I’m a distance kind of girl.

Heyo! I hope everyone’s Sunday is off to a lovely start! (and if not.. go grab that 2nd cup of coffee.. it’ll get there!) Sundays are my absolute favorite day of the week: running, church, family time, friend time.. it really doesn’t get any better. Today’s Sunday is gonna be pretty stressed, but in general – Sundays FTW.

So let’s get down to business:

20.2 miles. 2:39. Sports Beans. Amphipod. Shorts. Andy.

That run was AMAZING! Coming in at 2:39 puts me under 8 min pace, and we definitely weren’t pushing it. We were talking comfortably the entire time. And it went by fast.. I’ve had 12 mile runs feel longer than that!! We did one 9 mile + one 11 mile route that I do all the time, so the familiarity of it probably helped. My legs felt fine during, afterwards, and this morning. BIG confidence booster for my BQ aspirations.

We went out to Applebees around 4. Hahha this is a cute picture, but you can tell we were tired and hungry! We have that dazed look in our eyes.

Here’s my post-run hydration!

Speaking of hydration – I ran with the one amphipod and it worked well. The only bummer about it was I just had to clip it on to my shorts.. so it didn’t feel super secure, even though it was. I didn’t pick up the amphipod until after the first 9 mile loop.. but it might have gotten annoying if I had it the whole time. Oh well – it’s just a temporary solution! I’m relying on the water stops during the race and not carrying anything.. so they better be on top of their game!

This morning I still went to running club, but I only ran out 3 with them and then headed back. They’re on their 18 miler this weekend. I always do long runs with them, but they’re not my pace. That’s OK for some runs, but getting closer to race time I really need to be running for what’s going to work out for me.

Today is SUCH a busy day! As in homework from now until forever. I have 4 major things due this week, so I need to get off here and get my butt in action! Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!


10 Responses

  1. Wow that is impressive. I am looking forward to being able to do that sometime. I am only up to 4 miles as of yet, but that is fine with me. How long did it take for you to get to this point?

  2. same question as cara- how did long did it take to get that fast and do that distance? i can sorta do 3-4 miles, but slower, and if i wanna do longer- i have to take like 1 minute walking breaks- well i never tried just running straight…so i guess i could…youre amazing tho!

  3. Wow! 20.2 miles! in 2:39! haha I feel so embarrassed talking about my measly 2 mile run.

    Yes, How long did it take you to get to that point? (same Q as Cara, above).

  4. Your running is incredibly inspiring!

  5. Hi this is cauthoncrazy/Grace from RW! You’re blog is really neat and fun to read since I’m a beginning runner.

    That burger looks huge!

  6. Aw – you guys are so great!! haha you make me feel like an all star, and I’m no where near as fast as I used to be when I raced 5ks. My pr (for a 5K) is 19:02, and I know I couldn’t pull that now.

    So for those of you asking how long it took me to get to this point – well my mom put me in my very first race when I was 5. But I started running with my mom when I was 12 (she was a marathoner), and then I ran all through high school doing cross country, and a little bit of track. I promised my coach I wouldn’t race half or full marathons until I finished my last season, so that’s what happened! I ran my first half three days after my last 5k meet at regions!

    And Cauthon (Grace, right?) Haha that’s Andy’s sandwich – not mine. I’m a vegetarian!

  7. nice run!!!! i’m quite impressed-and what a pace!!! i’m going to start calling you speedy legs

  8. nice job on the 20! i ran my first half today! read my blog!

  9. Hey i wanted to see what marathon you were training for…. and what time you are looking for.
    Also do you follow a training sched. I just did the Boston marathon and had a good scheduele that helped me get my PR in boston which was def harder than any course I have ever done. The training sched is by the Furman INstitute..

  10. […] think I’m allergic to chlorine, and the fact that Monday’s come after Sunday – a day of which could not possibly be any better. (haha oh wow – how’s that for a throwback […]

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