W.W.S.D. (what would sperl do?)

Can’t ask what would Jesus do.. because that’s a no brainer – San Diego is a Catholic school with the most amazing church on the West Cost. AAAAHH I wish San Diego never called me back.

Had a good 9 mile (7 tempo) therapy run. Ali biked with me. And I’m eating cold chik’n nuggets. And I’m late to a meeting for one of my final projects. Time to fly.


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  1. Hi esperly!
    This is RunnerXtreme from the running forums. I got to your site through Bamarunners blog, and I think these things are really neat, so I wanted to start one on my own. I’m wondering how you get the sidebar things about your running schedule and stuff?

    I know you’re under the gun right now, so no pressure to respond right away [if at all] or anything!

    Hang in there, and I know this next year is going to be jammed full of exciting adventures whichever way you go, so your decision COULDN’T have been wrong!

  2. Hey RunnerXtreme!

    To add the running routine on the side bar:
    click on Design then
    click on Widgets then
    you’ll see a list of things to add to your side bar…
    Add Text which says “Arbitrary text or HTML”
    Then customize it how you want it.

    I’m actually thinking about adding one myself.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hey! This is JPet7 from the runnersforum blogs. I had a question for you about half marathon training.
    I’ve been using smart coach for my half marathon training and I’m coming up on my tapering week. Here’s my question–it almost looks “too” easy. I know you’re experienced in training for different events, so what would you recommend for the week before a half? Just in your opinion, of course! How many miles per day, how many days of cross training, etc? Thanks for any help. jpetroroy@gmail.com

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