excellent, huh?

So you guys are probably wondering why the heck ChickPea over at Beyond Tofurkey would have given me the “excellent blogger” award.. I haven’t even posted in like.. forever. BUT, please give me a little leeway this week.

  1. Finals
  2. Term Projects
  3. Prom last Saturday
  4. Our house being broken into (Saturday night)
  5. This whole USD/NU dilemma/decision

Please trust that all of those are going to be detailed in plenty. And I’ll be giving out MY 5 excellent blogger awards as well! (Can I give them back to someone who gave it to me?! Where are the rules to this game?) And just because this week has been busy does NOT mean I’ve stopped thinking about you guys.. my camera has accompanied me on many little adventures!! I’m going to try my hardest to get a post up tomorrow. I at least know I’ll be working on one during my first class in lecture tomorrow morning, so that’s a start!

Leaving you with a teaser of a little of what’s to come 😀


2 Responses

  1. Good luck w/ finals, but i’m sorry to hear about your house being broken into 😦 that is awful!!!

    love the hair 😉

  2. your back is so thin!

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