“this year’s medals were harvested from the forests of…”


A semi race/chill report and a guarantee for years to come:

I believe in my last post, I wasn’t thinking I’d be racing the Urban Wildland Half Marathon. I think I did a pretty good job staying true to my words, but as every runner knows, it’s really hard to just “run” a race. The environment just gets you going, and that “pick em off one at a time” mentality sinks in. 😀 On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being just the same as any old easy run.. and 10 being an all-out, red lined at the finish race.. I would say I ran about a 6. I know what it feels like to red line.. and I definitely didn’t. But it wasn’t just a loop around Harriet either. That being the case – I came in at 1:36:31 (yes – STILL STUCK in that 1:35 – 1:36 rut!!), 15th woman overall, and 1st in my age group.

(My dad was kind of in an unfortunate spot for photo taking.. and this is the only one I have! Forgot to take others..)

This 1:35 – 1:36 thing is kind of irritating. In every single half I’ve ever done I have finished within those two minutes. Whaaat? Based on all those lovely pace calculators, that’s right on. Going by my marathon time they project me at a 1:35:34 for a half. But I can judge me effort and my level of exertion, and I know I can go faster. Oh well – plenty of racing years ahead of me for that, right? 😀

The biggest factor that made the race so amazing for me was the fact that it was a Green race. I don’t know if I’ve talked about this before, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be double majoring in Environmental Studies. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m the environmentally friendly/tree hugger/co-op kid in the crew.. and throughout my passion for architecture, sustainability and environmental design has always been at the core. SO… I thought seeing the compost bins and recycling bins at the race were way cool. Even the cups that they used at the water stops were biodegradable! (The only downside of that was the cups didn’t “squish” like the regular ones – they cracked when you tried to pinch the top closed.) When the race director was explaining the whole “green race” concept at the awards ceremony, she said the medals were “harvested” which made me crack up. Don’t get me wrong – they’re made out of wood and carved and cooler than any medal I’ve gotten so far – but I had this image in my mind of picking medals out of trees in like an apple orchard. Please see dramatization below.

Also.. the shirts. I’m definitely a fan.

In other things all running related – I went on a midnight run last night! Every night biking home from work I’m just continuously blown away by how amazing a still, calm night at the lake is. From the south end I look across Calhoun at the downtown skyline and can’t get over how much I love Minneapolis. I know I’ve been complaining about not getting enough sleep, but this one was well worth it. I went with a buddy from run club (which most definitely topped my company from the last midnight run.. won’t go into details..!) and we had a great time just talking about everything.. from Disney movies to the race (he ran too).. it’s always a good time! (Speaking of which.. has anyone seen the movie My Neighbor Totoro? BEST THING EVER. Still my favorite.)

(Downtown skyline across Calhoun. Thank you Flickr and Y Entonces!)

I just got back from dinner with my dad before he heads out to Boston for a week.. we went to Applebee’s!! The one close to my house CLOSED – I’m so bummed! It’s funny.. they actually don’t have that great of food. But it’s just a comforting place for me – when my family was still “the 4” and I was probably like 7 or 8, there was a period of time that we would go there almost every Friday night. We’d pick up my dad from the airport and head to dinner.. and probably all got the same thing every time. It brings back good memories. 🙂

I feel like summer is slipping away from me and there are so many things I’m going to run out of time for! 😦 That’s life though, so for now I better enjoy what I have in the moment. Night!


5 Responses

  1. wow, that run sounds like so much fun and totally in my league! i majored in environmental studies at my university, so the fact that they used biodegradable cups and the medals made of wood is great news! so exciting!

    and midnight run huh? that sounds amazing…wish i could do something like that!

  2. Nice shirt! I like the black shirt and harvested medals :). Did your green hat just happen to match the shirt/medal and theme of the race? Either way, very cool!

  3. Beautiful picture of Minneapolis! A midnight run sounds perfect when you have something like that to look out on.

  4. Loved the post. Your picture of MPLS made me very homesick. I might have to try a midnight run around Calhoun myself….someday…..when I move back….. 🙂 glad you enjoyed the Urban Half.

  5. Thats a beautiful picture! It makes me want to run around calhoun at midnight!

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