lets get things straight..

I have been getting several questions/comments lately that have started to bother me. Having gotten questions like this my entire life, I’ve gotten pretty good at ignoring them. But those are at least questions from real people I know, and they are talked (as in out loud, face to face) about with me. Tone of voice can say a lot, so when I get comments/questions on here, I have no clue if you’re saying it with a tone of concern, or of its an accusation. So instead of answering comment after comment.. I’m just gonna lay this out here:

  1. if you’re going to leave a comment/question, and you’re going to post as “anonymous”, AT LEAST LEAVE A LEGITIMATE EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE! Someone left a comment that I was very much so not going to publish, but I took like 20 minutes to write out a response to her. And the next time I checked my email, I had one of those dang “delivery service notifications” saying that the email didn’t exist.
  2. Yes. I am aware that I am “small”, and you don’t need to point that out to me. If I ever say “oh.. I feel fat” or “I couldn’t eat that!” then by all means, stop by and smack me in the face. I have been “small” my entire life, and so has my mom (who is also a marathoner btw).
  3. This is not a “food blog”. Some of my favorite readers do have food blogs and I love them (the readers and the blogs both) but that’s just not my thing. I post snacks and stuff every once in a while for fun.. but that about it.
  4. If you’re going to post a “mean” comment (and by that I’m not referring to anyone who’s actually gotten their comments published) .. I’m just going to delete it! Don’t waste your time. And don’t read for that matter.. no one’s making you.

To address Allison’s question’s (I’m not trying to target you, but I’ve been getting a few of these):

why do you use Splenda at all?” – You really can’t say “Youโ€™re skinny enough that eating extra sugar would be good for you.” without knowing my health history, and you don’t know what I’m eating throughout the day. I’m not the only person in my house who uses Splenda, so that’s why we have it around in the first place. “Donโ€™t you need a ton of calories for how much exercise you do?” Yep, darn right I do! And I make sure I get those calories. Every. Single. Day. It is actually not that hard to eat ~3,000 calories if you know what you’re doing. “and drinking non-caloric beverages” .. haha I have NO idea where you got that.. but I do drink caloric beverages..? I also drink diet soda, but I go out for starbucks and smoothies and shakes all the time.

A couple other people have asked “do you count calories?” For a while after I saw my sports nutritionist, I did just to make sure I was getting up to the number I needed. Now it’s just so normal to me that I don’t need to. Every once in a while at the end of the day I can do a quick add up to make sure I’m on track, but once it becomes a habit it’s really not hard. Consistency is the key.

AHHH. OK.. with that off my chest..

It was SO NICE to be back at work yesterday! Not just because of the sweet tips I made in only 3 hours (one guy gave me $9 bucks!! (we are not a fancy restaurant.. that’s a lot from one person)), but because I got to be with my Tin Fish Family again ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m working today from noon till ? because the weather man said it’s supposed to rain. Well let me tell you something, our weather men have not been batting 300 lately, and they’ve been wrong about the weather almost every single day. I have no clue when I’ll be going home.

I’m about to head out the door for a quick loop around the lake with my madre (biking.. this is like the only time I get to see her!). Speaking of mothers.. don’t forget TOMORROW IS MOTHERS DAY! Get your cards/gifts/surprises ready! In the spirit of motherly love, I leave you with me & momma post race.


I was only at work for a little more than an hour before I got sent home since the weather is so gross. It was raining and really slow.. but it’s fine with me because now I’m working on my drawings. I’ll be doing this pretty much all day until mass tonight.. so hopefully I can finish up!

Oh one more question.. why does like everyone have some sort of tribal design as their picture? Did I miss something??


10 Responses

  1. Sperly, you got spunk! Way to slam the hammer down on the potential spammers! Love the blog, you know this, and I am siked that you chose to come to Beantown for school. I am sure you (or Beantown) will regret the decision!

    Talk soon, keep up the good blog!

  2. i’m so behind….congrats on your big decision sperly!!! i think considering you want to go into architecture and SD doesn’t have an architecture program, you went with the right choice ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’m just checking to see if you got my email, because my system’s been acting up. I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you!

  4. good going in not taking an BS from anyone! good for you making a decision- i was in your place- deciding to go to UCLA or CAL- chose UCLA and never regretted it (i’m a senior)
    =) good luck going into architecture- as a science major, i’m in awe of you! (i can’t draw…except stick people.)

  5. I could use some of your spunk! I don’t quite get the need to use splenda, but I get so tired of people making me feel like it’s wrong for me to like fruits and vegetables because I’m skinny!

    I hope you’re having fun with your mom [or surprising her]! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey sperly! I really enjoy your blog and love seeing all the hard work you put into your running and life–it is really inspiring!


  7. People can be really mean sometimes. Just ignore them and all will be well. Most make comments because they are either just jealous or have nothing better to do, but be mean to people.

    This post is totally understandable. I have to say, I was shocked that you received so many negative comments about the food you eat, like you said, this isn’t a food blog. In my opinion that was pretty obvious.

    Well, on a more positive note. You’re going to Northeastern! I think you made a really good decision. No more sleepless nights.

    Have a good one

  8. Haha, i totally forgot you were from Minn. my bad. Now I will watch the game knowing someone is actually rooting FOR the twins, hehe. Best of Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Yo go girl ๐Ÿ™‚ I applaud you for sticking up for yourself… people can be so mean, sometimes, but it’s best to not let it get to you…

    Such a cute pic of you & your mom…

    Have a fantastic Monday!

  10. I say ignore the haters!!! not that my opinion matters, but I think you look like a RUNNER…a HEALTHY RUNNER at that. They are just jealous. I know I would kill for legs like that. Well that’s not true…I COULD have legs like that if I ran as much as you did!!! Congrats on your decision.

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