wrappin up summer..

I apologize for the lack of postage.. but as all of you heading back to college (or already back by now) you know how NUTS the week leading up to the move is! I’m not saying that I don’t like trying to stuff my life in boxes.. (mmm, wait. Nope. That part sucks) but it’s stressful!

So stress aside – I had an amazing weekend at the Cabin! I just figured out the “captions” thing on the photos.. and am LOVING it! I’ll leave you guys to do the lookin’. 😀

Fillin up in Park Rapids

Fillin up in Park Rapids.

Mi madre y yo

Mi madre y yo.

The cabin! Taken from the dock

The cabin! Taken from the dock.

“]”]Breakfast Saturday morning. I get the big chair =]

Breakfast Saturday morning. I get the big chair =

All of THIS. For 13 miles.

I definitely can't find a 13 miler filled with THIS in Minneapolis!

Hahah.. get em' Grampa!

Hahah.. get em Grampa!

Trying to explain to g-pa the size of the carp in Lake Calhoun

Trying to explain to g-pa the size of the carp in Lake Calhoun.

We're actually pretty good at this! Crew team..?

We were actually good at this.. crew team anyone?

A ring I bought at "The Wigwam". Only up north...

A ring I bought at "The Wigwam". Only up north...

Smores. I'm pretty sure after like 8 I was feelin "the brick".

Smores. I'm pretty sure after like 8 I was feelin "the brick".

Readin' a lil Nancy Clark Sports Nutrition at night

Readin' a lil Nancy Clark Sports Nutrition at night.

And mom steals the camera..

And mom steals the camera..

What summer's made of

What summer's made of.

Wishing we had an extra week

Wishing we had an extra week. Or month.

And life was good.

In other news:

I have all of like 4 boxes packed. And still things all over that need to be pulled together and sent. And I work every day. Annnnd my glass has been a teeny bit less than half full the last couple of days as I rush around to get everything done. But it’s gettin there! Pourin just a little bit more into that glass..

Yet I sit here writing blog posts.. when I could be packing. 😀 Oops! Time to hop on it! Oh – btw – I try and respond to everyone’s comments.. but I’m starting to do it the “new” way that has been taking over blogs. I’ll edit the comment.. and leave mine! So check back to see if I answered!

Countdown to Boston: 6 days!


8 Responses

  1. It looks like you had a great time up at the cabin! Mm…s’mores are awesome. Eight is a good number 🙂

    Good luck finishing up your packing and working. I’m glad you keep pouring some more into that glass – just remember all of the exciting things that are ahead of you in the next few months! It’s always a difficult transition at first, but it gets better with time.

    I know this year will be really exciting.. I just gotta make it there! Sending off my boxes took a big weight off of my shoulders, and now I just have three more days of work and I’m home free!


  2. What an amazing place to be able to go to and spend the end ofyour summer there with your family. I am sure you have alot of emotions right now, but once you transiition into school and get involved in stuff (running) you will love it there!

    I’m still looking into places/options for running in Boston. You’re there.. do you have any suggestions for me!?

    OHH and you posted about a frozen yogurt place, but didn’t say the name. WHERE IS IT?! I’m a fro-yo FIEND but JP Licks is like the only one that’s actually IN Boston.. at least that I can find!


  3. weee packing! I’m excited for you!!! And that cabin looks like SO MUCH FUN! Wow.

    Hahha I hope that’s a sarchastic “weee!”.. I officially hate moving. =]

  4. Hey! I just wanted to leave a wee comment to say I love your blog and look forward to reading how everything plays out for you with the move to college etc 😀

    Hey – thanks! You actually just gave me the pick-me-up I seriously needed. Lol.. look to my next post for details on that.. =]


  5. i love your cabin pictures… good luck with college!!

  6. I saw your comment about the Ollie Road Race & I would definitely be up for it. How do you train for a race? I already run a lot so would you say that is enough? Any tips? Thanks.

  7. Moving can be time consuming! Hopefully you have lots of help!

    Captions on photos! cool!

    is that a little piggy I see you sleeping with! 😉

  8. I have a question about running. I’m not thta strong of a runner but I made a plan all the way up to May to run a half marathon. I used the 5k plan then the 10k plan and then the half marathon plan to get ready. I’ve started it today. My question is is it better to take a walking break if I need it or just to suck it up and keep going (but then that leads to a slower pace for a longer time) ..Like today it was to run 2 miles. I ran one mile took a 2 min break then I ran the other mile. But then I was thinking should I have just ran the whole 2 miles (which I can do) but I know the second mile would have been atleast 1-2 minutes slower..

    sorry for the lengthy question.. anyone can chime in and put in their 2 cents please!

    PS I love your blog! it has inspired me to run more! Just curious .. how old are u? when do u find time to run.. like morning before u start your day or at night?

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