so this is what a shitty day looks like.

I promise I wont rant for this entire post, but I just need this little bit:

My alarm didn’t go off. I couldn’t wash my hair post-gym/pre-class. I had to pay $2 extra for parking because I missed the time cut off by 1 minute and 17 seconds. It’s cold. It started raining within the first mile of my run. It was the only time I’ve had my mp3 player with me in over a month. I applied for something, and was seriously thinking it would be a no brainer – of course I’d get it. Wrong. My mom is out of town this weekend. It’s forecasted to rain during my 20 miler tomorrow. I have a date tonight that I don’t want to go on. At all.


And now I will stop crying because if I truly look at the day there have been very good moments. I just started a David Sedaris book at the gym and it’s hilarious. I got new contacts at my eye appointment, and my eyes are happy. I picked up my replacement pair of shoes. I’m just got back from tanning Sun tan lotion smells good.

And now for goodies:

My shoes have been in at the store for like a week, but I kept forgetting to pick them up. I’m gonna try to hold off for another couple hundred miles because honestly – I don’t have the $$ to change my shoes every flippin 400 miles! That would be new shoes EVERY SEVEN WEEKS!

Right now I run in the [used-to-be] white and gold ones. The grey and orange are currently for everyday use.. but they’ve seen their miles. They were my favorite 😀 Keepin the blue in the box until I make the switch.

So this little 8 oz. amphipod is my solution to hydrating on long runs. I. DON’T. WANT. A. FUEL. BELT. I know they’re not really that inconvenient, but I can’t even stand a freakin shirt tied around my waist! So, we’ll see how this goes. I have a 20 miler this weekend (still debating between tomorrow or Sunday) so I can give it a try. I’m also attempting to get used to using sports beans. Key word: attempting.

My buddy Andy is coming up to do the long run with me! I love my running club to pieces.. but if I do long slow runs with them, I’m going to get good at long slow runs. There’s nothing wrong with long slow runs – but it’s not my pace, and it won’t grant me my BQ.

On a different note – I made another stir fry creation for dinner last night. SO GOOD! This one had yellow and green zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes. What a talented little chem I am 😉 BTW, I am fully endorsing the Camelback here.. or any reusable water bottle. Please, take the 30 seconds, save a plastic tree, and fill up your own! (AND REMEMBER: If you have to buy a water bottle, and of course you recycle it, make sure to take the cap off before recycling because otherwise your bottle may never make it to the recycling process! I’m not sure why.. but that’s what they say!)

This time I managed to only eat half of the container of hummus. Because the first half was already eaten the day before 😀 Still one of my favorite snacks.

But definitely not as favorite as ice cream. And Fresca. Last but not least

The Tin Fish – the restaurant where I waitress – officially had the water turned on last week! (We’re only open seasonally) If anyone is coming to Minneapolis, I FULLY EXPECT a visit! The food is AMAZING.. and the view.. just look at that last picture! I LOVE closing just to see that! I’m so excited to open up! We should have our official start day within 2-3 weeks!!


10 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear your day started out so “shittily” (is that a word?). Anyway, those shoes are cool–what specific type are they? I am always looking for a good running shoe. I have a collection or retired pairs too–I can’t stand to give up a comfortable pair of shoes.
    PS I love that brand of hummus! It’s getting harder to find though…Where do you buy yours?

  2. Too funny, your thoughts on hydration systems are the same as mine. I am up in Lake Placid, NY and my dad (long time runner) is telling me its essential to fuel during long runs, so we went looking at them today, but I don’t wanna where a gernade holster looking thing around my waste, let me know how that goes, I was looking for more of an arm/hand thing myself, if anything. In my hometown my dad would drive out and hide his water behind trees and rocks, but you can hide ANYTHING like that in the city for more than 5 minutes unattended, haha.

  3. Wow that looks like a beautiful view from the restaurant!

    Sorry to hear about the crappy day, I hate those days, it seems like once one thing goes wrong, everything does, but at least you were to look at it with a positive spin!

  4. Hey I just read in an earlier post that you had a stress fracture in your back. I was recently diagnosed with a stress fracture in my sacrum. Is that where yours was? How long was your recovery? I’m so anxious to get back to running!

  5. Aw, sorry about the day. Despite the rain tomorrow, I hope it won’t be a bad day for you. 😀

    Flippin’ sweet shoes! What model is it?

  6. M.E.>> My stress fracture was actually in my fibula down around my ankle (right leg).. not my back. I had to take 5 weeks off of running completely for it to heal up, and it pretty much sucked. I went crazy during those 5 weeks!! I’m really sorry to hear about your sfx, and I totally get how anxious you are. Just remember that running on it when it’s not 100% healed will just delay you getting back to running even longer! Hope you’re recovered soon!!

    For those of you asking about the shoes:
    I always wear Asics. The gold and the blue pair are both GT 2130s, and the orange and gray pair is the 2120. I swear by my Asics, but everyone has a different foot so make sure you’re getting your shoes from a running store, and have them look at your feet and stride to find the right shoe for you!

  7. i had an awful day like that yesterday. ugh!!! it was awful. but, you gotta remember that the next day is probably gonna be better!!

    i desperately need a new pair of shoes. i was due about a month ago but i want to wait till i’m done with my half so i’m not breaking them in then. and i want cheap ones, so i’m gonna search my model online till i find one on sale.

    i was the same way…i CAN’T STAND shirts around my waist when i run, so that’s why I was nervous to try the fuel belt. but, i was really surprised when it didn’t bother me!! good luck with the amphipod though!

  8. I’m so sorry your day was so bad. =( I hope it gets better though! Your new runners look fabulous.. but that’s crazy, every 7 weeks?? Wow!

  9. Sorry about the bad start, hope your day gets better! Love the pic of the sneakers – I want them ALL!

  10. Mmm I’ve never been to the Tin Fish — I will definitely pay it a visit if I’m in town this summer! I go to school in Chicago — but I miss Minnesota all the time 🙂

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