my fracking FIBULA..!!

Read this with an angry face and try to understand my frustration:


Aright. First off.. the doctors appointment in and of itself was super frustrating. I got there 10 minutes before my scheduled appointment at 2:00 so I could fill out any paperwork they needed or get any health insurance forms copied. Done. I read a lil Family Fun while I watched patient after patient come in after me, and be called back to be seen. At 2:45, I start to wonder – wheeeere’s my appointment? 

When I finally went in at 3:00, I saw the doctor pretty quickly after all the basics. From there, she felt up my leg (in a very doctorly way.. good lord!) and bended my leg from the hip to try and localize the pain. In comparison to my last stress fracture in my fibula (circa last November = month of HELL), this was/is way less painful. Last time when the orthopedic doctor pressed on my bone, I had to stuff my hand in my mouth to keep from screaming. It was excruciating. This… this I could take. It feels different than I know it should, but I can’t necessarily classify it as “pain”. Although it did feel like my ankle was legit going to break off last time I ran on it (over a week ago). 


Mine is in the fibula, not tibia, which would have been way worse.

Mine is in the fibula, not tibia, which would have been way worse.


Four xrays later, it’s obvious I have a stress fracture in my lower fibula, left leg. My hip? Not so clear. My sports med doctor here at school is “SURE” I have a femoral stress fracture… but nothing showed up on the xrays. Then again, stress fractures almost NEVER show up on xrays. The time that they do begin to show is once the healing process has already started, and bone calcification is already taking place. I guess that’s a good thing in regards to my ankle, because that says the healing is already under way.

So.. this femoral stress fracture. I’m going back for an MRI, and probably a bone density scan. Sweet.. more copays, more waiting, more appointments, more non-running. WTF MAN…

Oh hey wait.. I was gonna be positive. I’m honestly trying. The good news is I’ve been going in the right direction this week – I can still swim and do the xt that I have been doing already. I’m not in tears (right now).. and I feel like since I’ve been through this before, there’s less of that hopeless/endless feel. 

And part of healing and recovery is sleep. And that’s what I’m going to do right now. I just told all of my roommates that I’m starting my “midnight rule”.. which is simply that I’m NOT staying up past midnight unless it’s a Friday or Saturday. S.L.A.P.

Night guys. I’ll be back with more, I’m sure. 

Oh one last thing. The Boot. Please believe it was brought up. I am going to try going with an air cast for now, and hope/pray that that’ll be enough. Luckily my doctor agreed to that. So hey – one thing I can put on my list of “to be thankful for.”

Ok.. night. For real this time.


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  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your fibula. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery – and way to try to stay positive. I think that’s really important.

  2. Argh!

    Way to embrace the cross-training though. Good point about these things being easier the 2nd time around– not that they’re ever easy– but having that knowledge that there is a light (and many more runs) at the other end of the tunnel. Take care of those bones!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury! I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be. Keep being positive! I hope it heals quickly so you can be back to running soon! Take care and take in plenty of calcium, which I’m sure you’re aware of 🙂

  4. oh no!! rest up, and enjoy the swimming and other xt 🙂 i had [actually still have] this pain in my heel after alot of walking or running, that they diagnosed as plantar fasciitis even though they acknowledged it wasn’t really in the right location for that. an mri didn’t show any evidence of a stress fracture, but after alot of time off and pt, it’s still there… so i’ll grrr along with you 😡 (but not at you!)

  5. sorry about the fracture! i hope you heal quickly so you can get back to beating my butt!

  6. hey erika!

    sorry to hear about your fracture. I hope you get better soon!!!

  7. erika, I am so sorry to hear about your injury. I know how frustrating it is…believe me. I just spent an hour in marathon sports on boylston looking for other shoes cause thats the “problem,” not my running. Rest up and cross train like whoa! I am out of racing right now too…my coach really wants me to and I want to probably more than him but tears were coming down my last race before I finally stopped. We runners really like to see what we are made of and that can be dangerous sometimes. I hate the BOOT too! I have one in my closet “just in case.”

    Oh and the midnight rule…mine is 10 sometimes…ha the life of a runner college student…

    feel better!!

  8. Hey girl, I’ve been reading all the crap you’ve been going through and I am SO sorry! I’m injured too but not this bad.

    You are giving me a little hope though that by doing the right thing and not running really will help me recover in the long run.

    Hope things start to look up soon. You are a strong girl I know you will get through this.

  9. oh no!! that is horrible! I hope you feel better soon and heal up fast. Stay positive. You’re doing other stuff to stay active–that’s really good. So, from reading you have no idea how the fracture happened. That’s so odd. You didn’t feel any pain or anything? Awe poor Erica! Feel better!

  10. Just want you to know that Im thinking of you Sperly. I too have unfortunately been plagued with stress fractures, to my hip and then, since May in both tibia … I feel your pain (quite literally) 😦 I am however positive that with your sense and cautious approach a speedy recovery will be made and b4 u know it u will be ready to rock Boston 😀 Take Care and I hope u r gettin plenty of hugs! x

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