mom & me: you know how we do

So I believe I mentioned before, CostCo is pretty much my favorite weekend adventure with my mom. Even though it’s just the two of us living at home, we manage to go through a lot of, um.. everything! I know I really promote local, organic produce, which is pretty much the opposite of anything coming from CostCo, but we save SO MUCH here! This little shindig went down on none other but Mothers Day – the perfect outing. So.. let the adventure begin.

We’re “Gold Star” members.. I feel so VIP. I could die tomorrow, but knowing this, my life is now complete.

How fake looking/freaking amazing is this!? My mom asked “What.. you’re going to buy us a grill?” but ACTUALLY… I was the one who won our nice gas grill that we have now.. so I think its her turn to make the contribution 😉

All you bar-lovers out there.. here’s a little bit of heaven. In bulk they have Clif bars, Lara bars, Balance bars, those ThinkThin bars, some new one in the top left that I can’t remember the name/brand of, and then of course.. the only one worth buying – KASHI ROLL BARS!! Seriously.. we buy two boxes of these at a time (36 ct each) and go through them faster than beer in a frat house. I know I’m a total outcast, but I HATE Lara bars. ICK.

And my lovely madre picking out some gum and mints. I think it would be pretty freaking awesome to climb these shelves. It would be like spelunking.. only with 2 pound tubs of mustard instead of stalagmites.

I believe this is right after I found my new all time favorite munchy cereal. It’s hiding in the picture.. can you guess what it is? Hhahaha.. a secret I’ll never share! (Actually.. I will be sharing in my next post..) Sadly, CostCo stopped carrying the 3pack of Kashi Vive. It’s the only Kashi cereal I like.. and it’s getting harder and harder to find! Even my Co-Op is discontinuing it!! 😦

I’m actually not wearing white tights.. nor am I that pasty. The lighting. Honestly. Highlight purchase of this trip? The new issue of SELF. Hehehe, I almost NEVER buy magazines since we do a swap at my gym.. so I can end up getting them for free, or I check them out at the library. I like to treat myself when at CostCo though. And hey.. treating myself to a magazine is a lot less damaging on the wallet than treating myself to a 73″, $3,799.99 High Def Flat Screen.

The rest of mothers day was great. My mom and I started the morning with Coffee & Card time, and then I headed out to RunClub. I was all set to do my regular long run with the marathon group when I realized MedCity is in two weeks and not three! Soooo.. I did 10 with run club, and then took off for home and did a 5 mile “trot” with my mom. She’s seriously stellar.. she ran her last marathon in 2002 (her 22nd), and she doesn’t race at all anymore, but she still gets out there and does her thing. She’s even going to be our guest speaker at the marathon clinic in a couple weeks!

Typically, a run with mom would go like this: We start out together.. just chatting and enjoying each others company. After about a block.. she reminds me to tone it down.. because I’m always a step ahead of her and I’m “dragging her along.” So I try to cut it back.. but I’m back out “pushing her” in about 15 seconds. I can’t remember the last time we actually finished a run together because usually about half way through I say.. “do you mind if I just meet you at home?” and then take off. I know right – MEAN! Well I figured Mothers Day was better than any to just BE with my mom and do the whole run with her. I felt good about it at the end. And hey – even on one of her “worst day” (she had worked in the yard for 7 hours the day before.. we’re re-landscaping..) we still were passing people, and no one passed us!

IN OTHER NEWS: I just picked up a sweet pair of these guys:

I had been asking around for good sandals for runners.. because I run, and then I’m on my feet all day waitressing, and I know my body was HATING me on the days I wore flip flops! These are exactly the kind of shoes I would have rolled my eyes at and thought LAME when I was like 12.. but now I think they’re pretty much the coolest things ever.


My baby is arriving TOMORROW!!!! As a moving away present.. my parents (together.. awkward situation) ordered me the Garmin 405. I can’t even put into words how excited I am. I think my love for this thing is slightly more intense than my love of air. I. CANT. FREAKING. WAIT! Plus.. I’ll have it for the Race for the Ribbon 10K I’m doing on Sunday.. AND I’ll be able to use it during Med City!! Ahhh the wait is killing me. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this lil guy much much more. Is it awkward to love an electronic so much that you name it? People name cars.. bikes.. um, anatomy.. I’m pretty sure this thing deserves a name. I’ll be workin on a good one. Well that’s all for now my friends. Have a lovely splendid day!


11 Responses

  1. Ahhhhhh I’d be in bar heaven!!!!!!! I have a membership to BJ’s but sadly, I never considered going to buy bars in bulk… Thanks for the tip ha!

  2. I hate Lara bars too!! I’ve never tried the Kashi Roll ones though…I may have to get some on my next trip to Costco 😉

    I went to high school at Benilde-St. Margaret’s…where did you go?!

  3. Also it appears the funky designs happen when I’m not signed in to my WordPress account…

  4. I just went to costco looking for the kashi roll bars and mine didnt have them I was so upset, I love those bars but they are so expensive! I need to stalk costco now every week untill i find them!

  5. Oh I love CostCo!!
    I am so glad to finally find someone who appreciates the godliness of Kashi Roll bars!! I seriously used to eat at least 6 bars/week. I ordered them in bulk from Amazon:)
    I love your description of climbing the shelves in terms of spelunking with mustard jars–it made me laugh out loud!
    Keens are GREAT shoes. Everyone in my family has a pair for our lake house; they make great boat shoes. Good choice!

  6. p.s. The Garmin is hilarious wide on my wrist. It’ll be the same for you–but I still love it!!!

  7. Man i wish my blog had as many readers/comments as yours do! You inspired me to go to costco, you will see in my blog about all the adventures I had there! That is awesome you still kick it with your mom on the streets! Loving that watch, maybe that will be my marathon gift whenever that happens, hah.

  8. too things:
    bulk clif bars??? heaven? i think so…too bad we have no costco here 😦

    also, soooo jealous of your garmin!!! i want one. so. bad.

  9. hello! I’ve commented here once before… but to say it again- I love your blog! its so refreshing how you focus not on food but balance between everything in life. To reply to those negative posters about splenda/calories/etc, if you have enough energy to run long distance, you are obviously getting enough fuel. Besides – you know your body much more than random blog readers…

    and onto my question… I am moving to Minneapolis and wondering what running club you are in, or if there is one you suggest? I’ll be working a 9-5 (yikes) and am training for my first half 🙂 sorry for the novel of a comment- but thanks for your work on the blog!!

  10. I’m not sure what I’d do if I went to a store like that! I’d definitely stock up on bars, then cereals, then something else…

    Keen shoes are the one purchase I’ve been meaning to make but haven’t because no one around here sells any. 😦 One day… Because the shoes are REALLY comfortable!

  11. Lindsey>> What is BJs? I keep hearing people talk about it.. but I’ve never heard of it. Same thing as Sam’s Club or CostCo?

    Jenn>> Ahh you were so close! SLP is very close to me.. (I live in SW Minneapolis..) Did/do you live there or just go to school there? The only person I can think of that would have been your age is Garret Lawlor. Name ring a bell? I went to Washburn BTW

    Christie>> Bulk is definitely the way to go when you’re buying bars. Add a bar addiction to a morning latte habit and you’ve got the recipe for an empty wallet!

    Caroline>> I’m lovin the Keens more and more each time I pull them on!!

    Jen>> Haha – the garmin is way huge on my wrist!! I’ve found a way around that though.. 😉

    Brian>> ARE there CostCos in BOSTON!? If you say yes.. you just made my day!

    Betsy>> No.. seriously, my love for this thing might be like unhealthy. I named him.

    collegesenior!>> Sorry I don’t remember your name!! Thanks so much for your positive comments! It’s stuff like that that keeps me from just deleting the damn thing. running club: I run with the Running Room in Uptown.. and they’re GREAT! The free group runs are Wednesday nights 6:00 and Sunday mornings 8:30. There are plenty of different distances and paces all the time, so you’re sure to fit in somewhere! When are you moving here?

    Christina>> HEY!! Long time no see! I’ve been seriously neglecting the Nut forum. Here’s my tip – CRAIG’S LIST! That’s where I got mine.. got them for half the price =]

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