i suppose i should get to this..

So I’ve been “tagged” like 4 different times.. but I keep putting it off. I’m not playing by the rules and not tagging anyone else because I’m basically the last person on earth to get around to doing this, but if you haven’t been tagged – go for it – you’re it!

5 things you’d never know about Erika:

  1. Whenever someone in a movie winks, I always wink back. I like physically can’t resist it. I even tell myself like “OK.. don’t wink. Don’t wink.” and then that left eye snaps closed and open before I can do anything about it! Haha I always double check around me right after to make sure no one saw.. “What a wierdo..” πŸ˜‰
  2. I drive barefoot. In the summer that is.. For some reason flip flops + driving don’t work for me. I think it’s because I drive a stick.. so I have to constantly push in on the clutch, plus my teeny feet don’t let me keep my heel on the floor. Otherwise my shoe gets stuck. I don’t like take off my tennies or something though just TO drive barefoot. That would be extreme.
  3. I have my bellybutton pierced. At 18, that’s like – OK.. you’re not special – but knowing ME (what I mean to say is, knowing my MOM), it’s kinda a big deal. She took me on my 13th birthday to get it pierced. It’s funny because I had asked for SO LONG (which is even more hilarious because I was what – 12?!) and she always said no, and then on my birthday, it was like, OK, I’ll go with you! I got it done at a place called Lucky Linda’s out by Valley Fair. My BFF came with, and I’ll never forget the size of her eyes when she saw the needle!
  4. Speaking of piercings.. when I was in 8th grade I used to run a little underground piercing business. I did all the holes on my ears, including my cartilage, and I probably pierced like 10 other girls ears total. Like girls I didn’t even know. They’d come to me through a friend of a friend or something, and be like “my mom won’t let me pierce my ears until I’m 16.” And I’d be like “psh.. I’ll take care of ya! Lemme grab a needle.” Kids. Do not try this at home.
  5. I have an african parrot named Jadin. I am allergic to cats, cats and dogs, cats, dogs, horses, gerbils, bunnies, horses basically any animal with hair.. and a bird was a good way to go. My first pet ever was a turtle named Elizabeth, who my dad found stranded downtown on his way home from work. (I think I was 4?) We let her go in Lake of the Isles. She was probably eaten by a bird the same day.

And here is my list, in photo form:

Dang.. hottie allert.

Check out my sweet ride.

Lucky Linda’s was also a tattoo parlor.. very clean and sterile and good. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Only I pierced into ice.. not a cork. ??

Hah so this is the only photo I didn’t get off flickr. Sorry it’s so dark.. I hope you can still see how adorable these lil guys are! Jadin is on the left (I believe..) and the other birdy is Kiwi. One of my friends has the same breed of bird, and whenever one of us goes out of town we always babysit for the other lil squeaker! We’re not sure if they’re the same or opposite sex.. so we’re always a little apprehensive about putting them together for too long πŸ˜€


No running wrap up this week. My mileage is teeny.. and they’re all basically just short easy runs. Despite the fact that my legs feel great, I think a little recovery time is important.

I went to the Twins/Yankees game last night.. and despite the fact that we lost (but only by one!) it was still super fun. It was yet another photo documented adventure.. and that will be coming soon.

Something that was referenced in this post will be making a reapperance sometime hopefully soon!! Ahhh if you only knew what it was and how freaking excited I am πŸ˜€ You will be surprised. Trust me.

Well kids, time for me to check out. I’m meeting my friend to go down to the lake, and then I have a full night of waitressing ahead of me! Hope everyone has some decent weather to enjoy this weekend, and if not, what a perfect excuse to stay in for a movie night! Adios!


6 Responses

  1. awww too cute about the winking! πŸ™‚

    have a great night, hope it goes by fast!!

  2. Hey! Just letting you know I changed the name and URL of my blog! Here’s the new address:

  3. 1.) That’s too funny!

    3 & 4.) I’m so scared of needles! Can’t believe you ran a big underground piercing biz. πŸ˜†

    5.) Awwe! I love turtles. I have 2 in my apt!

  4. RYC: Holy crap. I never knew it was doing that. I started this blog forever-ago and just now got back in to it. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

  5. So the first peice of wisdom from my nutritionist goes to……..YOU!!!!!!!!

    She said before strenuous exercise it’s good to eat at least 15g of protein….therefore your chicken nugget pre-race meal is SUPER!!!!!!

    Just thought you’d want to know. πŸ™‚

  6. So the first peice of wisdom from my nutritionist goes to……..YOU!!!!!!!!

    She said before strenuous exercise it’s good to eat at least 15g of protein….therefore your chicken nugget pre-race meal is SUPER!!!!!!

    Just thought you’d want to know. πŸ™‚

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