psh.. I don’t need to be “tagged”!

Umm.. so nobody tagged me.. but it’s almost midnight, I can’t sleep, and I wanna play. Only one word answers allowed. 😀

  1. Where is your cell phone?  table
  2. Your significant other?  who?
  3. Your hair?  pony
  4. Your mother?  sleeping
  5. Your father?  downtown
  6. Your favorite thing?  sun
  7. Your dream last night?  brett?!
  8. Your favorite drink?  agua
  9. Your dream/goal?  2012
  10. The room you’re in?  dark
  11. One hobby?  laughing
  12. Your fear?  loss
  13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?  smiling
  14. What you’re not?  passive
  15. Muffins?  oatmeal
  16. One of your wish list items?  boy 😛
  17. Where you grew up? diverse
  18. The last thing you did?  microwave
  19. What are you wearing?  pjs
  20. Favorite Gadget? Gomer
  21. Your pets? Senegal
  22. Your computer? infected
  23. Your mood? goofy
  24. Missing someone?  yessir
  25. Your car?  stick
  26. Something you’re not wearing? contacts
  27. Favorite store?  Target
  28. Like someone? contemplating..
  29. Your favorite color?  green
  30. When is the last time you laughed?  11:58
  31. Last time you cried?  saturday

3 Responses

  1. Target ROCKS.

  2. Different tagging thing but…I just tagged you in my blog. Go visit please. 🙂

  3. Totally stealing this and using it for my blog! 🙂

    Happy Trails
    aka: Hawkeye (RWF)

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