to be continued…

This is gonna possibly/maybe be two very different posts, combined into one. Hopefully not, but just maybe. 

Updates from the last leg/sfx/injury drama:


  • I have a stress fracture in my left fibula
  • I have a stress fracture in my left femoral neck (hip region)
  • I’m on crutches
  • I’m wearing an air brace
  • I haven’t run since September 27th, which is very quickly comin up on one month 
  • I had an MRI (found the femoral neck fracture)
  • I had a CT scan (confirmed the femoral neck fracture)


Mmm lets stop there. I have an appointment with a bone specialist this afternoon, and I’ll edit and continue my post after that. But let me tell you: crutches effing suck. If you’ve ever been on them, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you have no idea. 

With crutches, your are further gimpified by the fact that you can not:


  1. Walk and talk on the phone
  2. Walk and eat (critical in college)
  3. Walk and fix your hair
  4. STAIRS grrr
  5. Squeeze through small spaces and packed crowds – my former specialty
  6. Wear short sleeves.. although the insides of my arms are rubbed raw without them anyways
  7. Walk through a space quietly, because they clink no matter what
  8. Open doors
  9. Cary anything that’s not on your back. And most importantly..


Yeah. Sorta pissed. Umm.. I think it’s time to stop here (read: time to pay attention to Barrel Vault construction in the Colosseum..) and pick up where I left off tonight. I leave you with a photo of me and the lovely gimp sticks enjoying the Pumpkin Festival down at Faneuil this last weekend.


8 Responses

  1. Hey Erika!
    My heart really goes out to you… its defo frustrating at the moment, but i hope X-training continues to go well for you and that you’ll be back on your feet in no time!
    take care hun,
    and msg me whenever you feel YEARGH.
    though i’m a couple ‘a thousand miles away, i’m a pretty good listener 🙂

    take care. be prayin’ for ya

  2. ah honey, i’m so sorry to hear about the results and having to use crutches. i totally know what you mean about them, they suck; i had to use them for a month when i broke my toe. i found the best thing for the armpit problem was to line them w/ towels and rubberbands. its helps w/ the rubbing and bruising.

    best of luck babe.

  3. Umm Yeah, I was on them for 3 months this summer with three fractures in my right foot. Was in a boot for about 4. I know HOW YOU FEEL. IT EFFING SUCKS. But learn from it, girl. I learned. You know what I’m talkin ’bout… lol. KEEP YO CHIN UP SPERL!

  4. Awwe, Erika, I’m so sorry! I really hope your sfx’s heal soon so you can get back to everything you used to do! Crutches do suck. I’ve been on them twice. No fun! Hang in there, girl! ❤

  5. Hope you heal soon!

  6. oh no, no words for all of that. you know what– you’ll get through this. but it’s going to take some time and determination. i know you’ve got that. good luck erika!!

  7. I fractured my hip last summer. It’s rough. The worst part is they tell you the more you sit and lay down the faster it will heal. Obviously you don’t tell a runner that! Anyways, I spent a year healing. It would feel better so I would run and then it would hurt for two weeks. My heart goes out to you. As someone who has lived through it. Everyday was a challenge. Get well!

  8. Love the pumpkins! Too bad I missed it!

    I hope everything goes alright with the docs and that you get better ASAP!

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