21. miles that is.

Well.. it has been one HELL of a week. HELL as in not all bad.. but pretty dang intense. I’m still working on catching up on sleep and getting all the homework done, but at this point I feel like everything will turn out in the end! This post is covering quite a few days, so I’ll just tell a few of the week’s stories with pictures:

So I was headed out to get groceries, and I remembered I had a coupon from Lund’s for $15 off a $50 purchase, and a free reusable bag! I don’t really support Lund’s in the long run since their wayyy over priced. (lol – have you ever heard me say “from my trip to Whole Foods.” Nope!) Anyway, I get to the checkout counter, and open up my purse.. NO COUPON! And it was the last day it could be used! Story of my life. Despite being overpriced, just about everyone there is really friendly. They gave me the bag anyways 😀

It folds up really compactly, but you can fit in a TON! And it seems like a bag that will hold up, even thought it was a freebie!

On a later grocery trip, I was at the Co-Op, and I found out they had a little sale rack back by the restrooms! (Hence how I “found” it.. hehe) One of my absolute FAVORITE cereals is Kashi Vive. Actually the only Kashi cereal I like. Well the Co-Op’s distributer is not going to carry it anymore.. sale shelf it is, and three boxes for me! I also got a box of white peach Numi tea and a box of Sugar Cookie tea left over from the holidays. Everything was only $1.49 each!!

For my Arch Studio class I had to go to the Walker Art Center and copy an art piece or architectural space. It was a fun assignment.. but just even a simple painting took two hours to get a good rendering of it! This was from the New Suburban Landscapes exhibit.. I was most definitely not supposed to take a picture! Shh!

Just a pretty picture of last night’s stir fry dinner. The highlight was definitely the wilted spinach.

My first attempt at baked tofu!! A success!! It looks kinda rubbery or something, and maybe it was kinda rubbery.. but it was SO GOOD! Thanks for the tips Leng!!

My Grandparents and one of my mom’s brothers’ family came down on Saturday for a celebration – my Gpa’s 86th birthday!! I love him to death. Couldn’t ask for a better grandpa. My mom has always been great at setting table, and I just wanted to give her props because she always makes it look so nice!

And finally.. a two for one! Wasabi peas: a) My favorite snack. b) a little carrying container/purse! Hahha.. this is what happens when I have free time. We used to go through SO many containers of these, and then realized we could by them in bulk at the Co-Op. SO MUCH CHEAPER! I made one of the old cans into a little lunch tin! I gotta figure out something to do with all of the other cans we have!

This morning was my last 20+ run before Med City! I got in 21 with some people from run club. It went fine.. but no where near as fun as running with Andy! Probably because 20 with them takes a lot longer than 20 with him. Anyways, I’m feeling good and ready for the marathon! I’m debating doing this one half next weekend.. but it would be the morning after the PROM so I’d be going on like 3 hours of sleep. Ha.. could be fun 😉


7 Responses

  1. baked tofu looks awesome! So, glad i was able to help 🙂

    Wasabi peas are great snack. I love them too.

    21 miles. I’m so amazed.

  2. that is great you got a cute freebie grocery bag! i have to try that kashi vive cereal ~ i can’t find it in any grocery stores around me… they only carry the good friends, go lean, crunch, and a few others 😦

    i haven’t had wasabi peas in so long – so yummy!

  3. a 1/2 after prom, hmmm hahah sounds like BLAST!! good luck with that 🙂

  4. nice job on the running. time to taper!!!

    i love a good sale-i’m the queen of bargin shopping and finding good deals. Cause my local grocery store sucks big time, I mainly shop at Whole Foods, and I walk through it with a crazy eye for bright yellow sale signs to stay on budget. it’s kinda fun!

  5. What time r u shooting for in the marathon??

  6. christie>> I’m shooting for a 3:40 or faster (3:40 is my BQ time)

  7. OMGooses, that wasabi container is flippin’ sweet!

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