adam and eve played me..

Sorry for not updating the post last night, but believe me – I wasn’t in any kind of mood to be blogging. (Not like I had time anyways, but that’s a different matter..) SO. Here’s the deal:

The MRI, CT scan, and the bone specialist I saw yesterday all confirmed that I have Fibrous Dysplasia. That link from the Mayo Clinic (MN represent! 😉 ) has a lot of really good information on everything from causes and symptoms to treatment and coping, but their definition is pretty spot on. Fibrous Dysplasia is 

Fibrous dysplasia is a bone disorder in which scar-like (fibrous) tissue develops in place of normal bone. As the bone grows, the softer, fibrous tissue expands, weakening the bone. Fibrous dysplasia can cause the affected bone to deform and become brittle.

It can also cause the bone to fracture, which is what happened in my femur. This would explain why the stress fracture in my fibula is almost 100% healed after this time off, but my hip hasn’t seen much of a difference. 

What do I do from here? Well, as I’ve learned is the custom in all of Boston health care, they send me to someone else. So now I have to go BACK again to see another doctor who also specializes in bones, but more especially in hips. The way this doctor laid it out for me was that I have three options: 

  1. Let the tissue/bone heal as much as possible, but give up running and all other impact activities.
  2. Have pins put in to help strengthen the femoral neck
  3. Have pins + reconstruction done to correct the angle of the bone that has become deformed over the years 

I’m gonna tell you right now that none of those options sound like a barrel of fun. But without surgery, Ifeel like I would be in this continuous cycle of like run for 4 months, fracture again, heal for 4 months, run, fracture, heal, run, fracture, heal.. ahh! No good. I’m still learning a lot about what to do from here, and trying to keep my chin up in the process. There was definitely a good solid hour (or two) of tear shedding yesterday (maybe that’s why I feel so dehydrated right now?!) but part of the elevated emotions aren’t even about the hip. School is definitely high stress right now.. I might be changing my major and I’m having to go to all these meetings and appointments for that, work, homework, architecture, cross training in an attempt to stay sane.. it’s definitely true that running is my therapy, and it’s not easy without it. 

Well, I’m out for now. I got work to do, models to make, and papers to write. 

And because a post isn’t worth anything without the obligatory photos:


me at work

me at work

the stellar six

the stellar six






    11 Responses

    1. Oh no, I’m sorry 😦 I know how it feels, I had to have shoulder surgery three times which left me out of my sport for years, but I did eventually get back to it, so don’t give up hope!

      I’ll be thinking of you, I hope it all your stress gets better.

    2. awww good luck w/ your injury – im thinking of you and hoping you get better soon!!!!!!!!

    3. i’m sorry about the appointment- i hope it turns out ok. i know what you mean about running being a serious stress reliever – especially in college.
      how did this happen? is it due to long mileage in running?

    4. wow… sounds like you have some major decisions to make and that’s never easy. the good news is that you have a VERY FULL LIFE so even though it’s crazy and busy and with the added injury and FD, it makes you who you are– that fiery red head we all love and your posts continue to show that despite the madness. good luck with everything. my TIaRT contribution over at the Runner’s Lounge today is based on an article you wrote about this past summer on fuel/liquid balancing across the day. It really opened my eyes to balance and pre-planning, etc. which isn’t really always realistic, but definitely important to keep in mind. thanks erika!!

    5. Thought u might appreciate this wee quote. Im sure you’ve seen it a billion times b4 but sometimes we just need wee reminders that where theres a will theres a way;

      ”You know, once I was thinking of quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung, and testicular cancer all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and won the Tour de France five times in a row” (Lance Armstrong)

      Just try and stay positive chick!

    6. I’m SO sorry. That really sucks and it is hard to stay positive when you have to deal with that and the stress of school. What are you thinking of switching your major to? Can you still do the swimming? Take care.

    7. oh also– i’m gonna add you to my blog list, hope that’s ok!!!

    8. Sperly, it kills me that your in pain, get better as fast as possible but keep the chin up and the blogs comin.

      On a lighter note I am driving into boston simply to get a haircut on saturday, i needed an excuse to get down there!

    9. oh my gosh erika!! i am so sorry to hear about your injuries! i hope that the hip specialist is able to find another treatment option for you. This year for swim we have been doing crazy amounts of cross training and running and i started to have intense pain in my left foot, which our athletic trainers thought was a stress fracture. I was freaking out, but it turned out to be a cyst that is being aggrevated by tendonitis. I’m sure there will be many positive things coming your way soon! and on a positive note it looks like you are loving school and your roomies!! please keep us posted and goodluck with the doctor appts. !!

    10. Oh no, I just read about your injuries! And an air brace?! When did this happen?

      I have a stress fracture in my femur from “overdoing it”, which still doesn’t quite make sense to me, but I guess it has to. I’m dealing with the same worry of not wanting to exacerbate mine by going back too early… I’ve been on crutches for almost three weeks but for something like this, I have a feeling it’ll be a lot longer.

      We kind of switched places, from East Coast to Midwest… hope you’re liking Boston! GET BETTER.

    11. I’m from New York.

      I haven’t padded my crutches; it’s gotten so cold that I’m usually so bundled that I don’t need to. BUT, when I first started using them, I got such bad chafing on my sides. It was horrible! Try bacitracin or just plain ole lotion.

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