Please live vicariously..

as I sit down in my favorite blogging spot on the porch, snack at the ready, and share with you my story of

Opitz Adventure: A Day Off of Work in the Life of Me.

The morning started off lovely.. although I’m not going to lie – I slept in too late. I still don’t have my sleep in check. My mom and I sat on the porch, both with crack coffee in hand, as I did the usual morning shoutouts over at RW and she read the paper. Then we went on a run.. together (insert astounded face and shocked gasp here).. for 4 miles while I finished “my route” home (+3), and she finished hers (+1). It’s really cute running the last mile with her because she picks the pace up a little and you can tell she’s really pushing it on that last stretch of the lake. If only I could get her to do a race again.. not even to race, just to run together for fun. Sigggh.

Post run = water, stretch, shower, breakfast, more coffee. And by stretch, I mean I laid down on the floor while the shower water was heating up, pulled each knee to my chest, did a 20 second butterfly, and called it a day. Don’t give me too much credit. We have this new “La Minita Peaberry” coffee that is actually amazing. More amazing yet is the fact that my mom actually bought (and loves it!) it because it’s a lighter roast, and she usually gets something darker. Maybe she thought of me when she bought it, seeing as she was using my -$2.00 coupon.. πŸ˜‰

Anywho, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Wednesdays at Opitz are the restocked-secret-mailing-list-members-only day, not to mention the mailer this week was targeted towards college wears (hoodies, jeans, etc.), so we were basically obligated to go.

It was NUTS. They had so much merchandise that there were tents and racks outside! They don’t open until noon on Wednesdays, and we got there right at 12:00. Both parking lots were full, and the streets were lined for blocks – I’d say we parked about three blocks away. (Side tangent.. isn’t it funny how runners will run for miles upon miles, but when it comes to parking, we drive around for forever to find an out-front spot?) Well anyways, those 3 blocks were nothing, because I SCORED.

(Sorry these photos are so dark – I thought they’d lighten up more on the computer..) Three pairs of jeans, five shirts, and a new backpack for school. They’re all from Delia’s.

(Clockwise starting at the top) The shirts: “Think Green”, a plain uber-comfy black long sleeve, “My Vote Rocks” (which btw it does.. and I strongly encourage anyone eligible to vote to make sure they’re registered, take time to do your research so you’re giving an educated vote, and DO IT), a gray tank with little blue anchors, and a pink tank with little green Lyle the Crocolies! (PLEASE tell me you read that book!)

And the jeans: both lighter pairs are Bailey’s, just different cuts, and the darker pair isn’t part of that Name line.. but if I had to come up with one I’d call em’ Kelly’s. They look like Kelly’s.

And more importantly – the pockets: both the Bailey’s are lame.. but the darker ones.. I’m a fan. They’re my favorite of the three. πŸ™‚

This is definitely my favorite shirt. Oh god – what a little tree hugger. (Feel free to insert eye roll here..)

And being that I am oh-so-green (or more likely because green is my favorite color), my backpack was green as well. I guess it’s not actually that green of me because I already had a backpack. The one I was using last year at the U though just wasn’t working! It was so huge that it made my back hurt all the time, and it really weighed me down! Hopefully this will work better. If it feels just the same, I have the receipt!

This is painted on the side of their building. True! BUT. Do you want to guess how much I spent? Go ahead.. try.






$28.00. And that’s minus the backpack, because my mom agreed to foot that one. Several of the items were reduced to 90% off (versus the usual 70%) because they had “flaws” or were “damaged”. Mmm two of the jeans are missing a button, which takes less than 5 minutes to fix, and one shirt has a hole about the size of a pin in the seam. Also a less-than-5 fix. Back to school? I’m SET. (Clothes that is.. Bed Bath & Beyond will be a future post, coming soon!)

And speaking of “Back to School”.. I’ll be out in Boston in TWENTY EIGHT DAYS. Yikes!

Though since this blog is not about fashion or shopping (although I suppose those could fall into my “roam” category, and for price I paid/money I saved, I feels like it’s gotta go somewhere with “recycle”), I wanted to leave you with a few possible things to come..

[[ Overdue. Like 300+ miles overdue. Eeep! (I suppose “eep” is my equivalent to the face of “yikes”. I wish internet/text had tone of voice. ]]

[[ Can you see them!? Can you see them!? They’re COMING!! ]]

[[ Yesssssssss! ]]


[[ Both good. Very different. Created a good long discussion. Any other readers? ]]


15 Responses

  1. hi fellow runner!

    Are you also a vegetarian? Just wondering cause I have been trying to train and have felt pretty low on protein and both those books aren’t vegetarian. I’ve been trying to add hemp protein and more tempeh/tofu. Any other ideas?


  2. Claire!

    Vegetarian = yess.. and I’d say actually about 90% vegan as well. That 10% comes from going out to eat and not having any other options, and then of course, the amazing/free ice cream at my work =]

    I’d say my biggest protein source is tofu, just because it’s so versatile and easy. I run into problems though because I eat a box in one sitting.. and that really adds up in price! I’ve also recently figured out TVP, which is GREAT and also quite easy/adaptable. has tons of great recipes!

    Are you Clairedille like A Fresh Dill? Because if you are, I’m super intrigued by the Purple Cactus place! Is that close to Boston?

  3. I bought that Nancy clark book about 2 years ago after I went to one of her confernces… I have read it cover to cover so many times because it is so great…. and the recipes are really good as well. I would love to hear more about the other book.. check out my blog. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a couple of weeks (even read through all your older posts) and thought I’d finally comment (aka “delurk”)!
    First of all, I WANT AN OPITZ! I haven’t heard of these, so I assume it must be a local thing, however I’m going to look into it πŸ˜‰
    Second, I’m amazed at how much you run. I’ve never been much of a runner but am trying to get into more. I’ve been running 2-3 miles (which is nothing to you I’m sure!) 3-4x a week. I think I want to make my 4th run a longer distance though (and eventually, maybe all of them!). Any tips for increasing mileage? I think I just get bored…
    Also, I was wondering why your mom doesn’t run with you or race anymore (if you don’t mind me asking)? Did she get burnt out? Too much running in the past (I’ve heard horror stories about bad knees/joints as you get older from too much running)? Just curious.

    Sorry that turned into a monster comment!

  5. $28? No way!

    I will have to see if the library has either of those books…I am a bit wary of the Paleo diet because I’m worried it says not to eat carbs. And carbs are my friends.

  6. asics yeeeeee! you have mad skills because you nailed my new shoes on the nose..and now im very excited to run in them tonight! the stress fracture story is terrible!, please dont ever run in anything other than asics again!! haha. I have the Nancy Clark’s sports nutrition guidebook…but have yet to read a page in it…so tell me what you think about, because im pretty similar to you in the post u wrote above, im 90% vegetarian. But not close to being vegan with the amount of fro-yo i eat!! hope you received my email! (i go back to school in 29days yikes!)

  7. What an awesome deal! I wish we had a store like that in Boston. Maybe when you come out here, you can convince someone to build one. Ha! πŸ™‚

  8. I love your “Kelly’s” too! Best of luck with your new gear at your new school πŸ™‚ “Recycle” your excitement for it and “roam and run” the place!!! Yeah, I’m a bit queer, but whatever. You and your mom seem too cute together! Gosh, she’ll miss you!

    Also! I took my blood test and everything but the gluten test came back, so I’m stillllllll waiting, because they FORGOT to order it with the other stuff… so I’ll let you know. Do you know if that’s it for you? I wish it were, because that would solve some problems for me, but it may also become a hassel (an unwelcome dinner party guest, excessive label-reader, etc).

    Anyway, good luck with everything!! Talk soon!

  9. you got so much cute stuff!!! $28???? thats amazing!
    happy friday!

  10. yes the blog is mine! Thanks for getting back to me about some protein ideas…I guess I just need to add some more quantity! Anyway, the purple cactus isn’t downtown boston but in jamaica plain which is just outside. There are so many areas around boston as you will soon find-cambridge, brookline, allston, jamaica plain, etc.

  11. Getting comments and knowing that people even read this seriously makes me feel so happy. You guys are amazing! =]

    Christie>> What is your blog address? You didn’t leave a link!

    Justy>> Hah – don’t be amazed. It’s like any other person who’s really into their “sport”. I tried just about every sport through my childhood, but running is the one thing I truly love – so that’s what I do! You most DEFINITELY can increase your distance if you do it smartly! It’s truly just a mental barrier to get over. Re: my mom not racing – that’s a whole post in and of itself. And it will be.. soon!

    tfh>> See.. that’s where I differ from the whole Paleo deal. Carbohydrates are pretty necessary for runners.. and non runners.. and human beings. The whole basis of the Paleo diet is basically founded on eating like we did during the hunter & gatherer years. What I don’t get: it’s not like there weren’t GRAINS at that time! Millet! Qinua! It’s BS to say there were no crains around then.. something to debate about forusre! =]

    Lizzzzy>> I think I commented back on your page..!!

    Amy>> It will only make my trips home that much more special! =] Where are you in Boston?!

    Sloane>> I’m still waiting on the results of the Celiac panel as well.. they’re taking forever! I hope to god that’s not the case for me (and you as well!) though..! I feel like we’re already seen as picky and complicated enough being vegetarian! It makes going out with friends frustrating when it should just be fun!

    fitnessista>> it’s amazing what you can get at that store!! I love your site btw! How long has hubby been in the service?

    Claire>> I will most definitely have to go to Purle Cactus! Maybe a place to take my mom when she comes out to visit in October!! You’ll have to give me the inside dish on other great places!

  12. Hey sorry my blog address is…

    I too am a marathon runner.. i ran boston this year and I want to do another one… youhave anymore your looking into doing?>

  13. hey there, great blog you have here :0) Hope you don’t mind me asking … do you think a heart rate monitor is a necessary gadget?!!! – I’m intrigued by it after seeing lots of bloggers having one of them … but the thing is … they are so darn expensive!!! :0/ Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!! :0)

  14. Christie>> The banner on your blog made me smile! I was in Boston while that exhibit was there, and I took that EXACT picture! I’m definitely running Boston in 09.. and BayState is on the “maybe” list. Have you done that one before? I haven’t really checked out much of what’s going on on the east coast – wanna fill me in? =]

    Cecilia>> You definitely just gave me the topic for my next post. What I had can wait =] Thanks chica!

  15. I love the Think Green tee. What is the brand ?

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