!!!!!!!!

    And you’ve got the right idea about colleges…there isn’t ONE right one…I didn’t get to go to my dream school at all…but I’ve made it work. If you can try different ones and different places, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the RA application. You’d rock at it and I know it would be a huge money saver!!! 🙂

  6. Yay for RA! Always a good descision to at least apply!

    I didnt go toa school too far from home, but I hear what ya mean about missing home. Do what you think is right. Beantown will always be there, haha.

    Happy New Year!

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