The Green Line, JP’s, Newbury & Boylston, and a lil ABP..

Well since there is no FREE WIRELESS at Logan Airport, I figured I might as well begin writing my post.. since I have TWO hours until I board the plane to Chicago (hah – what a complainer!). My flight was delayed due to “bad weather” in Chi.. (light rain = bad? Really? Really really? OK.) so I will now have just 30 minutes to make my connecting flight from Chicago to Minneapolis. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that there are no more delays.. I have to work tomorrow!!

Anywho.. let’s do a lil breakdown of my trip in Bean Town:

Day One: got to watch some Olympic coverage on the plane (!!), love the “SaniSeats” in the Chicago Airport (although not their lack of free wi-fi), and of course my lover – Purel. Arrive, navigate the T over to Northeastern, check in, meet Lauren (one of the girls I’ll be rooming with next year, and my actual ROOMmate!!), a run on the Charles, little walking tour including JP Licks (!!), sleeeeep in a way hot dorm (thank god not where I’M living next year) with no AC or fan.

Day Two: early run on the Charles (out the door before 6am!), a day PACKED with orientation hoo-ha (do people actually use that word? I never have.. until now.), night at the Marino Center, sleep. ((That sounds like a low key, non-eventful/stressful day. WAY WRONG. After I got back from my run, between breakfast and the Marino Center at night there was literally at most like 15 minutes of free time. Most of the information sessions were just telling us things we already knew, which was expected, but they did a good job.))

Day Three: early run on the Charles with BRIAN (aka BigB on the Road – see blogroll!) plus a little solo adventure around the Fens, yet another jam-packed-non-stop day of orientation goodness until 3:00. I bought a NU Jacket!! Even though it’s like 85 degrees now, I remember what it was like when I was here in January. And that jacket was freakin’ cute. Check out from orientation ~3:00, take the T down to the Colonnade, check in, and explore the Pru (Prudential Center for all you non-Bostonians. I feel so official already), explore Newbury, explore Boylston, dinner from Trader Joe’s, remembering how much I LOVE Boston!

Day Four: Finally a day all to myself. Slept in as much as I felt like it, run on the Charles, lunch from Shaw’s, try out the fitness center/pool at the Colonnade, more exploring around town. Walked through Downtown, the Financial District, a touch of China Town, eventually made it down to the Haymarket area for a lil Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market. Consumed two huge McDonalds ice cream cones along the way (what the hell happened to size small!?), took the T back because by that time it was already 10:00! Oops!

Day Five: Rest day from running, took lunch from Shaw’s down to NU for a last goodbye, dropped off course descriptions and class syllabi (plural of syllabus. Hmm..) so this credit transfer can be straightened out (at the moment they’re not taking 2 of my classes! And 2 are “pending evaluation”. No way Jose!), talked with my hermana about how excited I am and she needs to come visit ASAP, got a last and final JP Licks on my last day (3 times in 5 days. Better than 4 times in 5 days like last January!), a last goodbye to Newbury, smoothies from Boloco, saw the Marathon exhibit at the Bos. Public Library (not as cool as I was expecting.. bummer!), annnnnnd back to the Colonnade to get my stuff to go. The bellhop told me there was no way in heck that I’d get on the T during rush hour with my bag.. little did HE know that I’m pretty capable of squeezing in the smallest spaces ever (can’t say the same about my bag..) and I made it just fine. Transferring onto the Blue Line was a bit of a hassle since I was way in the back of a car, and had to make it to the middle so I could get off on the left side. East coast people are nice though (despite popular belief from the Mid West..) and helped me out.

So basically I’m in love all over again and I can’t wait till I get back out here. It has been hard for me to stay committed to being excited about moving to Boston – I only have one year secured at NU, and after that things are up in the air. Financially.. I’m scared outta my mind. But being here made me feel like it’s worth all the doubts and fears I have.. and what I get out of it will be WAY worth it.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I would.. and I’m just realizing I’m not in ANY of them! But I don’t really do the whole hold-cam-in-front-of-face-CHEESE! thing.. so there you go. I love Boston. I Love Northeastern. I’m pumped about Architecture there. I’m pumped about my roommates and suite. I’m pumped about being a Husky (and not a Gopher!). I’m pumped about the Boston Marathon. I. CAN’T. WAIT.


3 Responses

  1. i will comment! sounds like a great time in Boston! love your array of pics! hopefully i’ll get to see Boston some day….

  2. True story: I read your post and thought to myself “I HAVE TO COMMENT ON THE SANISEAT. I LOVE THE SANISEAT!”

    Then I got pulled away at work (blog reading at work, hehe) and when I got back, my Google reader marked your post as “read” and took it off my list.

    I’m sorry about that, because I know exciting comments are (at least for me). Therefore, I will say it again:

    I LOVE SANISEAT! Seriously, the greatest invention and I don’t know why they don’t have it everywhere. I burst out laughing when I saw you took a picture of it.

    But obviously there were many other much more exciting parts of your trip. I’m so glad you fell in love all over again.

    There, how’s THAT for a comment 😉

  3. Looks like your trip to the city was fun. How many miles running did you get in?

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