whe’s ma chalie cahd?

Well if this isn’t a good time to update, I might as well give up, because it can’t get much more chill than this! Clearly I won’t go over everything from my flight out here to today, but believe me – it has been BUSY! Something along the lines of this..


But judging by that ^ that means I’m getting a hang of my mac. Sorta. What I can say for sure is I LOVE iCal. I DON’T love that freaking AutoCad (which was mandatory for our FIRST project in studio) is made for Windows, but yet we all had to go spend like $1700 on macbook pros. Hmmm. So then we had to go spend $$ more on Parallels and Windows for Mac. Everything. Costs. Money.

But getting used to it I guess. Lets see.. what else is major?

I got my work study job at the MARINO CENTER which is probably the greatest campus fitness center I’ve ever been to. Ever. So working there is really no biggie because I’m there all the time anyways.. πŸ™‚

I love all 5 of my suitemates, and we all love the 6 guys next door. We’re like a [really big] family.

Some more things:

  • The Charles gets hella boring. I miss the lakes and parkways in Minneapolis
  • I STILL love JP Licks
  • EVERYONE has an accent. Myself included. And people take it offensively when you tell them “You have a xxx accent.” It’s not a bad thing…. calm down.Β 
  • Good guys already have girlfriends. Because they’re actually good guys. I’ll leave that outta this post.
  • I can fit a LOT into one day. No joke.
Soooo that’s all I’m gonna say for now. I freaking love Boston. And I WILL make sure I can stay here the rest of my college career! I promise I’ll be more regular with updating – I was just dreading this first post because I felt like it’d be really overwhelming. But, uh, I took care of that by not including like anything! Sorry guys! πŸ˜€
I’ll be back. Promise.Β 
Oh right.. why is it so chill on a Friday night? Um.. it’s actually been raining ALL day and it like JUST let up for the first time since I’ve been awake. And 3 of my roommate had training for this volunteer project they’re doing. And one was out.. on an adventure. And there wasn’t much going on aside from the Presidential Debates. Tomorrow night though..!

7 Responses

  1. YAyyyy SO glad you’re enjoying yourself in Boston! HAWT. πŸ™‚

    And you BETTER be watching the debates.. I’m watching them right now and laughing as John McCain CUES HIS VIOLIN PLAYER once again… wah wah wah.

    Lol I actually didn’t end up watching the debates.. we attempted it, but no luck. From what I HEAR though.. it wasn’t too eventful.

  2. I love iCal!!! You look so busy!

    I gotta start figuring out some of the other things this lil guy has.. iWorks?

  3. I LOVE your blog…the running is so inspirational! i’m also a vegatarian (90% vegan) – so if you have any good recipes- especially easy ones for poor college students please post away.

    I also wanted to know how you determine the mileage your going to run for each day of the week. some people tell me to take days off, others say vary the mileage…any suggestions?
    Thanks for the comment!!

    If you’re just starting out as a runner.. I’d go with any of the basic training plans. Runners World has lots of great tools and resources. As for the poor college vegan dilemma.. still workin on it! I try and save money by shopping at places like Shaw’s and Trader Joe’s.. and I’m definitely not afraid of stealing produce from the caf. Not one bit. Me + gladware = lovers. At least for me, it evens out to $11.50 every time you swipe through the caf, so I make sure I’m getting $11.50 worth of food. You wont see me going in there and getting just a salad..

    Hope that helps!

  4. I need to start using iCal — it’s so pretty! I always use a million different calendars and never have anything in one place.

    Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying yourself! That work study job does sound like the greatest ever πŸ™‚ Keep that Minnesota accent, chica! I’ve lost mine, unfortunately.
    LOL I’ve already started picking up on other people’s accents.. it’s hard not to! I know when my mom comes and visits though, it’ll all come rushing back in!

  5. Good to hear things are goin well Sperl, was worryin about ya! I know a thing or two about beantown so any questions send em over my way. I found my replacement JP Licks up here in NH but it could never be as good, hah.
    If NH is one of those places with the Golden Spoon.. I’m super jealous. Supposedly there’s a really good place in Cambridge called Berry Line.. which is closer to PinkBerry.. but I haven’t ventured out there yet. Soon!

  6. yay boston. about the charles. i run around it near harvard/bu area. it does get boring. ive been going to cold spring park in newton to run laps in the woods. at night. don’t worry im with a guy.

    anyhow you have to come to cambridge and try BERRYLINE. its like the froyo X at jplicks but better. and they have better toppings. and its good. so yes. come to cambridge and we can go running. but i think you’re too fast for me since i decided to take up drinking.

    I NEED to go to Berryline! But I’ve gotta admit.. the Froyo X was bomb. LOL and I like never go to Cambridge, unless I’m on that side of the river loop (I usually go between the Harvard Bridge and the Western Ave Bridge).. but I’d do it for you =] Annnd for Berryline. I’m pretty sure I wont be way to fast for anyone right about now.. see latest post =/

  7. apologies in advance for a long comment!!!!

    i just saw that you have some sort of injury?? hopefully that clears up quickly. i might have asked you this before, but did you ever consider running XC or Track at NU? are any of your friends into running, too?

    i will echo kootz and say i’d also love to run with you sometime (maybe meet up with you and kootz?!)-

    i live in watertown, but when i do a long run i’ll pick up the charles and go past harvard/bu and cross over at longfellow and run back. for me that’s like 11-12 miles. i was trying to increase my speed for this distance,… but right now even thinking about that distance at ANY speed sort of makes me woozy–

    –because i’m also recovering from (multiple!) injuries, so i haven’t run since august 28… this is the longest ever i’ve gone not running and it’s a major bummer, and i have a LONG way to go to get back to where i was.

    but maybe when we’re all feeling up to it we could do a run, cuz i’m always looking for people to run with:) my boyfriend goes WAY slower than me cuz he runs like once a week these days (altho he has plans to start training again) and then i’d be famous, too, cuz i’d demand to be put in your blog πŸ™‚ hehehe.

    anyway, i love the blog, you keep it interesting for sure.

    and best of luck with school and running and friends and boys and everything in between!
    Don’t apologize for a long comment – they make my day! I’d definitely run with you and kootz! And re: the running for NU.. that should be a separate post entirely. I added you to my blogroll!

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