The SkyMall never-needed-but-always-wanted Best Of Awards!

Mmm.. so either a) my Boston trip wasn’t too interesting, or b) everyone else is really busy. But I’m going to have to think it’s A because my trip post had plenty of “hits”.. just no comments. 😦 I’ll save the tears for later.

In the mean time.. I know you’ve all perused the SkyMall magazine at some point in time (unless you’ve never been on a plane, in which case, you’re in for a treat the first time you get to snag a peak at one of these bad boys). 😉 ANYWHO.. here is are my top picks for the best of SkyMall! (Sorry in advance for the glare!)

Infinity Trinity Knot Pendant – so this one is actually serious.. I really like this design. I wouldn’t buy the pendant, but the design is something I’ve actually studied.. and like.. a lot.

This page was a 2 for 1!

Marshmallow Shooter – this reminds me of a black and orange potato gun I used to have when I was like 8. I got it at the dollar store. Why would you need to shoot marshmallows, and what would you shoot them at?

Pet Observation Porthole – Or as I would like to call it, the “Doggy Dome Viewfinder”. I think my name is better. I’m all for animal rights, but I think you should just take your dog for a walk, instead of: build a fence, cut a hole in said fence, and install a plastic dome bubble for dog to poke nose in. All for $29.95, S&H not included.

Mini Donut Maker – mini donuts in just 50 seconds! But the true question is, how MANY mini donuts are you getting in that 50 seconds. One? Ten? I’m imagining a production line like in I Love Lucy where she gets too many chocolates and is stuffing them in her mouth and down her shirt. Too funny! I guess it’s true though.. there aren’t a lot of places to buy mini donuts unless you’re at the State Fair or Valley Fair or something.

The Cookie Diet – OK guys.. I’ve seen this on TV so it’s not like it’s exclusive to the SkyMall mag.. but seriously? The only thing that would make this work is that you’re just limiting calories by solely eating these pre packaged cookies.. but you’re missing out on about a billion and one nutrients and vitamins and minerals. Healthy? I think not.

SkyRest Travel Pillow – I actually fully promote this product. And gramps in the photo. I used to sleep like this all the time on car trips and on the plane when I brought my own pillow, and it was actually way comfy. Rock on grandpapa.. rock on.


12 Responses

  1. freaking LOVE SkyMall…hahaha, soo many gadgets that you *NEED* in life!

  2. My mom and I laughed for a good few minutes reading SkyMall on our recent trip to St. Louis. Particularly at the pet observation porthole and the travel pillow. I totally get sleeping that way – but that picture is really just funny.

    And the Hollywood cookie diet? More like the Hollywood COOKY diet – HA!

  3. I want the doughnut maker!!! I want the marshmallow shooter!!! I want to play with my food!

  4. the guy with the pillow looks like an older version of a volleyball coach I once knew.

  5. Love the I Love Lucy reference, haha. I would be scared $hitless if my neihbors installed one of those pet dome things!

    Oh and the cookie diet?… ugh There is a commercial for that with this people singing “Who stole the cookies formt he cookie jar?” and they are dancing like there is crack in the cookies.

    Only video i could find.

  6. I HAVE BEEN BUSY!!! I’ve been looking forward to reading your Boston Trip…but I’m in class so I shouldn’t have even read this entry. Also…what the heck is SkyMall??? Am I the only one who has never heard of this???

    I shall read Boston later…pics look cool though! 🙂

  7. haha a marshmallow gun?! WHAT?

    I could use that sky pillow though. I’m terrible at sleeping on planes, and I always ALWAYS just cross my arms and sleep on my tray table!

  8. Well, I am currently on the Hollywood Ice Cream diet, and although it’s not promoted by SkyMall, I couldn’t help but notice from your Boston post that you also seem to be on that diet…

  9. hahaha…marshamallow guns rock. my brother had ones a few years ago…HILARIOUS to use.

    And your trip to boston looks great!

  10. LOL sperly, yes of course I remember. I hope that marshmallow-shooter isn’t to shoot long-distance dogs they might be looking at… I can image you breaking your kitchen plates trying to plate the unstoppable mini-doughnuts! Thanks for commenting… your Boston trip DID look awesome, and I’m glad you’re so happy with your choice! Good luck, it’s coming up!

  11. Ha Ha I want that Marshmallow Shooter, I seen that before too cool.

  12. good GOD I love the skymall.

    (runs and crams all her SM purchases in closet out of embarrassment)

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