time to freak out. NOW.

Since I wasn’t stressed out enough already this week with the semester coming to a close (FAST).. let’s throw THIS in there just for kicks. (Please sympathize with my tone of desperation, but that’s most definitely where I’m at.) Any advice, suggestion, personal opinion, or words of wisdom are all welcome with OPEN ARMS.

So I’m all set to transfer to Northeastern right? I’ve already heard back from all my schools.. weighed my options.. Northeastern is #1 – hands down. Yeah it sucks that they’re giving me basically no financial aid, but it’s where I really want to be. Of all the schools I got in to and visited, this was by far my favorite, and it seemed like the place I could most see myself calling home.

There had been a problem with my application to San Diego early on.. they hadn’t gotten an official transcript, even thought it was sent officially and sealed. So I sent it again. I assumed they had at least gotten the 2nd one since they had all my other stuff. Well apparently they STILL didn’t get it .. but they didn’t tell me that until it was too late. My application was considered incomplete and they closed my file.

Wellll after a lot of back and forth between my counselor and San Diego, they reopened it. And they want me. They really want me. Or at least the money they’re giving me would make me think that. Here’s where I’m so stuck.. and don’t have time to be stuck.

Total Cost of Northeastern: $48,500

Academic scholarship: $15,000 // Loans: $4,500 // Work Study: $2,200

Leaves me to pay: $26,800

Total Cost of San Diego: $49,000 (not sure if this includes travel..)

Academic Scholarship: $17,500 // USD Grant: $22,750 // Loans: $3,500 // Work Study: $3,200

Leaves me to pay: $2,050

So that looks like a pretty clear decision. But.. the two schools are SO different. AND San Diego doesn’t have architecture, and even though I was 2nd guessing that to begin with, that would be a major, major change. And since I didn’t get this call from San Diego until TODAY.. I HAVE NO TIME. Deadlines are May 1st, which is TOMORROW. USD is giving me an extension to make a decision, but I’ve already sent in deposits at NU, and I’m already so effing stressed right now, and I seriously want to just cry or scream or run really far my head hurts so bad.

I know ultimately the decision is “up to me” and I’ll “know what feels right”. But I don’t. If money were not in the picture, I would say Northeastern hands down.

It was actually a really amazing day today. Until the sky fell. I ran a lot. This is Lake Harriet at sunrise (not my photo. Thanks to Chris Deba.)


7 Responses

  1. Oh, man–college decisions are always such a mess. I trust that you’ll make the right decision–best of luck, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts:)

  2. That is a big dilemma. Hmm…so, you said that SD does NOT have an architecture program? How would you be able to finish your classes and graduate with an BA in Architecture? What they’re offering sounds really good, but i would go there just because they don’t have my major. I mean what classes will you be taking? And since your major isn’t there, I’m prety sure the academic counselors wouldn’t be able to assist you with classes that lead towards your degree.

    well, I’ll pose the Q, “If you chose SD over NU, do you think you’d ever regret it?” and vice versa.

    Hope this helps! good luck!

  3. Oh boy! What a decision! I think you’d love Boston, but money talks, huh?

    Two stories for you:

    Tina: Picked the school that gave her a huge academic scholarship, while it was not at all her first choice college, she LOVED it, and could never see herself at another school.

    Mal: Fell in love with his college of choice; felt completely at home there. Received zero financial aid, but had the most amazing time, and never regrets his decision despite his large sum of student loans.

    I don’t know if these scenarios help at all, but the point I am trying to make is no matter which school you choose, you can and will be happy! Keep your head up and let us know what you decide.

  4. Hmmm. I would go to Northeastern. Because it has the architecture program. You can always try it and then change your mind. I think that at USD you’d be forced to pick something that you may not like. I am in a similar situation–I can either go to a school next year that doesn’t have my major but is cheaper (where I am now) or I can go to a school that has my major and is more expensive. If I get in I’ll have to decide, so you aren’t alone. I would try not to the let this USD thing worry you. If you and your family are financially ok with Northeastern then I think it is the best decision.

    Hope this helps!

  5. I’m a fairly new reader too, but am from the Minneapolis area as well. I just transferred to another college this year primarily because the academic programs at my old school weren’t what I was looking for. If you’re not planning to go to grad school (where you’d rack up more loans) I would recommend going with your gut feeling on this one and to choose the school where you’ll get the best education and feel the most confident in its programs.

  6. Loans suck…trust me. go with the financial deal, I agree with tina…you can and will be happy!

  7. I LOVE Lake Harriet!!! It is one of my favorite places to walk my dog and/or run around.

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